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  1. Where did, as widely accepted by scientific community, the first documented cases arise? Presumably plenty of people have been researching this since early 2020? What is the current consensus of where the first unambiguous cases were?
  2. What IF a large percentage of these 'colds' are in fact Covid taking on a more benign nature? How 'flexible' are the Lateral Flow Tests to changes in the virus? IF the virus is changing will the failure rate of Lateral Flow Tests increase? OR, IF this really is just a cold then could the unusually severe nature of it be in some part due to many of those (mostly young) sufferers having had Covid (albeit so mild they may not have realised it) but not yet vaccinated? "many of the symptoms of Covid-19 are now the same as a regular cold, especially for people who have received two doses of the vaccine, making it hard to tell the difference. " https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-58624295
  3. But they were both airborne, and shared many common features of illness/physiology and comparable mortality risk.
  4. Because they're both a virus and spread in the same way. I see now reason, so far, why this one won't burn itself out either and/or become less dangerous. Sooner rather than later.
  5. Really? Why? Spanish flu was 'gone' within 3 years or so
  6. So....those who 'hold out' against getting jabbed and do not fall prey to the virus in the meantime can eventually, when they do contract it later on, can likely expect little more than a annoying cold? I'm surprised TPTB haven't frowned upon her already for daring to say such truths. Since, reading this, many such unvaxxed will simply be further emboldened to bide their time, etc.
  7. Why would the fact that it kills mostly the elderly automatically invalidate it as a 'weapon'? There could be a great many megalomaniacal Bond villain types with with interest in reducing the numbers of surplus 'useless eaters'. It's easy to let ones imagination run riot on this. 😉
  8. TWO. We have discussed this here in past few days. Do keep up. I'm not manufacturing anything. Just pointing out that you are often as guilty of using exaggeration and inaccuracy as those you accuse of doing so.
  9. It seems you are just as susceptible to hyperbole and ridicule as those you accuse. "....reliable as any medicine" Another melodramatic and exaggerated dismissal. How many people have died/suffered serious consequences from taking, say, Paracetamol in its correct dosage? Answer: Far less than for the covid vaccines. And thus it is for that reason that this situation is a perfectly valid concern to many.
  10. for now at least. Make no mistake about it, 'control' runs through their veins. NOT exercising control over the public involves them temporarily using will power to deviate from the norm. Rather like an overweight person, with a sweet tooth, can always from time to time manage to abstain from gluttony for short periods before lapsing back into old habits. Not so. These progressively increasing powers have been a feature of the landscape since the 20th century - and have accelerated post-WW2. Yes. But we also acknowledged the right to be a conscientious objector - without shutting said people out of society.
  11. Why am I listed here? I've had my jabs. Have never posted anything remotely anti-vax here (other than discussion relating to the imposing or pushing vaccines for those for whom the relevant science bodies have not yet approved or recommended, i.e. children)
  12. What fits? Can you rewrite that part a bit more coherently please. I've no idea of what you are trying to say here
  13. So much for masks saving lives 😞 https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/germans-shocked-by-killing-cashier-after-covid-mask-row-2021-09-21/?taid=6149e695a5c42200013c6427&utm_campaign=trueAnthem:+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter
  14. "Americans will always do the right thing, only after they have tried everything else."
  15. 2 1/2 years is way too short a time, for longer term illnesses/conditions like cancers. Give it 10 years, 5 years at least, before evaluating the data to sound the all clear. As for Chinese data.....I take everything they say/declare with a pinch of salt. Remember they're trying to push their 5G tech onto the world. Do you really think they're suddenly say "Oh hang on. The data suggests there might be a problem....". IF there is any excess in cancers deaths, and the numbers are small, I'd fully expect them to bury it. Whereas here, in the West, our standards and levels of risk aversion and openess are such that some people would make 'noises' about it without fear of being 'disappeared' or what not.
  16. 4G yes. As for 5G? You may well also be right on that too. But, to be fair, you just can't say that yet - since the technology simply hasn't been around long enough or widespread enough yet to show the data to claim that.
  17. So....people living very near to, say, a motorway won't have their lungs effected in any way that would make them that bit more susceptible to serious illness when a respiratory disease comes along??
  18. It's interesting also because it might(?) go some way toward explaining the higher incidence of mortality/serious covid illness in BAME people? I wonder if a disproportionate percentage of the BAME demographics live in, for example, areas of high(er) air pollution? Or specific housing situations that might involve high(er) air pollution even if the rest of the immediate region doesn't (e.g. next busy roads rather than, say, quieter suburban streets in same general area)
  19. Now that is an interesting if not, on reflection, I suppose an entirely unexpected finding/claim (i.e. greater pollution -> greater lung related problems/greater susceptibility to lung diseases). BUT, the glyphosate claim does seem a bit more tenuous to me. Regardless of any inherent toxicity of substances used to grow the originating crops....how on earth would the molecules survive the processing and ultimately, combustion in an IC engine to come out the exhaust? Other toxins may well be produced by and spewed out of IC engines but can you show that glyphosate is included??
  20. ??? You've lost me there. Explain please. For the benefit of those who may just got back from a round trip of the solar system and missed out on this. 😉
  21. From what I have read/heard aren't the symptoms of the Delta variant significantly different, for most, compared with the Alpha variant? And that they are closer to/more akin to a cold?
  22. Simple statistics I'd say. But, given time, I'm sure more 'official' deaths will emerge. Since obviously only(!) two young people, and mothers to boot, just isn't a high enough price paid for you. As I say, and will continue to say till my tongue bleeds...... that fact that such a large part of society now thinks so little about this perversion of the natural order of things (i.e. keeping alive the elderly/sick at the expense of the young/healthy) and knowing that young and healthy people have and may likely continue to die disgusts me. So that somehow negates the fact the vaccine caused her death????!!!
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