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  1. NP TMT Thanks for the feedback, SPA. I was in Newport recently (West Wales, not Gwent!) and there is a little EA there with a shop on the corner of the main crossing. It's been on the market for months - over priced, obviously - and when I dropped in he was the most uninspiring chap, lugubrious in the extreme and clearly only interested in me if I was going to drop an instant offer on his desk for the top end of his list... not a hint of interest or effort from him. Ironic that he can't even sell his own place.
  2. So what happens next? How do you predict his will play out over the next 3-6 months?
  3. Thanks for the feedback SPA. Please don't be offended when I ask, why do people bother with Estate Agents when they seem unable to work in either the purchaser or vendor's interest? I know they're not all like this, and you sound like a diligent professional; however it appears difficult to see how to sort the sheep from the goats if you were looking to instruct, particularly when there seem so few with integrity about.
  4. But he's an idiot who got it wrong all the way up and will likely get it wrong all the way down too.
  5. I'm interested to know how you identified which micro-nutrients were lacking and how you judged they were responsible for the return to health... genuine interest, not snippiness
  6. That's really helpful chaps - thanks very much. I clearly need to do some leg work too.
  7. How ironic that this thread appears directly next to the one about record numbers of Germans in work. Quite apart from the green issues, one must ask: why BMWs in a British Olympics?
  8. This is one for TMT, or indeed anybody who still goes into EAs in the area... Do you see many \ any properties listed in the EAs that don't make it onto the web? I do distance-trawling using RightMove, Zoopla etc but wondered if you find anything when you go in to the agents' offices that doesn't make it to the web? Thanks
  9. Ironic response to your post considering just a little way up-thread somebody posted this: Sad that they are insecure enough about the topic to attempt to silence discussion.
  10. Completely mad. If you had £1m to spend on a house, why on earth would you buy that, there? Stunning lack of sense.
  11. Their preoccupation with our financial system is hilarious and speaks volumes.
  12. I'd like to see that writ large in the sky above Paris. The French are seemingly a disgruntled, graceless, spineless people with a propensity for surrender and a longing to be dominated by Germans. Puerile and petty, they treat the world stage like a primary school playground.
  13. £250,000 house sold for third of the price This was in Belfast, but is the kind of article that begins to swing sentiment - interesting reference to auctions too.
  14. Do you think it's the EA's car? Unbelievable that they're asking £225k for that. Even opening the blind in the Dining Room would help - a little daylight. But the whole thing looks horrible, although there is a suggestion of a garden: why would the EA not snap that too? Maybe he did a really good job considering the state of the rest of the house - maybe it's a batchelor pad that needs fumigating before new people move in.
  15. So where does our Overseas Aid bill and our World Police bill factor into this picture? :angry:
  16. Woot

    West Wales... Again

    What were the agents thinking?! Originally on market for £650K http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-20977705.html It's been dropped but it's still on at £495, for a 3 bed (yes, I know they say 4 but...) in half an acre. It's got nice views, but really - £650k-nice???
  17. But no one will say what German pensioners do when they hit retirement and then have to continue to pay rent because they don't own a home. My understanding is that German pensions are far in excess of UK contemporaries' and therefore the ongoing outgoings to pay rent are more manageable.
  18. That's what puts the fear of God into me... in the past war has been a convenient distraction from economic crisis, has slashed unemployment rates, provided training schemes for the jobless youth and given a nation a national identity once more - but at what cost?! I fear that the gov will see war as the optimum route for recovery.
  19. So much clutter and visual noise I hadn't even spotted the chap in the picture. Truly awful. Needs some significant spend just to rectify and neutralize. And what's going on in the bathroom?
  20. The trouble is, I recall very clearly people saying exactly that, just as vehemently and with just as many reasons, just before interest rates headed towards 15% in the late 80s. I'm afraid that just saying it's so doesn't make it true. And to you.
  21. Just remind me - who funds the OBR??? And, Yes, utterly nuts.
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