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  1. That's what they're praying for.
  2. An absolute disgrace. It really is down to who you know, rather than aptitude, vocation or qualification. But if he turns up to that job as often as he turns up on behalf of his constituents, the UN has nothing to worry about.
  3. That's excellent news for the kids. I'm seeing an increasing number who are finally asking why they should rack up a debt the size of a small mortgage, while gaining a qualification that won't necessarily make them any more employable. Interesting to see an increasing number of major firms introducing a school-leaver entry program to get kids straight into their workforce, gaining training and qualification through the company and being paid as they go making them better off and more employable (in some fields) on leaving. Many employers complain that some university courses do not equip the students well enough for work. Hopefully we will increasingly see opportunities in positions akin to apprenticeships available for young people who would be better served by that route. Hopefully too we will see the death of the politically-motivated drive to get a vast number of kids into university, doing relatively non-academic courses, and leaving with debt and un-enhanced prospects. University is not the be all and end all and is not right for many people who will gain a better grounding in a work environment - for many shoe-horned into mickey mouse courses by the last government, it was simply a panacea for the politically correct and a way to manage unemployment figures. Far better to target training at the needs of those doing it and the markets they will work in, rather than political agendas.
  4. But it all just leaves me with a sense of deep depression - who will the billions or trillions of reparation funds go to? Not to the little people surely? It'll just be another long round of those with snouts in the trough doing very well and the rest being screwed further down. The people to do the best out of all this will inevitably be the lawyers - for both sides.
  5. Hypothetically you are absolutely right, however here in rural Wales, the politicians still refuse to listen to the electorate and act according to their own limited agenda regardless of the constituents' needs - the Welsh Assembly Government are no different in this, and in some ways are worse than many because they have such a passion for their own brand of political correctness (largely nationalistic).
  6. Ed Balls disgraces himself on a daily basis. It would be nice to see some follow through with incisive consequences for his appallingly self-serving actions.
  7. Yes we knew it and we said it, but are we actually, fundamentally any better off for having known it? They are still far better off than the vast majority here, have made hay for the past 15 years and have not been the ones who had to put life decisions on hold; despite a little pubic angst now (which will blow over in a very short time), they are still not in the disadvantaged position of the majority and they will not become so. It may be nice to be able to say ' I told you so' but it really doesn't materially change anything. And I want change that will redress the balance for my family now - I want to be compensated and have everything put on track as it should be. There is no justice and we cannot turn back time or regain an opportunity that we missed out on a decade past.
  8. Dammit - you really got my hopes up, made my heart sing and brought a smile to my face...
  9. Woot

    Baroness Uddin

    This is, to me, the single most compelling argument for disbanding the House of Lords. Prior to this, and the serious misjudgment in allowing Uddin to retain any title, let alone a seat, I was open to the benefits of the House but this has utterly undermined any credibility or integrity that they may have had. Theft \ deception \ fraud on the scale of Uddin's deserves jail, not a seat in the unelected house. They will reap what they sow.
  10. Heard a chap on the news arguing the iniquity of Cameron's proposals. He was decrying the idea that u25s in social housing may have to move back in with parents, also in social housing, thereby depriving them of their spare bedroom!!! Again I'm appalled that those in social housing, paid for by those who are working who may well be u25, are expecting to have spare bedrooms too - that is beyond the expectations of many who work and pay for their own family's housing. It is also a long way from a 'safety net'.
  11. She really is clueless, out of touch with reality for the majority, and perfectly vile in her generalized tirades. The reality for many stay-at-home mothers is that they raise well nurtured, secure individuals who have had sound parental investment in their development. For those families who cannot afford nannies, sometimes returning to work is simply not a viable option. I do work full time, but I cannot in truth say that it has always been the best option for my children and I know that for some families it is far harder. Cherie Blair should keep quiet when she speaks with neither relevant experience, nor well informed views.
  12. I've sent mine off, voting against the Remuneration etc, and selectively against the majority of the directors, with a few exceptions. Any director who would vote for themselves to have this scale of remuneration, while returns for savers are so miniscule, should not hold office in a Mutual.
  13. Do we have any info on the directors and whether we have grounds for voting for or against?
  14. No. It's time it behaved like a mutual again.
  15. Embarrassingly poor level of discussion and debate - really painful; and applause at the most inane comments. And shocking chairing... a couple of points where he apparently couldn't understand the audience speaker's accent, so just ignored their contribution and moved on. Absolutely dire... makes Sixth Form debating look smooth.
  16. It's in a nice little town\village with wide high street and stone cotswoldy frontage, lots of antique shops and niche boutiques, with good links to London and good schools in easy reach. Having said that the house looked, internally, like a rather seedy pub. Needs significant cosmetic work at the very least. And 800k is quite laughable.
  17. I think this has to be the most asinine, ill-informed, ill-thought out post I've ever read on this forum. Bizarre.
  18. Property Snake is increasingly reassuring on London prices in any post code. EG SW1, NW1, W14. Interesting too to see how many have been on the market for a year or more. All good. What effect will this have on the HAs funding for tenants, rental prices, yields and then the market again?
  19. ...and their estimate of current value: Zoopla Estimate £609,619 Value change £26,341 (4.5%) Rental value £3,873 pcm As suspected - a complete chancer trying his luck.
  20. Makes you think the original asking price was just a chancer having a go. Prize-winning EA bullsh!t of epic comedic proportions too ...
  21. Such a loathsome, lying, incompetent sack of sh!t, I can't watch him on television any more - I have to turn off. He is forever linked to Gordon Brown and the utter, mindless wanton economic and political stupidity that sold us all down the river for the sake of their personal ambition. And he clearly believes he can con the entire nation a second time - and his wife is just as bad. While people like that, from the old Labour guard who were complicit in the boom and the bust, are still part of the Labour party and are still allowed to hold sway, the party remains untrustworthy, unacceptable and unelectable.
  22. Yes - and interesting that you should ask this just now. I have three sets of friends, all professionals in mid-forties, all talking of investing in property as they have a little slack and want something rock solid for the future. One has already bought a place BTL, another is about to buy a flat in university town and the third and looking for a holiday cottage. I don't know what to make of it.
  23. And can anyone offer us a viable alternative in the voting booth? I was throwing stuff at the TV the other evening as Labour swung into yet another session of criticizing the sitting government without offering a single real, viable alternative policy of their own. This is FPTP at its very worst with the three major parties demonstrably useless, self-interested troughers, and the alternatives being in many ways an unelectable joke.
  24. And the elephant in the room remains Immigration. Why, when we can't support our existing population or provide them with jobs and homes, do we keep our doors flung wide to the world?
  25. Agree entirely. I'm not of the boomer age, but am appalled by the amount of inaccurate and naive tosh spouted by some in order to fling blame at boomers. There is no understanding of people making the best choice according to the information they have available at the time, nor of the fallacy and harm of making judgments based on sweeping and inaccurate generalizations simply to lash out and apportion blame. If blame is to be laid, at least get the right target. I see people of the boomer gen who are asset poor and cash poor - who have had to support children far into adulthood; I see some working into their advanced years because their pension funds collapsed or were robbed. Many were of the generation who paid their way rather than taking hand outs, who saved before buying things rather than racking up debt, who denied themselves 'luxuries' that we consider the norm in order to save first and who paid into NI etc for their entire adult lives without making claims until retirement. This is the generation who generally paid first and didn't rack up insurmountable debt, and if they did have debt they paid it off rather than offloading to others via bankruptcy or an IVA. Many of these grew up in a climate where debt = shame and it was imperative to take responsibility for one's money because bail-outs didn't happen. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and it is easy for people now to throw stones at those who made choices in past years without the benefit of information we have today. I heard an abhorrent and naive rant on Radio2 yesterday, blaming boomers for destroying the ecology, using all our resources and calling on them to subsidize the young. The ranter was calling for unlimited QE to bail out the young, and screw the 'older' savers. Clearly the man had no idea of the wider effects of QE on our economy, nor of the context of the boomer gen, or any clue about taking responsibility for his own position: we all inherit some kind of situation and have to make the best of it, not just bleat for hand outs. Whilst I'm sure decisions were made in the 70s and 80s that would be handled differently with the facts (eg regarding environment, immigration, planning) available today, nonetheless I am equally sure that the majority of people of that generation were making the best decisions they could on the information available to them at the time; at no point did they say 'I'm going to live life to the full now and stuff the next generations!'. I am priced out and angry, but I am grown up enough to realize that sometimes sh!t happens and it's not always somebody else's fault. When it is somebody else's fault, let's at least try to blame the right people - hit the politicos where it hurts and don't allow them to divide and rule. And BTW, regarding voting in Maggie or Tony or whomever - again the voters of the time made the best of a poor choice: Tony was voted in to kick the Tories out, Maggie was voted in to kick her predecessor out... it is the fundamental flaw in our political system and should be addressed as such, not as another excuse to scapegoat a generation. Further, those who voted for Labour did so according to a manifesto that - let's not forget - did little to represent Labour's actions when in government: again look at their record on immigration and what we now know was a clear but covert policy on social engineering - does anyone really think boomers voted for that? Direct your ire at the right target, and open your eyes to the true situation for vast numbers of that generation... don't get drawn in to the mindless stone throwing of those who's agenda is served by social fragmentation. Perspective is a wonderful thing.
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