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  1. well yes, my father works 60 plus hours per week and has done all his adult life. My mother is gainfully employed. Its irrelevant. What you you are proposing is unethical. Its not fraud until you get convicted for that offence in a court of law in this country (we still have trial by jury thank goodness- but no longer for serious fraud cases where the judge deems the public too stupid to hear the case). Ok, I take your point that if a business offers a deal which is of benefit why not take it up? Do that then, dont enter INTO that deal with the intentions of doing something else. If you want to invest your money obtained from a remortgage, take your chance and play the game. good luck. But dont take their money while you intend not to repay, while holding on to their money for your own benefit later. This attitude makes me sick. Just because their business is making money doesnt give you a right to rip them off. Fraud and theft from companies detracts from profits, which in turn effects share price. It is a fact that many shares in financial institutions are owned by pension companies who are trying to maximse returns for those on the pension scheme. Are you going to enter the the financial agreement in good faith? If not you are leaving yourself open to charges of fraud, whether they can be proven or no is another matter. Im afraid it looks like you are motivated by greed, and not willing to work honestly for what you get.
  2. apart from the fact you got your statistics from statistics.gov voicepiece of the apparatchiks... it has one other major flaw. As does the immigration argument. If all these people come to the UK to provide for 'our' old people then either - the immigrants must leave before they get old, or there must be even more immigrants (or increased indigenous persons) to provide for the original indiginous people PLUS the immigrants when THEY get old ! As there is no check on who can come into the country, and no reccored or compulsion to leave the country why should anyone? Immigration would not be a problem if it was managed. If the people coming to work here had real skills we either couldnt provisde or would take too long to provide, or we couldnt afford our own people to do. Nurses, doctors, engineers, scientists, computer programmers, and yes even teachers would be welcome if their English is sufficiently good and they are prepared to assimilate into THIS culture, just as we would be expected to do in theirs. What is not acceptable is to import sweeepers, janitors, fruitpickers, washer uppers, waitresses, burgerking burger flippers and other low grade work when we have a ready source of people who CAN do this but choose not to, while the added influx of people creates a strain on our resources in this country! If we didnt have sufficient people to do the menail jobs - that might be an argument - but it isnt one I accept while the social security budget is as large as it is.
  3. Did i say that? NO. Did I think that? NO. Your PRECONCEIVED AND PREJUDICED opinions of what you THINK my opinions are. Have you read anything written by John Stuart Mill? John Locke? Adam Smith? Thomas Paine ? I doubt it. Most immigration, you utter clots, in the past few years has been from white eastern europeans. Its irrelevant WHERE they come from. It is the effect they have on housing, social security, medical services, black market work and whether they will leave which is my concern. I accept that their economic contribution is approximate to their economic take, more or less. We live on a small island where land and housing is a valuable finite resource however. Therefore immigration should be markedly beneficial if it is to occur. Australia and New Zealand have a points system based on what you BRING to the country - skills, age. We just open the doors. Perhaps you have never been confronted by someone opposed to immigration who isnt, shall we say a bit thick. Probably racist. Definitely ill informed. Maybe its a bit of a shock to you so you decide to go for a cheap shot because you dont or cant provide a counter argument. So I wont get offended. Ill just wait for your answers as to why a constant stream of several hundred thousand immigrants every year into the UK is a GOOD thing while we have a social security system which breeds dependence with a a large group of unemployed or underutilised people already here, and a birth rate higher than many other industrialised western countries ?
  4. Suspend all you want mate. Ive never voted for the BNP, nor even the Tories- I regard my self as a true Liberal both economically and philosophically. Nothing to do with the Liberal Party I hasten to add for all those non students of political philosophy. I have a right to free speech and I will say what I believe. Which is that migration is of at best neutral benefit economically. Culturally it is open to debate, but economically, and for the benefit of the country it is questionable. I do believe the BNP is racist? I am opposed to non beneficial immigration from whatever race, preferring to end our social security culture and have our unemployed work in jobs we currently ask foreign nationals to travel to this country to do. Beneficial immigration for which there is a skill shortage and which we cannot train our indigenous people to do, of course I fully support bringing people in to do that. But to bring in floor sweepers while taxes aare spent keeping people idle? Come on. Surely we can have an intelligent debate without childish insults such as BNP STYLE COMMENTS. I have no objection to people renovating disused or derelict property and selling for a profit. Nor do I resent people for being professional landlords. When will people realise there is a real problem in this country in that THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH HOUSES for the DEMAND, and this drives prices UP ! Bringing more people in, exacerbates this, and paying large amounts of money for social security to individuals for years, sometimes decades, with multiple geerations of some families on benefits is NOT A GOOD USE OF TAX REVENUE ! STOP hoping for a bad economy to bring a crash! Start campaigning for good, cheaper housing! It will affect the whole market beneficially!
  5. The one eye control freak has been blinded by ambition ! After 3 years or so, of being an imposed PM, without approval of the electorate he will be a liability. As he will undoubetdly introduce legislation that wont affect his own constituency he will merely rile the average non-Scot voter. Even if he staggers on and wins aother term...by the end of it Labour will be so discredited (yet agian) they will be out for another 12-15 years. If he managed to stop immigration, reduce the numbers of illegal immigrants already here, get the social security budget reduced to 10% of what it is now, withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan (unlikely), and provide means for cheap quality housing for BRITISH people, while also crushing Islamic fundamentalists and providing decent pensions and health care for our BRITISH citizens, then he might have a chance. I SUPPOSE IF HE REDUCED THE OVERALL TAX BURDEN AND LOCKED CRIMS UP FOR A LONG TIME IT MIGHT HELP A TAD AS WELL !!!
  6. VISIT moneysavingexpert.com for an EXCELLENT guide in how to recoup charges imposed ILLEGALLY. I myself have had over 140 pounds regained from two institutions because of THEIR incompetence. I wish one of them hadnt paid so I could do the same thing. Just for the hell of it.
  7. Not all BTL want to make the money from the capital gain. I know a few who would be happy to see rent cover the mortgage and have the property price rise at or just above inflation to provide a nestegg for retirement, paid for of course by someone else, but at their risk. Why shouldnt one earn a living from BTL? Or provide for themselves in future years ? I agree these programmes about the amateur, stoked, cheap to make, expensive for the country - have had a stoking effect - but why should property development be concentrated in the hands of a few wealthy people. After any crash, IF it comes, a lot of amateurs will be burnt and put off for life. Good. There will be a good core of new people who have made money, and will stay on doing it. Its a free market. Its a (semi) free country. If you take a risk and it pays off...good luck fella. If it goes titsup - tought titties. Suck on them and get over it. There isnt a right to make money - at least no right that someone should have over another. You have to take risk with an INVESTMENT ! There seems to be an absolute hatred from some people that others have made a lot of money but they havent. Thats life sunshine. Get on with it or die feeling sh1tty.
  8. I think youll find that purposefully defaulting on a loan from which you benefit financially... ...is counted as FRAUD ! Does your father want to spend 5-7 years inside? Ok...ok....in todays society he will be out in 2 years. In any case - why would you stoop to such levels? Dont you want to earn what you have? Is this society so perverse it wants to steal? Why not hit an old lady over the head? Why not attack a wheelchair bound person at a cash machine? Its the same crime. THEFT. Making money at any expense is not a worthy aim. I myself could be a millionaire over if I wished to peddle drugs. I could be well off but not very rich if I decided to go into protection rackets. Would you like me to visit you with a sawn off shotgun and shoot you in the foot before I even spoke to you? When youre crawling on the floor in agony I ll ask you for 500 per month. I guarantee you will pay me. Trust me on that. With 20 clients that would be 10000 per month. Tax free. Nice. Or I could actually bl00dy WORK for my money you UTTER SCUMBAG !
  9. I agree - Im getting lots more emails... Maybe we are starting to see the decline - hopefully it will be steady and medium term and not a complete shock to the economy. The problem as I see it thateven if the economic factors start to come into place, that wouldin years gone past, have resulted in a hefty fall, the market today has a lot of people in it who refuse to believe the party is over! The market is the market is the market. Until there is some real economic woe, which we all feel...then nothing will change. An extra 40 quid on the interest repayment? Give me a break. A lot of people spend twice that on the p1ss on one night. When we are in the economic circumstances when people cant do that, or even go out for a meal or to the cinema - or because they have to sell the car and take public transport to work, THEN we will see a house price crash. Will we see such a state of affairs? I doubt it.
  10. Firstly WWW, I have to respond. You are an utter c0ck. You have no knowledge of UK Forces, special or otherwise. I, on the other hand have been there. As for TB (taliban, not Tony Blair) reducing opium production 94% in one year...I doubt it, but even if so - no longer as they tax the farmers...thats to say a protection racket. Thers no point legalising opium in afghanistan - it may as well be legal already - political figures, police and a large proportion of the populace depend on its income- in effect its already legal. If we pay the farmers not to grow it - they will take our money and grow it anyway. You have no idea of the size of the country and the difficulty of the terrain - we cant physically put the number of troops in to secure it - its more than the entire British Army! If were going to be there we have to earn consent (by whatever means). If we buy the crop off them at below the market rate they will still sell opium to other parties. Dont forget that many local afghan businessmen and international drug barons have a vested interest and pay off the TB to keep things sweet. We might be able to solve the problem by giving heroin away free to addicts - it would reduce crime, reduce numbers in hospital and prison, and overall it wouldbe cheaper than the other associated total costs regarding illegal drug dependancy. The average smackhead doesnt want to come off it. They ENJOY it. They NEED it. Why do it otherwise? We either pay though insurance premiums, social problems and cost or we treat these people medically. As for Afghanistan - its a complete sh1ttyhole, where the locals laugh at the idea of washing hands after taking a dump in the middle of the street (I have seen this - men walking along, stopping, lifting shirt, trousers down, dump, then trousers straight back up! They have no comprehension that their infant mortality might be caused by this and other health and hygiene factors, instead preferring to believe its Allah's will. They also prefer to believe that young boys do NOT get buggered/raped, and otherwise molested, especially by the ANP (Afghan National Police) by the way. If you had seen/heard reports of 12 year old boys crying at the side of the street/in Police stations after being raped then Im sure you wouldnt like to be there either. They will make a profit while were there - otherwise we would be forced out. When we leave, they will simply rely on their traditional afghan values of extortion, rape, murder, bribery and blackmail. Pashtunwali. A bigger hypocrisy than the King James Bible and that IS saying something!
  11. yep, he is advising well...but he is also wanting to maintain commission! more quantity of commissions as opposed to a less quantity of large commissions = same profit. However I think he sees the writing on the wall - a significant, but not catastrophic drop, or levelling off. by managing expectations he has survived before to live for another day... and this is a good thing. is it wrong for an EA to tell his clients not to be so damn greedy ? !!!!!!
  12. well this is THE contradiction. I think prices are massively out of kilter with average earnings- but I dont think we will see a violent crash. Just as the price of investments can go down as well as up, there s no guarantee prices will 'correct themselves' to historic levels. The average house price after each successive boom and bust is higher than the last time including inflation. We are a wealthier society now than in the days before ownership was common. Is there a political drive to force politicians to act to provide cheap housing as there was after WW2? No. Generally most people are happy with their lot save a few greedy barstewards who want more and those who never benefited and want some (but generally without the willingness to make the risks). we may even have seen a large rise which will remain and dips from now on wont bring us back to the historically lower levels.The wealth of the country is reverting to a smaller and smaller percentage. In future years the only way to buy as opposed to rent will be through inheritance, but if this forces families to live together longer over several generations...is this a TOTALLY bad thing? Less nursing homes for one. A perhaps less selfish society. I think were at the top or close to the top, maybe even on the other side of the peak... but I dont see 30-40% falls. Not unless there is a 30-40% increase in builds. and that wont happen because the electorate who HAVE done well want to protect their gains, and the developers of course...and the councillors and national politicians the developers have in their pocket !
  13. well renting IS wasted money IF... the rent is equal or greater than the mortgage repayment minus average monthly capital gain as in...loose example a house which is appreciating 12k per year. a mortgage of 1500 per month. minus the 12k divided by 12 = 1000. so rent of more than 500 pm is a waste and it makes more sense to mortgage IF youre prepared and able to sell when this equation changes. If capital gain outstrips mortgage then its very much worth it as effectively youre being paid to live in a house! Obviously if appreciation is close to nil or in depreciation, it CAN make much more sense to rent and not mortgage. When it is a close call, the extra satisfaction of owning something tangible rarely makes owning a waste of money - with the benefit of being able to make gains later on. So in effect renting in almost all circumstances (in the UK historically) IS a complete waste of money. If it was much cheaper though I WOULD purely to have the expendable income for a great lifestyle - but you need social protection through legisaltion for the renter for this to work...
  14. And the FTB bit ? Yes of course there is no point buying at the top of the market - but people do - how else do people sell!? !!! The banks and a lot more people sell through FEAR. IF YOU DONT GET ON NOW YOU NEVER WILL!!! etc. Fear is the basis of western marketing. Unfortunately it could be the case that as FTBs cant get on now - if people arent willing to sell below a certain point, and heaven forbid make a loss, then we will end up like France and Germany where mortgages are much rarer than UK and where it is commonplace to rent and VERY unusual for the averageman to own. But with such large proprtions who rent...there is also much better social renting legislation (from the renters perspective). If renting is much cheaper than owning and there are sufficiently good properties with protection, few would bother with mortgages and instead spend the rest having a damned lifestyle. Unfortunately there just wont be this social legislation in this country - nor will it ever be socially acceptable to rent long term (not just between selling and buying). People think you are strange.
  15. onw with an ex ITN newsreader I think. The one with Kirstie Allsop going slightly potty about people trying to crash the market. Ive been 'abroad' so havent been online for a while! From what I see she may have a point about people trying to crash the market - just as other have a point of her trying to ramp the market! I dont want to see a FULL crash - I think it would be a disaster for the country. But a good correction with and more good developments at reasonable prices is what we do need. We need to get back to the position where someone on 30k a year can afford an average house for about 100-120k. That needs a lot more housing built and that is why we have the problem - supply is trickled to maximise profits. Or proper schemes for self build or conversion of brownfield sites/property. Why should property developers hold local councils to ransom - give the ordinary bloke the chance to make something! The planning laws in this country are a bL00dy joke. And the concentration of jobs in the SE and London is a problem. If government departments moved north to Manchester and Newcastle, and I would say Glasgow too except it wont happen due to devolution, then the balance of the economic power would shift slightly. The BBC moving to Manchester will be a help too...but thats in another 10 years ! The City is the core of the UKs wealth creation now. It would be foolish to interfere - but we can move other non wealth creation services. It might also stop the trend for most immigrants to go to London. In 20 years time how many indigenous people are going to live inside London? If they move out, in the 50s to Essex, later to other parts, then it will have an impact on houseprices as the massive London prices can outbid people from other parts of the country who want to buy where they come from!
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