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  1. Er, the sun isn't shining and the birds aren't singing. The beer's pretty good though.
  2. You might regret it when a big black zulu warrior shoves a spear up your @rse
  3. I like your style and agree that sometimes this is the most effective way to deal with some people. I couldn't work out this old bloke, he was nice as pie every time I went round to complain and promised to sort it out - only for the problem to come back a week later - and we're talking loud enough here to wake me up out of a deep sleep (every f*cking night). On the last occasion I went to visit him my patience was wearing thin and I accused him of doing it deliberately to which he look very taken aback. To this day I'm still not sure if it was a passive-aggressive thing or if he was a bit ma
  4. Don't be naive. The Government have been desperately trying to force contractors to pay more tax for TEN years. They introduced numerous new laws and the end result - nothing - the vast majority of contractors have avoided them, many now pay less than they id before. Most public sector employees are thick and slow. The private sector have been avoiding their new laws for years before thicky public sector employee even realises they've managed to evade it. It will be no different with the bankers. They will run rings around Labour.
  5. Yeah man. I signed up for a year and discovered the walls were made of cardboard and there was a deaf old fart next door who played his TV so loudly it kept me up until two every night (sometimes later). I asked him four times to keep it down after midnight. Every time he was apologetic and agreed but the noise soon started up again. He was either deaf or retarded. The moral of the story - rent a detached house. I have now moved and have complete silence (except for my farts) every night. Would never rent a terraced or semi again after that experience. Apart from that renting sucks badly in
  6. Hmm, a lot of negativity on this thread - too old to be a developer at 27! I'm 41 and still a developer, although a pretty senior one. I regulary work with guys my own age and many a lot younger - never had a problem - the younger guys like to learn from me because I've been developing/designing solidly for close to 20 years. I've forgotten more about IT than they know. The trick is to make yourself truly excellent at what you do - chances are you'll get decent paid work that way. I was out of work for months at the beginning of the year. I spent the time learning the very latest technology.
  7. UPDATE Well f*ck-a-doodle-do, what a surprise. Landlord came round for checkout - spent five minutes nosing around and then declared she would be returning my deposit IN FULL. She never even mentioned the oil stain - I wonder if she thought that it was there before I moved in! Pleasantly surprised, I have to say. Onto the next one now. Just been told by new letting agent that I have to change the energy supply from EDF to Southern Electric because 'the landlord doesn't like EDF and is adamant that Gas/Electric is supplied by Southern Electric'. Apparently the previous naughty tenants had t
  8. I've never received anything from her mortgage company. I do certainly intend to leave a tip with the taxman after I move out. I don't normally like to grass people up but I'll make an exception for her because she's such a pig. She may well be paying tax anyway, she's an accountant so I don't think she would risk it - I believe you can be barred for tax evasion.
  9. I did think of doing exactly that but at £40 per hour but decided to just ignore it. It's complete nonsense. No contract has been formed unless I agree to it. I guess you can all see why I'm concerned about the oil stain now. She's overly aggressive which is why I suspect I may have a fight on my hands. Still, there's always the ears...
  10. Excellent point. The garage is completely unsuitable for storage as it leaks like a sieve everytime it rains. What else can I use it for but motor vehicles? And motor vehicles of course leak. The more I think about it the more I'm thinking the landlady can bite my banger.
  11. Hi Lepista I assume that reply was meant for me. Yep, been there a year paying £900 per month for an absolute dump where nothing works properly. I've had plumbers out 7 times in a year to fix everything from central heating problems to water leaks in the loft, electricians to fix light switches that keep strangely blowing up. The central heating still doesn't work properly and never has. Strangely, for some reason I don't seem to get compensation for the time and inconvenience it causes me having to arrange to be home when tradesmen come to fix the numerous problems. My landlady B1tch sent m
  12. All the same, these landlord scum unfortunately. I had to start legal proceedings to get my last deposit back. I'd lived there 4.5 years and left the house immaculate. The greedy sh1ts even launched a legal defense to start with and then backed out paying my deposit and all legal costs a week before the hearing Didn't compensate me for my lost time though so I'd prefer to circumnavigate that situation beforehand if I can - hence either agreeing a reasonable level of compensation (if I can discover what that is) or ripper her damn ears off. PS Next time you get a wine spill pour table salt o
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