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  1. For some, undoubtedly. But for others - those who have been priced out for years, those who have had to choose between having a house and having a family, those who had to choose to work rather than raise children, those who had to do massive commutes to work because they couldn't afford to live within a 50 mile radius of their job, and those who have been deprived of the basic dignity of being able to secure a home of their own - it may become 'their turn'. Perhaps it has been kept below the media parapet, but there has already been a lot of pain for a great many; some would argue a redressing of the balance is just. TD
  2. From 'Irrational Exuberance' Robert J Schiller, 2006. "Two gains in recent decades were followed by a return to levels consistent since the late 1950s." Somebody remind me why this won't happen again? And indeed why an 83% increase in prices over 10 years is sustainable? TD
  3. Depends where you look - BBC is always massively behind: says -76 just now, CNN says -2, marketwatch.com cites+16.17 on close... Give those that don't stream a little while to catch up...
  4. Good link - thanks. What is the longer term effect of this repeated bailing out though...? What was it this time - another 5 bln?
  5. Did you spot their other notable quote "This market's going down like free beer..."
  6. This is desperate - I should be working but I can't take my eyes off the DOW: it's like watching a car crash in slow-mo... is it going to bomb in the last 10 mins like the FTSE did today? TD
  7. This one from MarketWatch.com Well, it made me smile. TD
  8. Sky news have just referred to it as the "Global stockmarket crash". There. Somebody said it. They just made it real!
  9. Sorry D23 if I missed your irony, but isn't that what Bloomberg, Reuters and yahoo financials are for...? Do we really need another thread (and please mods, don't pin anything else - it's hell on a pda!!) TD
  10. Hence my question to RB (who has a particular interest in the US)... many have predicted how quickly we follow the U - I've heard 6 months, 12, 18 etc - I wonder now what people think the lag time is and how quickly they belive things will start to tumble here.
  11. OK, I know this is Florida, but it's interesting to see how a booming area can bomb in a couple of years... this should at least sound a warning to those who believe the market cannot fall significantly. TD
  12. In my area the listings have dropped from 11 pages to 5 properties! Such a shame to see a truly useful site shafted by the VIs! Did they really not understand that it provided them with a click-through service for potential buyers too? TD
  13. You and me both Charliemouse - I was a student then and it was my very first big demo! Happy days
  14. But that can't be right, can it, cos as we all know (repeat mantra after me...) 'there is a housing shortage'!
  15. Sentiment - it's all about sentiment. And knowing what their readers want to read! However, on Friday the BBC mentioned 'sub-prime', 'crash' and 'leading to recession' all in the same paragraph: the first time I'd heard it. Maybe eyes are opening now... TD
  16. What make you say this, Charliemouse? I'd like to understand your logic - prior to overseas workers coming here nurses and teachers weren't paid well (It's vocational, not professional, you know...) so why will that change when the money supplied dry up even further... surely the Gov will just try to shore up the current diabolically bad system with more powers given to less qualified teaching assistants? TD
  17. Several people, have asked whether the turning market will produce real falls, whether prices will really fall, whether people will really stop buying. This article is worth reading since it illustrates that scenario playing out over the past 12 months in the US. All this in 12 months, and in many ways it is a reiteration of what happened here in GC1... is has happened before and, although it seems unbelievable to some, it has begun to happen here again. TD
  18. So Property Guru - is Masked Guru your alter ego then? You didn't make your bucks in property at all, did you?!
  19. Although not in the resauranteur sense - the non-essential entertainment bracket will feel the pinch very early on. Other essentials though will include doctors, nurses, teachers in the public, although not private, sectors. Bin men (refuse collection engineer or whatever they are termed these days) should in any civilized society be considered essential, but look at all the LAs trying to cut down to fortnightly collections...
  20. Hi Gruffydd Good post - thanks for the link. I'm interested to hear what's happening in your neck of the woods: I heard a couple of reports last week of the Ireland effect being felt in West Wales. Here in the South things are much slower on the property front and indeed there is lots of activity on PropertySnake, but how is it in your region? TD
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