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  1. Not sure where you're coming from on this one - ignorance or sour grapes? You can't have a particularly good grasp of the oil and gas industry if you think that the EPCs like AMEC, WG, Aker, Petrofac etc are nothing but middle men between equipment manufacturers and the operator. Who do you think design the topsides, either full greenfield like Clair Ridge or a substantial brownfield upgrade like BP Andrew or any of the numerous other upgrades over the last 30+years? Perhaps their days of being competitive at small brownfield modifications/maintenance work are numbered if they don't change their ways but for anything of any size who exactly are you going to get to design, procure and manage it effectively?! If its replacement handrails and grating you're after then I won't argue that you might be better off trying one of the smaller outfits. For every bum on seat 'engineer' there were many experienced and skilled ones. With the downturn the wheat is being separated from the chaff. No doubt there are inefficiencies in large companies adding significant costs to the job however much of the 'unnecessary documents' produced are likely to be a direct requirement of the clients standards & specifications or for ensuring quality. We could of course horse them all out to cut the beaurocracy but lets not forget the significant risks associated with the product that's being produced offshore in a particularly harsh environment and remember that all of these documents are there to try to ensure a quality product and safe design. Is the approach any different with other comparable industries such as nuclear?
  2. So where does one park their wealth to preserve as much as possible? Goal being to purchase property at some point with minimal mortgage. Looking at your projections, if you are looking at 0.7 GBP per USD by 2013 and gold at around $500 then the change in £s from now £821 2010 vs £714 2013 is minimal. So would it not be wise to wait this out in gold as opposed to sterling? I guess you think the $ would be a better bet? Appreciate any info/thoughts on my waffling above. Obviously I don't make a living out of this kind of stuff - merely looking to ensure that I secure the best future for myself and my family. I'm not sure if there is any potential to increase one's net worth in this or if it is purely damage limitation. About to get evicted from current rental and got every man and their dog telling me to buy a house aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrghghhhhhhhhhhh Hell i'm this close to just signing up to that 5x salary death pledge.
  3. I'm not sure i understand this bit - any chance of a layman's summary? Are you saying that boomers nearing retirement are now seeking less risky assets for their pension funds and so are buying bonds (or their funds are)? Dont follow the next bit.
  4. Was just about to post same link http://www.fwi.co.uk/gr/graphs.pdf Fat prices pretty much unchanged this year. Store cattle doing very well at the minute though apparently. Breeding cattle prices increased significantly over the last year. Lower cereal prices about the only input that seems to have decreased. Fodder up, fuel up, fertiliser up. Not sure how weaker sterling will pan out... As youve said, fat price may increase as exports grow but this will be offset by increases in the inputs. ??????
  5. try a different industry. oil & gas pays more than double that staff and over £100k LTD with that amount of experience.
  6. Yet to find anything to beat this: Ashgrove Filling Station, Cairnie, Huntly, AB54 4TL Sep-04 Sold £150k Mar-08 Sold £448k April-09 sold £110k!! The place had not burnt down between 08 & 09 so I'm quite surprised at the % drop even given that it is commercial property!
  7. Cant stand this new format. I used to be on here hours a day but really cant be ar$ed with it now. On top of that, the site is jammed with recent members who like to chip in with useless wind-up posts or spam regarding everything other than the root causes of this bubble. It is a chore attempting to sift through it all to find a decent post. Most of the decent posters have left the building.
  8. My thoughts exactly. Freetrader, particleman, ?...! , Bloo Loo, dstars before he left, Injin (in small doses) + others really cut through the mountains of spam on here and make it all worthwhile.
  9. Superb! Hamish - you are getting reamed! Wouldnt surprise me if Hamish sold sofas. It would explain why he is so desperate to see a return to HPI, MEW and the credit fest!
  10. Dont know if anyone has posted Ambrose's article in today's telegraph? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbys...ive-easing.html
  11. The man is an idiot. Cant seem to get his head round the fact that when house prices fall it is better to defer your house purchase. Also seems to think that everyone buys with 100% cash as he always fails to factor in the interest costs on borrowed money. Now he is spouting his conservative long term growth assumptions of 1% and trying to convince us that buying at any point is better than renting. Does Hamish think that piling into shares when the FTSE was at it's peak was a better investment decision than holding on to your cash and investing in the trough???? Hamish - For anyone who sold out @ peak and currently renting at < the cost of interest only mortgage is quids in. I'm paying £800/month for a 4 bed that sold for £242 at peak. I'm not lucky enough to be in a position to buy cash so will require a mortgage. Your sums just dont add up. As Euan said earlier - get a life. You have your houses and are quite happy with your situation. It is a pretty sad state of affairs when you do not have anything better to do that come here to gloat and try to spin high house prices as being a good thing. We know you dont have kids so obviously this has helped shape you into the person you are today. Pity anyone who counts you as one of their friends.
  12. and your point is.............?! Well done you with those very tricky sums. I am very impressed - so much so I am off to buy a £225k 3 bedder right now. I think i'll give First Direct a call too. You have misread the website - The 3% is not for the full term - they have a 2year fix and a lifetime tracker. I might actually consider buying if there was a 25yr 3% fixed rate.
  13. http://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/Article.aspx/1174089 As Nelson Muntz would say.... 'Ha-Ha'
  14. Looking at the area I am currently living….. 2007 Q2 ASPC Inverurie/Oldmeldrum/Pitmedden £238,453 2009 Q2 ASPC Inverurie/Oldmeldrum/Pitmedden £182,321 Difference = £56,132 or 23.5% Not to be snuffed at!
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