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  1. The exemption for 2nd properties and BTL's could be that properties bought for pensions during the period 2008 to today (i.e when the tax was reduced) will only be subject to 18% tax. Properties bought before 2008 and after today will be subjected to the full 40%, now who can complain about that?
  2. Gas companies use a two tier pricing structure when selling gas in kWh, thus confusing the hell out of 95% of their customers.
  3. Something is confusing me regarding Lloyds banking group shares. Why is there a big difference between the LLoyds share data from the BBC and that of Yahoo? e.g in September 2009 Yahoo say Lloyds were valued at over 100p, but the BBC say 70p? BBC data for Lloyds in the last 12 months Yahoo data for Lloyds in the last 12 months Edit: spelling
  4. If you detest QE like I do, then why not try our damned hardest to shun the pound and try and use the Euro as often as possible?
  5. The Scottish should build loads of hydro electric power stations in the highlands and sell the electricity to the English. Then the Scots can use this money to subsidise their living standards. I am British first and English second, and I hate all this bickering between Scotland & England.
  6. Listen again. Fast forward to 1hr 42 mins into the show.
  7. Gordon to Andy Murray: Good luck Andy, you do know that you could save the housing market.
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