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  1. Thanks a lot, mates. wife finally agree to wait a little bit more, but ... When I showed this thread to her just how everybody here says it not wise to buy, you know what she said - that was because all your mates on this forum are all renters, having lost out of the ladder and just are desperate to hope the house price to fall. What could I say? I don't know whether i should laugh or cry.
  2. As bearish as me before, my wife is going to lose her patience. We are in the middle thirties. I have a gross salary of 42K and she 18k with a saving close to 50k. She had a view of this property and think it is better to buy http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-662...=1&tr_t=buy I am trying to persuade her not to buy. Pointing out house price is at the top, so many empty flats in our area. Here are her arguments, many flats but no new house development; house price is not going to drop is the supply is limited which is the government's policy; although many said 2004/2005 is the top, we continuously see 3-bed house sale price has gone up from 250k to 280-300k in past year; perhaps price will drop, but if we buy this cheap flat and pay off mortgage quickly, we won't lose too much. I was astonished my bearish wife suddenly changed her mind which makes me doubt myself. Please help me on whether I should buy? btw, we were told a btl-er've already given a bid on the property. it validates her thought even.
  3. I don't know how you could give telecom as an example and which sector of telecom you are talking about. If you are talking about telecom manufacturer, I can give you a list of big names as indicted none of them are from the UK. Ericsson (Sweden), Nokia-Siemens (Finland), Alcatel-Lucent (France), Huwei (China), Motorola (US), Nortel (Canada), ZTE (China), Cisco (US), Juniper (US) If you are talking about service providers, I can't argue as you cannot move the employment abroad. However, you need to bear in mind that Almost all mobile companies are owned by the foreigners. Orange is owned by the French, O2 by the Spanish, T-mobile by the Germans and 3 by the Chinese in Hongkong. So what you are left are just BT as the fixline and broadband wholesale provider and Vodafone headquartered in the UK. I give you another quote of BT £10billon investment of its 21CN project. The strategic vendors are • Fujitsu and Huawei have been chosen in the access domain which will link BT's existing access network with the new 21CN • Alcatel, Cisco and Siemens have been selected as preferred suppliers for metro nodes which provide routing and signaling for 21CN's voice, data and video services • Cisco and Lucent will be 21CN's preferred suppliers for core nodes providing high capacity and cost efficient connections between metro nodes • Ericsson has been selected in the i-node domain, in essence the intelligence that controls the services • Ciena and Huawei have been chosen in the transmission domain to supply the optical electronics that will convert the signals carried at high capacity over the cables connecting the metro and core nodes Given these facts, I don't know how you could reach the conclusion that the telecom industry in the UK is standing out in the global competition and which part makes you so pound?
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