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  1. I just came across the amazon/alexa link that was highlighted here earlier. Amazon review of HPC I had to laugh at the little campaign by the piggies, they've been posting 1 star derogatory reviews again! I tried clicking on a few of these reviewers, they have only reviewed 2 sites - and guess what the other one was
  2. Oh how we have all mocked the chav's! But now they are getting the last laugh, think how much those rings have gone up in value over the last year!
  3. That site is a great idea! If I had just bought a house I could equip it completely with the stuff off there, for free! OK, some of it may be junk - but it would do until I could get my own stuff and then put the original stuff back in the free2collect network. I love it!
  4. That sound's true, I can think of a couple of things that still come in tins (some mints etc) but the quality just isn't the same. I do wonder if we will end up going backwards, once the plastic has run out returning to all the old ways of packaging. I'm alos thinking of buying up some old landfill sites so that in 30 years time I can mine the plastic out of them :-p
  5. By the way, are there any 'oldies' on the board who remember the really cool packaging of yester-year?? I used to have a lovely little Oxo tin, the size of three Oxo cubes! I used to use it to store my *special* tobacco I'm guessing at the time these tins were cheap to produce, and they are totally recylable, would they be un-economic in todays world of throw away packaging? My mum/grandma used to have loads of these old tins full of all sorts of junk (buttons etc) so they never went to waste
  6. About 10-15 years ago my JVC stereo (A MIDI HiFi which was top stuff back then) broke down. I took it back to the place I bought it from to see if they could fix it. The shop was an old hardware store that also sold some white goods and some TV's/stereos etc. At the time (I *think* because of some price fixing) the stereo was exactly the same price in Curry's Dixon's etc and this local shop so I bought it from them. They said they'd have a look at it, had it for a few days and I popped in a couple of times to find a couple of old boy's testing the circuit board's and investigating the prob
  7. I've been thinking about this recently and I would not be surprised if this seasons sales figures were actually pretty good I think the slowdown in consumer spending, and the realisation by individuals as to the extent of thier own personal debt, began around the middle of this year. I think many people began to cut back around that time, and tried to pay off some of their credit cards ..... After all, we know that many people in this country have gotten used to living beyond their means by using their credit card each month, the various headlines and data this year has made many wake up
  8. Hi Folks, After reading this topic, I've just posted this thread on the off topic board, for those of you who cannot fit yourselves into any conventional political category. It links to a webpage that tries to present a new(ish) way of categorising political views - The Political Compass Quote: The old one-dimensional categories of 'right' and 'left' , established for the seating arrangement of the French National Assembly of 1789, are overly simplistic for today's complex political landscape. For example, who are the 'conservatives' in today's Russia? Are they the unreconstructed Stalinis
  9. I'm one of the 'drained brains' :-D I came out to Malaysia about 2 years ago. House prices were the main reason for my move, I'm 33 and really would have needed to settle down in the UK and "buy a house" I didn't think it was a good time to buy (and didn't fancy just renting) so decided to come out here for a few years instead. I also fancied a few years in the sun, and thought I'd regret it later in life if i didn't do it. I'm an academic (cancer research scientist), in the UK I would be one of many, but out here I'm probably the national expert (Good tip for you, if you want to progre
  10. I spent all day at work yesterday playing on this The coverage of the US cities is awsome, I happily occupied myself by flying around and spotting all the US sports stadiums (sad I know!). The grand canyon is pretty cool as well, you can even move through the canyon itself by playing with the tilt. Anyone know if they plan to increase the high res coverage of the UK? There are already some areas (quiet a strange selection!) but not yet my neck of the woods.. . PS I used to use an open source program called NASA World Wind essentially the same thing but a lot bulkier and less efficient
  11. I must say I have seen a lot more adverts for Australian property in the local papers recently, and I'm currently in Malaysia! I've been here in Penang about 14 months, but over the last 6 months or so I've noticed loads of adverts for Melbourne, Sydney etc (mostly 2 bed appartments). Even though we are about 4000 miles away The adds always seem the same,"ideal investment opportunity", "guaranteed rental income" (must be some scheme), close to local university etc. It does sound to me like the developers are desperately widening thier catchment area in an attempt to shift some of their
  12. Another point that many BTL'ers in University towns have failed to realise is that there is a major shift in the student populations going on at the minute, primarily due to the major costs now involved in a University education. Far more students are now choosing to go to there local universities where they can continue to live at home with parents during their education. This way, they can massively reduce the costs involved - and the debt at the end. (I really feel sorry for them because one of the best things about University for me was living away form home!). I have some experience o
  13. Well I just clicked your link and the first story's title is "Estate agent 'driven to suicide' by poor market" Independent 02:57 http://www.newsnow.co.uk/cgi/NGoto/84269555?-11530 I guess this poor sod didn't share your bullish view of the news!
  14. I think it will be on sometime between 7:00 and 8:00am Friday morning Malaysian time (GMT+8hours). They have been doing a series all week around this time on the debt problems etc. Just short (ten minutes or so) reports on the morning show with Kristie Lu Stout. I'll try and get up on time tomorrow! I've really missed most of them so I don't know who the reporter is!
  15. Hi folks, I just wondered if there are any others out here in south east asia who might catch this program tomorrow. All week CNN have been running features on the global debt problems and tomorrow they are doing a (prob short) special on the end of the UK housing boom. Hopefully I'll be around to watch it and let you know the international perspective. Thought it may interest some of you as recently the international media has begun to pick up on the problems facing the UK's market (until now I got all my news off here and TMF). The other day they were dealing with the consumer debt prob
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