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  1. 'Liar Loans' - Evan = Eric and I claim my £5.
  2. It was the same at the HMV Leadenhall Market (City) today. I popped out for a cig to break the interminable boredom at about 11 until we were allowed to go (to the pub) at 1, and the queue was horrific. Dread to think what it would have been like when the offices threw out properly and people went into proper Christmas panic buying mode. Looked like some of the things that had previously been reduced had been specially increased in price for the last minute rush as well.... (NB - I'm nothing to do with banking, merely a humble Business Analyst for an Insurance Software firm, before anyone starts throwing festive death threats my way).
  3. Sibley - your sig says that you're from Maidstone, and therefore presumably live there? That being the case, if you would WANT to live then I can only assume you have a penchant for single teenage mums with sovereign rings, which seems to be a rather niche market........ Worked there for a couple of years, godforsaken place. I spent the first couple of months thinking how nice it was that older sisters were taking their younger siblings out in the pram for a walk during their lunchbreak, then I cottoned on to what was really happening. It's the only town I've ever known where minibuses descend from the surrounding villages for a fight on a week-end evening. PS - And in any event, prices in Maidstone and surrounding area have plummeted, unsurprisingly. I was looking in Tonbridge (somewhat nicer, and with a half-decent train link to London) 18 months ago, and places that were £230 - £250k are now in the £180 - £200k range.
  4. Found an article in the Times describing Downfall (brilliant film) mash-ups, taking a key scene and re-subtitling. Here's GB in the bunker bemoaning his fate.....apologies if similar posted before but I've never seen it.
  5. BBC news reporting that the Treasury are going to relax GB's fiscal rules - presumably to allow an increase in Govt borrowing following collapse of income streams such as Stamp Duty........
  6. I've just been having my weekly look at the areas we're considering buying in when the time is right (Tonbridge & Guildford). I've noticed that one of the large agents in Tonbridge is now advertising houses with price ranges e.g. £245,000 - £290,000. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-182...=1&tr_t=buy What's the point? Surely all that anyone will do is to look at the bottom figure and then take some more off? Also, that seems a ridiculously large range to be working with..... I know this is similar to 'Estate Agents' thread further down, but not identical and I think is an interesting development in its own right. If mods want to combine then fair dos.
  7. I used to work by South Quay until a couple of months ago - but am back in City proper now (Insurance Software - so not the land of mega bonuses!). Is it the development by Crossharbour Station? That's the only one I can think of.
  8. Interesting. We were looking to buy in Tonbridge early 2007 and had an offer accepted, but pulled out as vendor was playing around and are now happily renting in SE7 for at least another 12 months. It looks like prices that way are finally starting to slip, and with more properties coming onto the market (looking for 3 bed houses up to £250k for comparison purposes - though I'd hope we can be looking nearer £200k when the time comes). The agent that's all over Tonbridge, and seems a lot of Kent, is Wards. Is that the one you're thinking of?
  9. Not strictly on topic Mr Borad - but I share the DVD collection :-)
  10. Or - is Merv actually being clever here? If we are talking about MORTGAGE COSTS (which last time I looked were rising quite dramatically for most people) rather than house prices, it would surely give a different result? Obviously with my VI hat on - if House Prices were included on the way down when they weren't on the way up that wouldn't be to my liking at all.
  11. Maybe Auntie has turned after all. Jack Dee on HIGNFY tonight was painting Crash G as a comedy figure (as you'd expect) but was making plenty of references to the economy in general and specifically to house prices. My favourite was something along the lines of 'your house dropping by £1,000 while you watch the show'. Must have been lots of priced out FTBs in the audience judging by the laughs he was getting.
  12. Thank you all.... You wouldn't believe it - but she does actually read this forum. A lot. Maybe it's just eternal pessimism....
  13. Evening all, Just when I think I've done enough to convince the better half to sign a 12 month rental agreement rather than 6 months, she's all a dither as she thinks that Crash Gordon & Captain Darling can pull something out of the pan a la 1. Bullying the banks to go lending at silly rates again 2. Pull out wads of cash to subsidise FTB's and home 'owners' 3. Inflate our way out of things My persuasive charms (and also getting a bit stroppy every time it's mentioned, which doesn't help - to be fair) aren't winning her over 100%, so help. Please. Pretty please. Thanks........
  14. That is indeed the one...... What we found is that many of the houses have downstairs bathrooms, whereas this one was upstairs. V small bedroom 3 tho.
  15. Funnily enough - I just had a look on RightMove, the place that we were going to buy for £230k last year is back on again for £242,500 - which surprises me more than a little. Same agent as before. We won't be in competition this year, am enjoying my 45 minute door-to-door (with option of cycling when weather ok) commute too much for now. Oh, and the fact things will be cheaper next year of course!
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