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  1. I too have asked this question - I'd like to know why Cameron and his cronies haven't opened the question of the nation's debt - surely it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to play that one again Nu-Lab? Any thoughts? TD
  2. Excellent post - well said! Thank you. TD
  3. Mark - teaching children is different from building products: chihldren are independent, thinking, opinionated people who will choose their own path - if they fall apart 'within ten minutes of the customers opening the box' there are other quality control factors to investigate on their own personal production line eg parent(s), family circumstances, extra-curricular activities (legal and otherwise), criminal record, dependence on substances, genetics, medical conditions etc. Ever heard the phrase 'i blame the parents?' - well, teachers can't claim sole responsibility for the 'product' failure either! You really don't know very much about this topic at all, do you? Yobs are not peculiar to the state system and, arguably, a well-spoken yob with pots of money and Daddy's lawyer backing them up is just as professionally damaging as the state-school counterpart. Also, in independent sector staff work substantially longer hours since the schools have not opted into the Workload Agreement, still offer sports, CCF, and a multitude of other activities to produce well-rounded, socially mobile adults. The money is pegged a couple of percentage points above the state sector which, if broken down on a hourly basis, means that teachers are frequently paid less in the independent sector. However, there is less chance of being beaten up, raped, assaulted, sworn and spat at and generally treated in a way that would be completely unacceptable in any other environment (except perhaps a hospital!). If you are going to use generalizations like this, perhaps you should do some research and back your allegation with figures demonstrating that 'the majority' are failing. Oh really - so what's Gordon Brown's excuse? Not to mention a vast raft of others to whom this further huge and inaccurate generalizaton doesn't apply. Again, you make a huge and sweeping generalization that is an insult to many extremely professional, diligent, talented and extremely hard-working individuals. Actually it is a source of great frustration to many in schools that it is so hard to get rid of the minority who don't pull their weight, however the majority are committed to the well-being and personal development of students - far more so in many cases than the kids' own parents. Teaching is not something you choose as an easy option - this is amply demonstrated by the large numbers who complete their training but don't make it past Year 2 as a teacher! Perhaps, before making these wholesale (and inaccurate) statements you might investigate more thoroughly: the majority of teachers I know are people who did as many or more years training than a lawyer, accountant, broker and are in many cases brighter, but chose to go into teaching because they wanted to do something positive for kids and our society - sadly all too many have become disillusioned. TD
  4. Undertakers! PI Lawyers! (scumbags!) Politicians (Booo!) TD
  5. Can you quantify that on, say, a £150k mortgage? Realistically, how painful will it be? We talk about hikes breaking people's finances, however what is the hit, really... can it, for example, be accommodated by cutting back on chav-mags and lippy or are we talking arms and legs??
  6. The most appalling woman - the mother who signed off paedophiles working with children - is a total liability and should not be in charge of a shopping trolley, let alone a government brief!!! (Allegedly!) Lunatic female who gives the rest of the gender a bad name and has me spitting nails :angry: TD
  7. I was speaking with a woman yesterday who is emigrating to the Dominican Republic. She sought financial advice from her bank, suggesting selling her house in the UK and buying a place in the DR with the proceeds. They advised her instead to MEW the equity out of her UK home, let it out, and buy a place in the DR with the mew'ed equity. That was the bank's own financial adviser's suggestion!! The advice was given on Wednesday of this week - do they live in a vacuum?! TD
  8. I can read a map, drive a bus and my kids refer to "Mummy's drill" for DIY, (all while coding Java apps, making chocolate cakes and juggling plates!) It's a 'girl thing'! TD
  9. Isn't there some precedent for this though in the Endowment policy law suits...? I agree entirely that to bail out the overextended can only distort the market and cause an even more inequitably bubble, but there are parallels with the mis-selling of Endowments aren't there... could it happen over the more exotic mortgages too? TD
  10. Actually, they've probably MEW'ed the equity!! TD
  11. Thanks Landagen - what a measured and sensible response. I agree that it is difficult to know where to draw such lines, and that vulnerable people who bought sensibly are in an invidious position. I like the idea of taxing the banks' profits - although no doubt they would attempt to pass their costs on to the customers again. However, I also feel for the many who say they cannot even have children because they can't afford to, and for those who despair of ever owning their own home because they can't afford to. It seems that they are being penalized for behaving in a responsible manner while some who haven't are being pitied for a more obvious and headline-grabbing situation. I suspect that there are losers on both sides and my feelings are certainly biased by some whom I know who have bought lately, crowed around the water-cooler over those who felt they could not, and will be the first to seek support if it were to be made available... and just don't get me started on BTLers! I work in a sector that would be hard-hit by recession, yet would still like to see a return to normality (or something nearer the trend line), for the sake of the current and future priced-out families. TD
  12. It has been suggested, in the press and indeed on this forum by Landagen, that those who have bought properties in the recent boom and struggle to meet their mortgage payments should receive financial support from the Government to avoid repossession. Others suggest that this makes a mockery of those who acted with fiscal responsiblity accepting that they were priced out and refusing to take on 125%, self cert, 6X, and IO mortgages, and further perpetuates a bubble by disallowing a natural correction. They also ask where this money should come from and could such money be better spent elsewhere, eg in supporting those affected by the pensions debacle. What do you think? TD
  13. I ask again, Landagen, "Is that 'responsible' single home owners with 6x mortgages, or with IO mortgates, or 125% mortgages...? And who exactly is expected to fund the 'government aid' you refer to?" You speak of hardworking, honest families but it is frequently truly hardworking and honest families who have been unable to afford a home under the current 'boom' regime; it would seem unequitable in the extreme if these same priced out people are expected to bail out those who gained a foot on the ladder through self-cert, 6X, IO, 125%+ mortgages. You speak of hardworking and honest families who have bought recently - many of them have bought in under these dubious funding mechanisms which has forced the market up out of reach of those truly responsible people who saw that they couldn't responsibly fund their mortgage and resigned themselves to being priced out. A third question for you - have you bought property in the past 5 years? I can only suspect you have a VI in expecting the gov't to bail recent buyers out. Perhaps the gov't could consider supporting those who bought at 3X salary if they are in trouble; but maybe that money should be used to reimburse devastated pension funds, or other people who got the sh1tty end of the stick through no fault of their own rather than through greed and opportunism. TD
  14. Why? Is that responsible single home owners with 6x mortgages, or with IO mortgates, or 125% mortgages...? And who exactly is expected to fund the 'government aid' you refer to? Yep - the poor, hardworking, truly responsible bu88ers who have been totally priced out by those recent buyers who have forced the market up getting onto the ladder at any cost! I will certainly NOT be voting for any party that opts for that alternative. :angry: [edit to add:] However, according to your logic, maybe we should all buy right now cos, hell, if the gov't were to bail mortgage defaulters out we can't lose! TD
  15. Indeed RB; and thank God it's now going mainstream - the sentiment is (IMVHO) the main factor in all this: as soon as the majority believe the tide has turned the whole process will gather momentum very quickly. Interesting that the financial institutions have cottoned on (see the Credit Tightening thread) and now the media are leaning that way too - I'm interested to see what, and when, the tipping point will be, but sincerely hope it won't be long coming. TD
  16. Hi Harry Good advice - I love Germany, particularly in the South. However, a question for you. I realise that predominantly people in Germany rent rather than buy - but does that continue into retirement...? Here the main aim is to have paid off your mortgage by the time you retire and have no need to pay for a roof over your head; that's becoming even more pressing - since the Gov't have screwed the pension system so many people are facing a spartan retirement. Do Germans expect to cover their 600euros monthly from pension, or do they tend to buy as they approach retirement? TD
  17. So we are looking at an increase of 60,000 stock in two months (since 28 Feb)! Or put another way, the daft.ie stock has tripled in two months! Interesting times. Doesn't look like a property shortage to me. TD
  18. Thanks for spending the time on doing this... now are you able to extrapolate, based on the historical data, and give us a predictive curve? TD
  19. Doesn't Helen Adams post on here periodically? TD
  20. I'm utterly appalled - this is reckless encouragement of the ill-informed at a time when even so many are pointing to the impending 'correction'. How can this woman sleep at night?! TD
  21. Good article - she make our uber-bears look optimistic! Maybe she too 'lives on HPC' TD
  22. I don't think it's about being fair - traditionally Wales has had some of the nation's worst poverty and health blackspots with a seeming correlation between the two (especially in former mining communities). I believe the idea is that if you support people in addressing health concerns when they are still relatively minor, it can avert having to fund dealing with accute illness that has been allowed to develop untreated over a long period (not to mention the loss of work-days and financial support for that). There is a rationale behind it, although in Wales it hasn't been a universally applauded decision - many argue that the money could be better spent elsewhere. TD
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