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  1. Zaranna - you go girl!! I'm with you on this one all the way! Patronizing to$$er! BTW I empathise with your situation, but have no help \ useful advice because we've been completely shafted by HPI (and those behind it). It's sickening, depressing and very galling to realize you'd have been better off [email protected] your way to the top of the heap, and that hard work, intelligence and ethics stand for nothing. I'm looking at Vancouver. TD
  2. What just happened - can any of you chaps in the know explain why FTSE just dropped 40 and USD dropped more than 100? TD
  3. ... and all the trappings that they bring, starting with a roof over your head. Try saying it's only paper to your average street sleeper! Although maybe money don't buy you love
  4. It's supposedly from the Getty image bank... perhaps the BBC didn't bodge the job, but were too unobservant to spot the flaw.
  5. So did the use of computers, the availability of games consoles, the use of Prozac, the decline of CND, the abolition of food colouring in Smarties, the identification of ADHD in school kids... etc. Perhaps you could support your statement with a morsel of rigorous evidence to demonstrate that the ills of society are the responsibility of those parents who choose to support themselves and their children without leeching off the state. :angry: My (rather fab!) children all went into childcare, part time, from an early age - they are now growing into productive, talented, caring individuals of whom I am very proud. We have a closely knit family and their early experience of nursery helped them to become, if anything, more socially adept individuals. We have a close family bond and they were at no stage 'abandoned'. Instead, they are growing up with positive parental role models of hard-working, professional people who do their damndest to balance life and work, who work to provide a quality family life, and do so with independence and self-respect. Rant over!
  6. 34,102 Yay - broke the 34k mark
  7. Utterly barking. Most teachers can't wait for some of these troglodytes to leave the system every year - it serve's noone to keep them at school. Even if you do enforce attendance, you can't make a person learn. :angry:
  8. Yes, but what can we do about it?! Who can we vote for that will listen and act? I'm sick of bleating and want to see some change - for my kids' sake if not my own. Islamic fundamentalists are on record as wanting Britain to turn Islamic, to see sharia law in place; migrants from every EC country and beyond want a slice of UK pie, and yet we don't seem to have a mechanism to be heard above all these who have more political brownie points than us nationals. It makes me sick and sad... and I want to see some change, but how?
  9. Surely the administrators - not the clinicians. There's a hiring freeze on clinical staff, but the admin posts are increasing: they need to to handle the fallout from the lack of clinical staff!
  10. ROFLMAO (BUMP: for entertainment purposes only)
  11. Anyone with experience in the industry know why they are building more when the bottom's falling out of the US market? Or is the bottom-falling just regional? TD
  12. Get your bucket ready... I think that's a foregone conclusion!
  13. So guys... any last minute predictions - or retractions?!
  14. You are so right! I knew a guy who bought a flat (yuppie commuter pad a train hop from London) in 1988 for 45K. In 1990 it was valued at 19K. He and his partner were so sunk in negative equity they had to stay there for another eight years (and three kids) before they could afford to sell and move! TD
  15. That sounds like a grrrrreat idea Margamboy!!! Just what I'd like to do; you couldn't recommend a good estate agent \ mortgage broker could you? TD
  16. Sorry - I know this should be exciting, but after years of 'house prices doubled again!' type headlines, it's going to take more than a meagre 4.5K to light my fire. Maybe four months of this with significant increases in the drop... Is this good or bad news for a HPC? Do we want supply to dry up so prices drop to shift property, or do we want to see the market flooded as people try to unload??!! Actually all I want is a bit of certainty, and sadly that never appears until after the event! TD
  17. Thanks Grey Shark - kind thoughts. To be honest, I'd anticipated a bit of bull-heckle from some! It's interesting though to see how long a crash has been forecast: we've been hanging on this for 6 years - hopefully that just means that when it comes (as it logically, historically and economically must) it will be a biggie like 87 and really redress the balance in one swoop. TD
  18. We sold out of the market to move with work in 2001. A house comes with the job but we were going to buy a holiday bolt-hole so as to stay 'on the ladder'. We chose not to 'invest' in BTL since when we moved in together I let my property out and got royally shafted by the 'managing agents' who went bust, taking all the deposits, rent etc, then set up again under a slightly different name, but identical address and letter head, a couple of months later. We never did buy. Every month we look at the prices and think it would be desperate to buy at the top of the market and watch it all crumble before our eyes. (We both had properties in the 1987 and 1990s crashes and, although we didn't get burnt, have seen too many other people lose everything in negative equity etc). However there is a bit of me that really wants to buy and deeply regrets my (perceived) losses of building equity over the past 6 years. Having said that, knowing my luck, the very fact of my buying back onto this mythical ladder would be enough to precipitate another crash! All I know for sure is that everyone is blessed with 20/20 hindsight! TD
  19. This is completely fab, what an excellent resource, just what I've been looking for! Thank you.
  20. No they won't - not a hope - that's the point. And Barclays won't be the only ones going after them... (BTW why so hostile to RB / OP? Seemed a rather disproportionately large amount of venom?)
  21. Ditto, Sam. I was about to respond to that post saying I've never seen any signs of censorship! Then it just disappeared... [Moderator; Not deleted, merely moved to the correct forum] Thanks Mod...
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