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  1. Tourism is doomed to failure in Swansea because anyone east of Cardiff thinks of Swansea as grim and uber-Welsh, and indeed the Welsh rarely disappoint in their treatment of non-North&West-Walians. It's unfortunate but true; there are enough aggressive Welsh speakers who will turn their backs on a non-local, and speak Welsh solely to exclude, to make outsiders feel shunned or intimidated. The Welsh Assembly can tart up the buildings all they want, but until they can get the significant proportion of more militant natives to behave in a more welcoming manner they won't reverse the negative reputation. Interestingly, my family are all Celts but I live in Wales these days and am married to an Englishman. We spent a summer in Scotland a while back - his first experience - and his most significant impression was how warm and friendly the Scots are to outsiders compared to the Welsh. Sorry folks.
  2. Looks like there are 5 for sale boards up on that one block of flats. That's going to put a dent in the price too.
  3. http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/3669807?search_identifier=49efdaa4cbbd9e13c51206a856f6ea6e Just look at this one: seemingly reduced 57.9% to £200k... what were they thinking with the initial price. I wouldn't give anything like the current price for it.
  4. Best news I've seen in months!!! Thanks for posting that - it's made my day.
  5. All good news... did he give any idea of his anticipated timeframe?
  6. Interesting point you make - I'd noticed a few hikes on property bee and wondered what madness induced somebody to raise their price in this kind of market.
  7. Do you get any info on land prices. They are ludicrously high too. We are looking at land and a build so we get the property we want... any thoughts on whether we'll see land prices coming down too any time soon?
  8. I suspect you're looking at this from your own perspective as if it were you moving. Unfortunately that's not true for all and there are abundant examples of those who move here for healthcare, education, housing and benefits then use their time in raising large numbers of their children. Some come because in many quarters abroad there is still an idealized representation of the UK, while others come because what we have - even at the lower end of the spectrum - is better than what they are moving from. There are large numbers who come to exploit the system because they can - they recognize a free ride provided by mugs when they see one. Relatively few would move to another country to experience the culture like you and I would. Having said that many do come to work, arguably taking jobs from native brits; some of these are also idlers who choose benefits over jobs they prefer to leave to the immigrants - but then you've got to look at how screwed up our system is that we allow people who are capable of earning their living to choose not to.
  9. I've come late to this thread, but had a look at the size of the bedrooms... a 6 bed house at that price look interesting until you see that several of those 6 are actually cupboards. Why on earth did they start so high? And it is a truly dreadful theme - induces microfiche-sickness - so bad he used it twice
  10. Over what timeframe? I bought a place in 1995 - would love to do the same again.
  11. I keep looking at prices on the Gower but they are still a million miles from any kind of reality. How do the vendors not 'get' that the value of a property is what a buyer will pay for it, not the asking price? This one made me smile; they can't shift it from October to Feb, so change the status from 'Available' to 'Viewing Advised'! Yeah - that'll do it (WTF are these EAs on?).
  12. Similar tale in the East. Monmouth's high street is looking gutted right now with a lot of shops gone, the best Indian just gone under and parades of empty shops interspersed with charity shops. Greedy landlords have massively hiked their rates in the last 2 years and driven small shop owners to the wall. Can't understand it - I'd have thought it better to have a shop occupied even if the rent is less rather than driving trade out of town for lack of choice.
  13. Woot


    Is 7'2"x5'4" really a 'bedroom'??
  14. +10 - well said. A line has to be drawn - why should family A with kids, both parents working low paid and even multiple jobs pay to support family B with 4 kids but CBA to work? The left wing bleating has gone far too far in this respect and it does the slack a disservice too - kids being raised in families where 3 generations have not had a job does nothing for their aims, aspirations and confidence; why should they never have the opportunity to find out where their talents lie and gain the self respect of a professional, self supporting life?
  15. And you can get stung with joint payments for repairs - on a flat I owned some years ago I had a bill out of the blue fo £5k of ext decs.
  16. Agreed - sounds like panic selling. Hooray! Hopefully today's news will also frighten the horses and start a stampede for the exit.
  17. It's coming gradually down but prices are still utterly absurd, and properties are selling sluggishly if they are not priced below market average here. I'd love to see a realistically priced house in Monmouthshire - be a real sign of progress. Notably in Monmouth town something like 6 shops\restaurants have closed down in the last 6 weeks: the money is retreating.
  18. The IB is not a panacea as many think, indeed whilst it is good in a broad-brush way, it lacks depth - for example in maths, classical languages and computing students cannot study to as in-depth a level as they can through A Levels. This is a significant difficulty since there is no one system that provides academic rigour across the board.
  19. Why would teachers round on him? What he said is a statement of fact and it irks many teachers. For example, exam boards 'endorse' books and online resources for their public exam courses, however many of these resources are of an inadequate quality. Many teachers are irritated that the boards dictate the materials they should use, yet produce substandard ones. The whole resit-culture is designed to put money into the pockets of the boards too - I don't think many teachers would refute that. The man is simply stating facts.
  20. Indeed - does it really take a 'report' to discover that!?
  21. I'm amazed by this in Cardiff. If you wanted to sell, would you leave your house on the market for 1226 days and only drop the price by 1%? Mad. Dou you know of any others?
  22. Here's an astonishing example of the immensely bloated prices in the Gower. A rather ordinary 4 bed home 'reduced' to £799,995. Mad, just mad.
  23. If you go to PropertySnake there are some good falls (49%) and some very interesting comments at the foot of the page, eg Some of the prices make me smile though - if your house has been on the market for 319 days, wouldn't you consider dropping by more than 3%? Or this one where they've dropped 1% on a property starting at £709k.
  24. Agree entirely - every time we've called them we've been advised to see our GP or go to A&E. Utterly pointless and a total, literal and dangerous waste of time when we had a meningitis scare with our youngest. Glad to see them gone. Andy Burnham was quite rabid about it on Sky earlier - completely missed the point: they serve no purpose and waste millions.
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