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  1. If he sold the property to his girlfriend half way through the tenancy then legally she was your landlord at the end, and she is liable to return your deposit to you. You should be taking her to court. Hopefully when she realises she's been dragged into his mess, she'll make him cough up to avoid having to be dragged through the courts for his mistakes. Best of luck.
  2. So, if prices are marked down the day the dividend is annouced, surely it's worthwhile buying into stable companies at this point (at a nice discount) and waiting twelve months for the next run?
  3. I have to agree here - I've never heard a good word said about them. They charge a fortune on the way into a property, too.
  4. Finally we know what we disagree on! Anyway stuff this it's 2 in the morning I'm off to bed! For when I come back, BBB, what's your take on this question?
  5. The MPC seem to take the level of gearing fairly seriously, at least big Merv does on a personal level. The consumer debt burden was a key factor in the last interest rate rises, inflation has fallen and rates have stayed. You'll probably kill me on this, as macroeconomics is by no means a speciality of mine. Good thing that one wasn't a big crux of my post...
  6. ZZ - True, but whoever the estate passes to really is irrelevant, what it does mean is that there will be a lot of property becoming empty all at once. Where I think we're differing on this is that I see it as positive (the inheritees will suddenly have more property to sell and pay off their own mortgages, thus lowering interest rates, or upon sale some cash to pour back into the property market and invest in the economy) and you see the market being flooded, thus causing prices to dip. I think we may both be right, the flood may cause a temporary dip, but the additional cash released will
  7. Good god, I was writing my last post when you put that 'avatar' post up - do those things have planning permission?
  8. wow - now I see where you hone your argumentative skills so well. I'll have to persuade Clottie over to this forum, she'll get this place in order in no time... Anyway back to topic - nobody seems to have given a direct answer to my question: what do you all think will happen when all these home-owning biddies pop their clogs and all those inherited dwellings become the unecumbered property of their offspring? Asterisk free answers please.
  9. Beaming thanks! I'll have to give you the benefit of the doubt on the four letter word issue... Everyone's a lot more peaceful than this on SingingPig!
  10. Fair point, my sarcastic rant didn't really contribute much. I just felt the need to belittle our extremist friend Bruno for his radical views. I don't even feel the need to post a reasoned argument against him, as people like him don't seem to listen to logical debate. There you go, the olive branch. Now I'd like an apology for calling me a stupid ****. Go on, I dare you...
  11. Stop being so narrow minded. If the yields stack up and you can afford to hold, even most of you are going to have to admit that there will be some sort of capital gain over the next 20 years. There are dumb bandwagoners in every fashionable industry, and there are long term pros who have and will continue to make money. It's not rocket science, just use your common sense and don't buy any old property at the wrong price just for the sake of it. The key to property is nothing to do with location, it's negotiation. Any property is a good investment if you buy it at the right price, regardl
  12. ZZ - If you care to take a moment to read my post in context, I was being 'patronisingly sarcastic'. I'm well aware there aren't enough houses in this country to support demand. You'd also do well to note that most houses in this country have more than one person living in them. Also, whilst I'm here; before you call me a stupid **** you'd do well to take in mind the fact that at 22 years old I'm wealthier (self made) than most of the people on here thanks to a little thing called FAITH IN THE PROPERTY MARKET. Then again, resorting to swear words in a reasoned argument never was a sign of
  13. Goodness me Bruno, that really is terrible news. 70% you say? That would make my house worth less than the materials it is built from. Maybe after this time you and I should open up a scrapyard, then help people dismantle their homes to make more money off the bricks and roof trusses? Wouldn't that be great? Whole swathes of homes would be dismantled across the country because our economy could never sustain having houses for EVERYBODY! Heaven forbid... Or are you suggesting (as per your website) that the lord will descend and cause a housing market crash to punish all us wicked and sin
  14. I think one huge issue people aren't talking about here is the changing demographic - our populous is getting older, some estimate 50% of the population will be retired in 20 years or so. Surely when these people die all at once over a 15 year period, it's going to pour a hell of a lot of inherited equity into the market? Or do you think oversupply will dent prices? Thoughts please...
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