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  1. true. But...the govt (1) were happy with Sir Fred (and all the banks) when times were good and (2) negotiated the deal to pay him off. It seems rediculous to now turn on him and demand more. I think the focus should be not on who is receiving the tax payers money but on who is deciding where this money goes in the first place, and then asking why we are in this mess. The answer to all this if Brown, he knows it hence why he is shouting so loudly about everything that deflects the attention.
  2. did you mean 52 wk low? But even that's not right.
  3. A dead cert...how much have you backed your opinion? Daft not to if you are so sure. Back to the original point, I don't agree that food shortages are a very real possibility. Just my view.
  4. it could be possible, I just don't agree with your assessment that it is a very real and distinct possibility. time will tell. Perhaps you could elaberate further - what is near term? 1 yr? What is very real possibility? 80%? Still not convinced.
  5. stock markets tend to be forward looking, they will pick up before the economy / main street does. i for one, don't see that happening.
  6. I think you'll find that you're only supposed to highlight when the media deliberately mislead people on this board.
  7. interesting that even after the near collapse of the banking system some people still think the "experts" can predict the future...
  8. you need to read the post that I was replying to more carefuly - the comment was, we are in Europe so we can't cap imigration. My answer was that we have put caps in place, i.e. in Europe you can cap immigration. I am not passing comment on whether capping works due to people entering the UK illegally, not sure why you thought I was.
  9. So what if it is an offset??? It is fixed for 2 years....the offset will just help you save more money because you'll end up paying less interest...so it, erm, better than what you want. Arrangement fees are not cheap, but they are nowhere near the most expensive. Eitherway, the rates are there, I am not, as you put it, talking sh1t.
  10. the fees for some products can be large, but they do not get you anywhere near 8% fixed rates.
  11. take a look at this link and then re-think your comments: http://firstdirect.com/mortgages/rates.shtml sorry if it is not what you want to believe.
  12. really??? It is still possible to get 2 yr fix at <5%, no extended tie in, and that is with a range of well known banks / building societies. These headline grabbing pulling of mortgage rates are not affecting mainstream mkt.
  13. the title says "Immigrants to be sent packing" and the first line of the thread say "immigration should be capped"...any reason why the title can't accurately reflect the content?
  14. haven't we capped the number of people who can come to the UK from the latest EU entrants?
  15. we don't vote to elect a PM though, we vote to elect a political party, so why does it matter if he was elected to govern or not???
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