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  1. Agreed - for people with kids, the school year has started and it's too late to be looking; for people without the usual boom time is spring with days drawing out and bright viewing mornings. I suspect the EA's comments were more a statement of faith. I expect to see the market gutted over there in the coming months as more holiday and second homes are put up for sale. (But maybe that's just wishful thinking! )
  2. Excellent news - this is from Wales Online: It's interesting that they point to a lack of first time buyers as being the root of the problem. I see a parallel between this crash and the last in that last time around the bottom end of the market was a wasteland - I knew a guy who bought a one bed flat at £49k and ended up selling it for £18k. It seems to be that end of the market going this time too. The estate agent appears clueless though when he describes homes as 'affordable' - clearly he doesn't know what the average single income in the region is!
  3. I was down that way a couple of weeks ago. There were lots of sale boards up then and propertysnake showed several properties that had been on for a long time. At that point though there were not many falling prices - there seem to have been a whole swathe in the past fortnight. All good!
  4. Some nice properties there, but still bear absolutely no relation to the earnings of local people. It'll be interesting to see how fast, or not, they shift.
  5. There seem to be some good cuts in pricing on longstanding properties, showing up on PropertySnake now. However most of the best cuts are up north in the LL postcode areas. The few decent southern cuts seem to be in areas like Newport, Gwent - if it were Newport, Pembs that would be a more enticing proposition. Nevertheless, with lots of cuts of 30% and up I think things are looking more positive. I'm looking forward to November when the summer season will be well and truly over and the second home owners may well be looking to get out.
  6. That's excellent news - we need to see a return to trend and to reality-pricing in this area, after all what is the average local salary?
  7. That's very poky isn't it. Certainly wouldn't think of paying anything like that for it. Not keen on Usk either - nice enough little town but has that huge sex offenders' prison on the outskirts and they have had probs with inmates going AWOL.
  8. And about bloody time too - maybe some locals will be able to buy into the market now. I'm seeing some good falls now around this way, but nothing like a return to trend yet.
  9. Interesting! I had a letter from my bank this week reiterating the same facts. What's prompted them to do this now?
  10. Excellent news. Saw some very promising points on RightMove \ Property Bee today too - of the properties I was looking at probably 1 in 4 was dropping their price and had been listed for some time. It'll be interesting to see how many second homes \ holiday lets go come September - maybe locals will eventually be able to buy in their own area again one day.
  11. Around the time of the last crash I worked with a certain firm who had a large property wing. Our property VP said exactly the same thing and indeed that's what we saw play out. Good call RB.
  12. Interesting post - happens a lot near me just now and I too find it irksome. What was the law change on this?
  13. Is this work for you or for the village? What sort of work is needed? What influences the rate of work coming in? (Just wondered...)
  14. Some interpret it as meaning to share the bill equally, therefore if this woman went out with a friend who chose lavishly from the menu, she could end up paying for more than her own choices.
  15. Interesting you should say that - in the Newsnight intro last night they stated that 4 in 10 who voted Lib Dem in the GE now wish they hadn't! Made me ROFL to hear of how many had also voted Lib Dem tactically just to keep the Cons out. BTW on what basis do the majority work for these bodies? - how many full time employees are involved: many seem to dip in on an advisory basis. I just wondered what the fall out of this would be in terms of job losses. Having said that, I wonder too what the financial implication would have been of not supporting these over the past 13 years?
  16. This one was an interesting exercise in self-sustaining bureaucracy - they did some useful work, and some effective 'pulling together' of disparate resources, however it was fascinating to see how they created a role for themselves with tactics ike inventing new accreditation with extensive sets of targets to meet, then a comprehensive examination\evaluation process to prove qualification for the accreditation. Suddenly people started to feel a need to comply with BECTA to prove their worth and get a badge, rather than just getting on and doing a good job. They were largely pointless and self-perpetuating and if the other quangos reflect a similar working basis it'll be good to see them go.
  17. +1 It is not their money and it is highly unethical of them to put obstacles in you path like this. Don't let them off the hook - they need to learn it is unacceptable practice.
  18. In my area there are 391 total for the last 2 weeks, with 11 sstc. Are those added the last 2 weeks really newly added, or are they just updated in status? I can see what we're doing but want to be clear of the parameters.
  19. ...and we've all seen Gordon's 'apologies' - those trite, shallow, insincere photo-opportunities that mean nothing but are staged to win approval; all part of his calculated game. As always with Gordon, ambition is all but this is what prevents him from taking responsibility for his appallingly culpable actions.
  20. No. I'd agree with Sibley's LC. If you are hiring people to a position of trust and responsibility, you have a duty of care to your business, your employees and, depending on the nature of the work, those in your charge. If somebody has a track record for theft, assault, interference, it is entirely appropriate that employers are able to make an informed decision in order to act in the best interests of their existing staff and their company. This is part of the 'taking the consequences' rap of real life, it serves a practical purpose and should not be diluted by political correctness. This suggestion is typical of Labour's nannying approach and disregards the need for people to become 'grown ups' and take responsibility for themselves. Also, there is the liability issue if a previous repeat offender is hired then re-offends. Who would be culpable? OTOH a sliding scale would be useful since shoplifting a loaf of break should not prejudice someone's chances of employment years later.
  21. Is that what was stated? I understood it to mean redeploying those troops rather than decommissioning them - withdrawing from Germany and maintenance of those bases is not the same as cutting those forces altogether. I wonder what X-Quork's take on this is? Agree with Sarah Bell & Tahoma re immigration - Crowe is a clown whose thinking is entirely contradictory and totally impractical.
  22. The article doesn't mention what his GCSE profile is... that is critical these days since, in the first round of applications, it's the only tangible evidence the universities have of the student's actual ability. If he wants to get into a red-brick uni he should have a minimum of 10 A*,A and B grades in rigorous subjects (ie not drama, media, business or anything else that ends in 'studies'). He is clearly relying too much on his personal statement, which unless demonstrating exceptional ability carries little weight with many of the better universities, rather than on factual evidence of his academic ability ie grades. He's also making applications to entirely the wrong bracket of university considering his A Level choices - there's no mention either of a fourth AS Level, which would only put him on an equal footing with many of the applicants to this type of place. It sounds as though he's not been well advised at all, and it's just a cop-out to blame the private schools. He should have been advised before choosing A Levels that if he wanted to go to a Russel Group university he should have an AS, 3 A Levels and preferably all in the more rigorous subjects. But if his academic leanings are towards other subjects then he should have been advised to apply to a different uni where some have excellent courses in the sort of subjects he lists. It's all about horses for courses.
  23. This would be the worst case scenario - we need to keep the memory of what Labour allowed Brown to do, to avoid this happening. And this would be a much better case scenario - after all, look what Scottish MPs have brought us
  24. You've not been there, have you. It has some lovely parts but you need to get a long way out of the centre, adding substantially to the commute.
  25. Interesting comments on this Scotsman thread - I see ccc has got stuck in! Having said that the comment from the BTL speculator made me want to punch the screen - as another poster said, the sooner housing benefit is nailed down the better since we are all paying (some more than others) to subsidise this scum.
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