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  1. It's like 1989 all over again. I knew a guy who bought his one bed, third floor batchelor pad for £48k just before the last crash. He sold it 8 years later, by which time he was married with 3 kids, for £19K. Bodes well of the rest of us.
  2. Excellent find, Frank. But what a lot of tripe Miles Shipside spouts: Do 61% of people you know think it's a good time to buy? Certainly not around here. Also, what a great pity that many of the sales mentioned seem once again to be going to investors; surely that is where the government should act since it is once again the scooping up of investment properties that precludes those who wish a simple home from buying.
  3. What a shockingly scary position for them to be in. However, they had their turn and now it would be lovely if those of us who exercised a little more care and restraint could get a look in.
  4. Porthgain I'm really quite taken aback by this one. Am I being unreasonable, or is £215K quite a lot for a prefab shack?
  5. There are plenty of perfectly worth-while tasks that would significantly help the quality of life of many in our communities. I've thrilled to see this being proposed and only hope there is follow through. The semantics of whether it is really voluteering or not are a red herring - for many truly work shy, as opposed to those who are truly job seeking, it's time they did something to earn their keep and the terminology is an irrelevance.
  6. But you could get so much more for 380-400 so why would you buy that?
  7. +10 I can't bear the man - lying, duplicitous, manipulative, utterly untrustworthy, pompous, bullying, overbearing ****. I cannot believe he still holds office after the debacle of his involvement in the last government. I'd like, theoretically, to hear that side of the argument, but sadly can't bear to see him. Have to swich off too.
  8. Actually 49,000 around midnight on Day2. Hope it gathers momentum and doesn't peter out... not sure of your analysis of DC resign or address the issue - he didn't feel the need to do that over the EU Referendum... why would he take any more notice of the electorate this time?
  9. Precisely. And peoples' experience will differ according to their locale. In many areas though the infrastructure clearly cannot cope - my local maternity wing is failing due to local immigration levels with many immigrants having a far higher birth rate than indigent people. This knocks on to schools and so many other resources where the infrastructure has simply not been built. And this is before you get onto the issues of integration, or in many cases the lack of it since some immigrant people choose to live in an enclave \ self created ghetto, and find the concept of assimilation offensive. This leads to further demands on all our services to provide separate, distinct and sometimes conflicting options for incomers, which many local authorities simply cannot afford. Clearly there are different kinds of people coming to our country - regardless of race - and some are willing to become part of the society involving themselves in a contributing and supportive co-dependent way; others seemingly wish to take what they can from the services on offer by the host, while giving nothing back. There is a word for this, in nature. Brings us back to Milton Friedman: “You can’t have free immigration and a welfare state.” And he was speaking in the context of the US... we live on a small island.
  10. Not at all. I'm anti further immigration, regardless of race - it doesn't matter what colour people are, I don't want them moving here unless there is a very good reason and they pay their way in spades. Signed.
  11. Well there we have it - Tony says he's 'right' and the rest are 'wrong'... nice to have that one sorted: I didn't need an opportunity to express my own view when Tony can do it so succinctly for me. And that's why I and a million others will never vote for those patronizing, paternalistic bastards again.
  12. Love it! Thanks TMT. And some of the comments are yummy bearfood too. Bring it.
  13. I wish, I wish, I wish that UKIP would field credible candidates instead of the largely unelectable, improbable muppets that they do. I'm sure there are many perfectly good candidates of whom we're largely unaware, but with people like Farage and that other elderly buffer who used to act as a spokesman, their credibility is stuffed - there is nothing statesmanlike about any of them and the lack of gravitas limits credibility.
  14. Done. Am unspeakably angry at the high-handedness of Cameron et al. They forget whom they represent. They will, hopefully, pay at the next election though.
  15. Done. Am unspeakably angry at the high-handedness of Cameron et al. They forget whom they represent.
  16. No amount of tarting up can get over the fact that it's an overpriced, pokey 3 bed with concrete, shack-filled postage stamp garden. It's tiny for the money.
  17. That's a blast from the past - I used to live on Rosendale Road... nice place to be, although that house is towards the less salubrious end.
  18. That's so interesting to hear, but what is going to give them the dose of reality? At the moment they seem to think they can tough it out.
  19. How odd that suddenly a few people have joined saying that prices in Cardiff are reasonable. When you consider what the average salary is in Cardiff, then compare that with average house prices, I'd suggest that the prices are still a pretty long way from reasonable... in fact it's surprising that many 'average' people in Cardiff can afford a place at all.
  20. I wonder why? We have just this week moved house and the removals firm was telling us August is their busiest month, getting all the families moved before the new school year starts; an EA acquaintance was telling me that his busiest time is post-New Year when so many people are splitting up and selling to buy two smaller properties. No, really. Anyway, can't see any great reason for expecting a boom in Sept... am I missing something? Great post though, and great news TMT - thanks.
  21. Just what we need! I'm hanging out for the West coast - anyone got any inside knowlege off that area? I've been watching for 5 years now and it is just mad. However, in Newport this week and saw their only estate agent in selling up - apparently though his shop has been on the market for a year now but he can't shift it
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