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  1. Hello, I'm well into my own self build in Co. Antrim on our families farmland so thought I'd contribute! My house is timber framed, 2 storey, about 2000 sq ft. with a garage. However, unlike most timber framed dwellings which have a block or brick wall on the outside, I have opted for a cement render board cladding hanging off the outside of the frame onto which a thin coat render is applied. I'm doing a lot of the work myself and calling in trades when needed. Even so, I had no bother getting my self build mortgage with the Progressive, although I've had to pay for a separate 10 year building warranty and site insurance. The building warranty includes regular inspections much like those from the council building control. If you use a builder from start to finish, they would include these in their costs I'm guessing. Have you involved an architect yet? Some of them will undertake the project management as well, a one stop shop. I'm installing a heat recovery system. In my view, a lot of time and effort goes into making the house air tight only to be wasted if you need trickle vents above windows which let that precious heat out! On the other hand I'm first fixing the system myself otherwise the cost benefit might be harder to justify. From my understanding there's not much to go wrong with these systems as long as the filters are changed regularly and you stick to a well known brand. ...just to add a little pressure, the effects of Brexit are starting to trickle down to the prices at the builders merchants so the sooner you start the better..
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