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  1. Impressive post - makes interesting reading. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. TD
  2. The "truth" in comments like "Yes, and women want the biggest dick they can get. Dicks in demand means more babies, or survival of the fittest"?? I sincerely hope that you will be hard pressed to find people on this board who are ill-informed and bigotted enough to recognise the "truth" in that kind of comment. I pity the women in your neanderthal life. TD BTW didn't you do Biology in school - size doesn't matter as, no doubt, you've been told before!
  3. and equally obvious that your research is all done through Climax 3 and National Inquirer. Why don't you stop now, you're making a tw*t of yourself. TD
  4. Utter Bullsh*t! A western perspective toward women... "A woman is like a tea bag- you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water. Eleanor Roosevelt US diplomat & reformer (1884 - 1962)" An eastern perspective toward women... 'marrying a woman is like buying a horse: I can ride you and beat you whenever I like'." "A woman is like a private part. When she goes out the devil casts a glance at her" Al-Hadis, trans. Al-Haj Maulana Fazlul Karim, vol. 2, p. 692, from Mishkat al-Masabih, by Waliuddin Abu Abdullah Mahmud Tabrizi. Here the devil stands for other muslims who are ready to jump on any women esp in the desert Arab nations where the Islam has come up. I can only assume you are not a woman and that you know no women, or perhaps don't listen to them. Women, like men, develop opinions as a direct result of their experience. Many British women have a healthy dislike of non-western attitudes toward women due to a keen sense of self-preservation. You sound like that old cliche - you keep your brains in your lunchbox! TD
  5. And chemical castration, obviously. BTW We lived in Bedford, but moved away when our children reached school age. We discovered that in our local school 97% of children spoke English as a second language. How can this possibly allow indigenous children to be educated properly? Also, the school's Parents' Handbook advised that "shopping is not a good reason for missing school" and "if your child wears glasses they should bring them to school". OMG! I enjoyed the diversity; I don't believe anyone fleeing from harm - eg those genuinely seeking political asylum - should be turned away; but we have got to draw a line in the sand at some point. As I've mentioned before on this board, it is the stated aim of Islamic extremists to turn UK to Islam and introduce Sharia law - so sad that we do not feel as strongly about impressing our cultural standards on those joining (invading?) us. TD
  6. The rest of the article makes intersting reading. They cut Greenspan no slack. Well, it made me smile... TD
  7. Quote from article on everyinvestor.co.uk. Isn't it RB who always says look for commercial property to slow first? Interesting note too on yields in commercial lettings. TD
  8. You want to try living in Wales - everything has to be produced in dual-language even though 60% of the population don't speak Welsh and 100% DO speak English. It is so expensive that many small businesses and charities cannot afford to operate here - for example the Childrens' Society had to pull out! Pointless, immoral, waste of money and all because some bearded leftie short-blokes shouted louder! PC bull$h1t!! I'm all in favour of learning a foreign language, but at least learn one that isn't totally pointless! TD
  9. OMG - it's Little Britain all over again - for Gordon read Sebastian
  10. Forget about the secondary conspiracy theories: the DNS issue is extremely serious - for the entire global community. America's proprietorial attitude toward the Internet is something that many dismiss or overlook because it all seems too technical, however it is another piece in the whole information ownership puzzle - they apparently want access to all and any information published. This has been demonstrated through their relatively recent legislation regarding information security, privacy and encryption keys, whereby they attempt to breach the confidentiality of any information accessed in the US by making all encryption keys available to the Gov and their agencies. Ownership of information is a real problem affecting all of us... ownership and \or control of the Internet should NOT rest with one country. Ownership and control of the Internet's governing bodies should not rest with one country - for all our sakes. (However, I've no idea what this has to do with UK houseprices?! ) TD
  11. Here are two - first from the London Stock Exchange site, and secondly from the Telegraph who say 'The Daily Telegraph/Lombard Street Research Housing Affordability Index has shown that house prices are rapidly outpacing wage increases'. Hope this helps... TD
  12. Outrageous, megalomaniacal ba$£ards!! BTW the WWW was a European invention - not US - so they aren't even attempting to control a product of their own design and making. It's Micr0$0ft and Apple all over again, but on a global scale and affecting the privacy and rights of every person on the planet! :angry: They just can't help themselves - every move they make is almost calculated to alienate the rest of the world! TD
  13. Hey - do you think, if the SNP get full devolution, we could give him back?!
  14. Will the US Property Crash Affect Our Housing Market? from lettingnews.comNo too severe for whom, Merv? And what if property prices fell by a large amount, Merv? I find it astounding and appalling that these people (Merv, Gordon, etc) have a total disregard for the little people in all this. No empathy - no compassion - no integrity - and hopefully, soon, no job. :angry: TD
  15. And this is from the site that describes itself as 'Official site of the Landlord Association'. Could it help trigger the BTL stampede for the exits...? Here's hoping TD
  16. And how very sophisticated of you to share that with us. Not at all gauche. As always, breeding shows.
  17. At least it looks as though he will never be PM. Surely noone will vote Labour in again...! Oh, for a viable alternative though!
  18. This is a useful thread re the state of the housing market in Ireland - of interest to those of us following the housing market in Ireland. Perhaps you could start your own thread in the off topic forum and leave the rest of this thread to those interested in the OP theme? TD
  19. 35,714 - and it's only Saturday morning: forget next Friday, you could see 36K by Monday close.
  20. What impact would half a million additional homes make on our national 'accute housing shortate'?! TD
  21. Actually, "gay " basically means happy, carefree, whatever.
  22. That's greater than Singapore's GDP... Ethically, the US appear seriously screwed: Bush's degree of self-delusion is seriously disturbing. TD
  23. Dr B - in your opinion, and just speculating of course, over what timeframe will this play out...? TD
  24. This makes interesting reading. The early reports showed a very small number of large drops that could have been anomalous. This time there are a higher proportion of large drops (20% - 35%). It'll be interesting to watch how this progresses. TD
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