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  1. Dump the GF - sounds like she comes with waaaay too much baggage! Or, remind yourself you're going out with her, not her entire family (eewww - not a nice thought!).
  2. An now 38,095 Matches... ... we've been watching daft.ie with some glee, but can somebody just fully explain whether it is really more exciting to see numbers escalating, or numbers dropping - a few uber-bears and bulls do seem equally overjoyed by the number of properties in an area increasing and decreasing (supposedly either because people are rushing for the exits, or because they cannot afford to move! or because the market is still going up, depending on your stance). However I'd rather see a logical argument than watch uber-bears and bulls playing at semantics. TD
  3. Actually, that's a squirrel (oooh, look out, Tufty's gonna get you!)...
  4. And whose fault is that...! Unbelievable!! :angry: Talk about stating the bleeding obvious! TD
  5. 3% - it sucks: maybe I should give them a 3% increase in effort (adjusted for inflation) TD
  6. Total # Drops Detected 773 Time Period 2 weeks Total Value of Drops 22,075,102 The latest report is out. There are some significant drops, 25% to 40%, seeming to suggest that some people are bolting for the exits. Whilst this shows drops in asking not sale price, this would seem to reflect a sea-change in sentiment - apparently property may not always go up! TD
  7. How about this Chancellor: in comparison with our current Chancellor this guy has wit, charm, and concern for others in spades - and he's good at maths! He gets my vote TD
  8. Since property prices only ever go up, and since they're going up in excess of 10%pa, Steve will very soon be quids in and the 125% mortgage will be the thing that enabled him to become a property magnate like every other... because property prices do only go up, you know. TD
  9. No but, we don't have sub-prime here... not at all like the US... bleat, bleat... Now, place hands over ears and repeat after me: "I'm not listening, I'm not listening, I'm not listening" TD
  10. If Miliband has any sense at all he'll keep his head down just now - whomever leads Labour next is going to be another William Hague: poor sod will just end up carrying the can for his party's mistakes over the past decade and completely screw their future political chances in the process. IMHO TD
  11. It only makes perfect sense if the outgoings of one earning 50K are the same as those of one earning 25K. This is, in practice, rarely the case since people will generally live a lifestyle commensurate with their earnings. Therefore the person earning 50K (or indeed 70K which was the example figure used by the VI in the program) will generally tend to have more extended outgoings perhaps living in a more costly house and area (higher council tax), running a more powerful car (higher tax and insurance bands), sending kids to private schools (fees, uniforms and extensive extras), entertaining more lavishly, servicing more expensive hobbies and taking more luxurious holidays. Many would indeed believe that that is the point in taking 70K job as opposed to a 25K job. TD
  12. I have no problem with a Scot as PM (think Adam Smith, Alexander Fleming etc: there are some damn fine Scots!) - it's just this particular Scot... What truly frightens me is that he will want to seize the few months he has until the next GE to 'make his mark'. The thought of him shunting through hasty but monumental and long-lasting policy changes so he can 'go down in history' is utterly terrifying. I am also outraged that this charlatan can become PM by default - without a vote. Yes I know the party were voted in, not the individual - but in fact that is never wholly the case is it. I watched this guy perform in the House the other evening when the Tory vote of no confidence in the Pensions business was going through - his smug arrogance was utterly sickening: the very idea that Brown knows what is best for me and you is astoundingly offensive. TD
  13. I know, bloody galling ... but at least the truth is edging towards mainstream media now - there is hope that the cat will, finally, be out of the bag. TD
  14. Surely, for some of them, it's too late already? Those chickens are coming home to roost, whether the MLs like it or not. TD
  15. Really well done FP ! You came across as calm, lucid, well informed and objective - and a generally nice bloke! You countered each of his points with rational argument. How sad that he is still trotting out the tired old lines. He really believes that a crash won't happen because the BoE will manage the interst rates - and you countered that one particularly well. Well done again! [small round of applause] TD
  16. Really well done FP ! You came across as calm, lucid, well informed and objective - and a generally nice bloke! You countered each of his points with rational argument. How sad that he is still trotting out the tired old lines. He really believes that a crash won't happen because the BoE will manage the interst rates - and you countered that one particularly well. Well done again! [small round of applause] TD
  17. http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article795.html Have a look at this article - the clearest and most concise analysis of the current financial and property situation I've read. And, yes, it's based on the US markets, but for very sensible reasons it's posted on a UK site! Spot the parallels with Brown? The pressures on the US market are arguably magnified here by less development space, proportionally larger immigration numbers, etc. There are lots more useful facts and figures, esp in answer to those who ask for concise responses to arguments... TD
  18. Now then, if they're prepared to dub us 'pessimists' wouldn't it be only fair to name the big lenders 'VIs'?! It does seem that the site is being stalked by the Guardian though... TD
  19. A question for all renters on the board - esp those who have STR'd: Could you afford a 25% hike in your rent? What would you do if your LL suggested this? And a question for everyone: what would such a hike in rents to to the market generally? BTW where are these particularly bullish rental areas - are said areas really big enough to change the face of the rental market? I think not, however no doubt someone else can educate me! TD
  20. There's been some discussion over whether the US crash/correction is limited to Ca and Fl - it looks as though it is spreading considerably more widely and to areas previously thought less vulnerable. Also, foreclosure rescue packages have been criticised for bailing out delinquent mortgagees at the expense of other taxpayers. However, it looks as though the ML vultures are circling this carcass too... Of course, there are those who believe the US market has nothing to say to the UK because the two are totally unrelated . Let's just see... give it 6 months. TD
  21. Obviously no-one (unless you're on a trust fund!). However, you forget that the world is made of Tiggers, Owls and Eeyores. The Tiggers don't think about tomorrow and will happily take on a 10x mortgage since they're eternal optimists. I suspect the majority of this forum are Eeyores - live in a sad little stick-houses 'cos life's probably going to go wrong. Speaking as an archetypal little ray of sunshine: "Always expect the worst and you'll never be disappointed". TD
  22. WTF?! Prices can go up as well as down. Lenders can go solvent as well as bust?! Do you think they spoke too soon, or was it just a typo?
  23. There is a significant supply of properties standing empty. They have been bought by 'investors' who cannot, or do not wish to, rent them out. When they become a negative investment (ie loss maker) those who cannot sit it out over the long term will try to liquidate their investment. Therefore it is likely that more of these properties will return to the market. In that environment you will not have many people trying to buy each property. Personally I believe that turning a home into an investment (allowing it to stand empty as a cash accumulator) is an iniquitous practice when there are many people who require a roof over their head, and so I shall be happy to see the balance redressed. TD
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