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  1. Bejesus. I have to say, it's really hard work trolling. Part devils advocate, part contrarian, and as outlandish as you can possibly get. A bored evening I think 'i think I'll spice up HPC' cos the forum was getting a bit staid and repetitive. Well, I give up. I though I'd get ignored after the 'anointed by God' speech, but I didn't which was amazing....... Anyway. Tallguy- I apologise, sorry for you getting so emotive. Miko and AlexW- be cool, your good guys. Injin- your a nutter ;-) And Harry Monk- your supercool. Keep up the good work. Bye
  2. But at the moment we have excess production and excess population. We are going through a period of production capability destruction (deflation). Thereby the unemployment figures rise. Which would leave us with excess population. So how do we reach equilibrium? The trouble would be sustaining do many of the unproductive. Agree or disagree, the last time this happened, world war 2 sorted this out, where by chance the Germans invaded Europe again. So we need many more jobs by possibly demechanisation, or reducing the excess population. We cannot have infinite growth with finite resources.
  3. So you managed to edit your post as i was replying. Yes it was AlexW i was jesting with, and not Harry Monks as you first replied. You need to take a chill pill tallguy, and not get so heated. This is debate and we are debating the issues where ALL scenarios are being discussed. You can agree with them or disagree with them as you please, but resorting to name calling is not the way forward.
  4. We already have over capacity in production. I did not say kill everyone, I also did not say kill everyone indiscriminately. We have overpopulation. Part of that population is inproductive. Answer? Remove excess population, or create more work. If removal of existing overpopulation is abhorrent then Let's remove all automation from farms and factories, then these tasks shall require significant human labour. It would effectively be a regressive step, but we would save resources such as raw energy (oil and gas) in exchange for the resources the population consumes such as food. 100% empl
  5. You seem to be a tad obsessed about sex Harry. I hope you weren't one of those prostitute murdering lorry drivers, getting back at the female population for your own inadequacies as a man. Now be a good gentleman and tell the nearest carer in your nursing home to give you your medication, there is a good chap.
  6. Oh Harry you do make me laugh!! There is no fool like an old fool. (to avoid ambiguity, that's you, Harry, I'm referring to)
  7. The pharmaceutical industry still operates, it was not rendered obsolete overnight. Why did they not follow the industry?
  8. I did not disagree that there are more people looking for fewer jobs. But the argument is not being derailed. Euthanasia, etc are viable options and they would solve the problem. This may be distasteful to certain people, but we carry out this practice on animals. Why can't you detach from the emotion of this? Many people detach from purchasing meat from a butcher, and can blot out the fact of the little lambs being killed in the slaughterhouse. What is the difference? If you are productive and valuable to society, you can live. If you are not, you are wasting resources. Goodnight Vienna
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