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  1. Go to Bloomberg.com - you don't have the same delay probs as on the bbc site.
  2. Interesting editorial from Bloomberg. Now they're starting to aportion the blame... TD
  3. Well said Pluto! And that is precisely what pi$$es me off about the UK system :angry: - the media is already bleating about the deprivation of homeowners without thought for the poor ba$tard$ who acted with fiscal integrity and didn't jump on the reckless speculation bandwagon. How about a bit of support for them now!
  4. I thought some may be interested to see this, from today's Daily Mail web site and front page. The article goes on to say... An interesting read, but will Merv listen? TD Edit: Sorry folks... someone got this article up already - I missed it! [ Moderator: Similiar Topic merged ]
  5. Just FYI, this from the BBC site. Now the debate over whether the US markets are relevant to the UK can kick off again... TD
  6. A short clip of ... with hindsight, and in light of recent threads here, it's particularly interesting.TD
  7. A short but worth while clip on . Scary historical perspective. And as Steve Turner said: "History Lesson History repeats itself. Has to. No-one listens." TD
  8. Any more news on this one? Another week on, how's it going??!
  9. There she goes... plummetting fast, oh no, hang on... we're on the way up again, and up, and up and... it's like a {()[email protected] yo-yo!
  10. Are you serious... this is a joke, right?? I don't get to see a lot of TV and don't tend to follow reality progs, so I can't tell whether you are having a laugh!! Is this a real program and, if so, when and on what channel - I've got to see it! TD
  11. Please don't shoot me down for this ~ I'm a bear, longing for a crash, looking to buy in Ireland ~ but are there other factors that could be influencing these charts and figures eg daft.ie being a relatively new site with a building clientel / daft doing a big advertising splurge last August - September / generally raised profile of Daft in the Irish press encouraging more EAs to post...? Can we necessarily assume that it represents huge increase in properties coming to the market there. (God knows I hope it does but don't want to be precipitate!) TD
  12. Some of you chaps are far more aware than I of the trolls. Could you please give a few symptoms to make troll-spotting easier for us newbies: I'd like to remain unswayed by disinformation if at all possible. Many thanks TD
  13. There is an element of universal balance here - why should those who supported an excessive lifestyle be supported in extending that lifestyle by those who never got a look in. The people who were priced out of the market during this latest boom may be able to see the point in having a house at half of today's prices and cannot be blamed for regarding those who get repossessed as reaping what they have sown. Demographically speaking, research shows that many family breakups are caused by debt and bad financial management, together with the pressures involved in trying to 'keep up with the Jones' rather than living within means. The existing debt and mismanagement are causing stress leading to breakups. (I also have to ask where you have suddenly found your bleeding heart, Margamboy!) What!? Don't you know about all those already unable to live anywhere near work - those who support society's infrastructure for the rest of us: transport workers, police, firemen, teachers, nurses etc. The majority of these people cannot afford to live anywhere near London, Reading etc and commute substantial distances in order to keep such districts running. All of us are paying the price already for the excess of those who through pure greed and avarice are attempting to live way beyond their means. I can't see you gaining much sympathy amongst those hardworking families in society who feel it is 'their turn' for a shot at a decent lifestyle. I ask - why should our entire economy be geared towards bailing out those fools who overextended themselves through greed? It sure as hell isn't what I want to work for. These two are not necessarily related - some want to see a crash to be able to afford a decent lifestyle and don't gloat in any way over others losses. Perhaps that assumption of a connection is a sad reflection of your own prejudices. TD
  14. I am so with you on this Sam. At present my family and I live in a house that comes with the job, in year 2 of a 10 year tenure... that's great except received wisdom is that in our position you shouldn't stay off the 'ladder' since you can never catch up when you come out. My partner and I sold our properties in 2001 and have been off the ladder since then. I've seen a lovely property I'd like to buy in Ireland, for the holidays and to move to after this position ends, but after following these threads and watching posts particularly about Ireland I'm afraid to buy in. Conversely I'm becoming afraid to stay out since this long-awaited crash seems so slow to arrive! What do you do?! I empathise with you, but sadly have no answers. TD
  15. That's fine ... so long as we can reciprocate! It would help resolve the NHS funding problems if we just repatriated all immigrants and visitors who fell ill. I suggest we have far more to gain than loose by this policy: perhaps we should seek EU ratification! TD
  16. I'm in Monmouthshire. Properties are sitting around for months and prices dropping before they are sold - but then this was always a hugely over-priced area. I've been tracking properties coming onto Rightmove since that thread started up in the new year and numbers do seem to be jumping, however since I wasn't tracking this last year I can't begin to speculate on whether it is seasonal. I'm interested to know what others with more experience think. As an aside, a colleague has had a well presented, well located BTL sitting empty in Cardiff for two years! Apparently there the new build provision is outstripping the rental demand. TD
  17. Can you quantify at all? Is this in local press, windows or online for example? Can you give an idea of percentage increase (roughly)? I'm in a different part of Wales and am interested in the comparison. TD
  18. RB - I know you keep an eye on these things... to what extent would you put this jump in figures down to seasonal adjustment; an acquaintance EA swears that there is always a big jump at this time of year and it correlates with the national divorce rate! New year = new start. In your opinion is there a greater jump this year than in previous years? Thanks TD
  19. Are you completely barking, or just not old enough to remember life under Maggie T?? That particular fascist regime sowed the seeds for many of our societal problems today... not for nothing was she chums with Pinochet! TD
  20. Sadly, this echos what was said of the Torys in the final months of their last term. How sad that we find ourselves in a position of tactical voting again - just trying to oust the baddies, rather than having a viable strong alternative. TD
  21. Can it be an Uncle Gordon mask, or perhaps Tony Blair? Maybe even a Maggie T mask would be apt (Anybody seen Point Break?!) TD
  22. There are so many different opinions floating around this forum, from equally eminently qualified and experienced participants, so let's sort the sheep from the goats... who's going to call it? What will Uncle Gordon do in the budget? TD
  23. I understand what you're saying - several of my family work in similar circumstances to yourself; however it is the Bankers in the family who get the bonuses for their hours, stress and dextrous juggling of other commitments, not the Teachers. I would argue the case for a little parity between hard-working professionals, particularly those who invest in the nation's future ability to support itself (ie the Teachers). Having said that I also suggest Hain is deluded, or havin' a laff: anyone paying tax is giving a significant amount to support some those on lower incomes - I don't want to get into derogatory generalizations and am well aware of many very hard working people in desperately poor situations; but I too am sick of supporting the other lazy foccers who cannot or will not get off their backsides long enough to hold a job! TD
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