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  1. Good find Frank. A little ray of sunshine on a Monday morning. Thanks D
  2. That is absolutely hilarious... And it isn't even just an en suite, it is 'the bathroom'. Who could possibly have thought that was a good idea? Could they not afford a little plaster board? What an extraordinary place.
  3. West, South West and South East. But not Swansea . Thanks TMT.
  4. I usually just keep an eye on Zoopla and Rightmove with the odd look at Express Estate Agency and, of course, Property Bee. However, can I call on your wealth of experience and ask: what local agents do you watch in Wales, and who would you look to for a few acres, or something non-estate?
  5. Exactly what I was going to say. Just a chancer - glad to see him put down.
  6. So is that it then? Is it just recovery from here on in? I feel cheated. The article, which will no doubt be repeated all evening, talked of house prices rising more in the past year than for several before - talking of well presented, well priced houses selling straight away. Focus on an increasing north \ south divide, but apparently HPI is back on! Did I blink and miss the crash, or is it all hot air? What's happening in your area?
  7. I'm seeing some houses too that have been on for a while being reposted with a higher asking price - can somebody explain the logic there?
  8. I'm daily incensed by the stupidity and amnesia of those supporting Labour now - do they really not remember all that Labour 'achieved' for the UK in their 20 year reign. Quite unbelievable. Amply demonstrates the main failing of our political system - it doesn't reward worth, only castigates poor performance while allowing a proven failure of a party into power.
  9. Does anyone actually know what the house looks like underneath all that clutter?! Almost impossible to see past the enormous piles of utter shite.
  10. 'Offers over' - delusional AND intransigent Places where the splash picture is an internal, not an external view (what are they hiding?) Places where 'detached' means separated by a 30cm passage Anything sold by Haart - the poetic hyperbole and complete lack of facts is too irritating: would it kill them to say how many bedrooms it has?! I do find EA lies are the most off-putting thing. TBH I should think they'd shift houses like hot cakes if they stopped bigging up ordinary places and simply presented with honesty (and a realistic price, of course )
  11. I find this very hopeful news... I remember in the early 90s (just) that the flats went down the tubes first, followed by the entire market. A friend bought a 1 bed 3rd floor flat for 49k and ended up selling it 5 years later for 19k. I hope that we're seeing the beginning of that process again now.
  12. The plans were put in place before the financial storm arose, before the housing market peaked, before the current government made their position on overseas students clear, before university fees were increased, and before university funding was scythed so cutting the number of courses and places available. Halting or reversing the process is like turning a tanker mid-ocean.
  13. And this sums up the stupidity of our current situation - lots of talk about extremes while it's the majority in the middle who are getting shafted from both sides. Obviously it's wrong and unsustainable for the rich to behave unethically to increase their wealth... that doesn't negate the unethical approach of the poor in this scenario. In both cases our systems are wholly flawed but this thread was specifically about the issue of healthy young people who are claiming benefits being asked to do three months' work to get a bit of experience on their CV. I see no reasonable argument for such people to claim money that the rest of us are working hard to supply, whilst sitting around doing nothing. Why do we have to start at the top? Why can we not start with every individual in their own situation? This one isn't the bankers' or the boomers' fault, although isn't it typical that we can't get through a single thread on this board without laying the blame at the door of one or the other. That apportioning of blame, without anyone being expected to take responsibility for their own actions, and without any understanding of cause and effect, is typical of the thinking that has allowed bankruptcy to become an acceptable way out, for people to believe they deserve to own a big house whilst doing a little job, or to rack up massive debt and have an IVA put in place to wipe the slate clean. I see so many people in the middle ground who are expected to work every hour God sends, who are unable to afford a house or children, and are trying to make responsible decisions to make a little headway - they are losing out in both directions, gaining nothing from current economic policy (eg QE which benefits the top fraction of earners only) and paying massively to support those who don't pull their own weight. And I'm speaking here as someone who lives a stones throw from communities with third generation unemployed - we see these kids who have no intention of working, ever, and know damn well that we are paying to fund their elective lifestyle. And your point about work ethic and poor people - a risible generalization. The people in the middle are the ones with a work ethic, working to pay their own way and that of those on either side of them! Time for a few more people to man up, take responsibility for themselves and stop taking advantage of those around them - and by that I mean those who are in a position to help themselves, not all or legitimate claimants.
  14. That's fantastic news - congratulations and all the very best. Also, what a shame if you have found people criticizing you for claiming JSA: if you cannot legitimately do so after paying tax NI etc for all those year when can you?! That's precisely what the safety net is for, I'd have thought. Really well done Sir!
  15. Generally the responsible thing to do would be to consider whether you can afford to raise four children before committing to having them, not fecklessly procreating and expecting the state to raise your kids. This is not somebody who unexpectedly came upon hard times, but rather somebody who irresponsibly brought children he could not afford to keep into the world - and clearly not just once. People need to grow up.
  16. That is, without doubt, the funniest thing I've read all week. My nephew returned from a year in Aus a couple of months back. He had worked his way around doing fruit picking etc to pay his way. As soon as he landed he went to a local firm and asked if they had any jobs going. He was hired and in work within 48 hours of arriving back here - it wasn't a high paying job, it wasn't a massive career move, but the kid is happy to graft at that until something better comes along and would not dream of signing on unless there were no alternative. There is a genuine argument for work experience, there are plenty of jobs that need to be done but aren't currently and for which there is not the money to employ somebody (possibly because so much money is being sunk into the benefits system). There is no shame in doing work on an unpaid basis whilst claiming benefits - particularly if it gives somebody an opportunity to discover what work is like, learn what skills they may have and just get out and communicate with other working adults. It's healthy on many levels from self-esteem, through training, to CV building. OTOH blagging money for nothing when completely fit and healthy is a shameful way to conduct one's life - time to grow up and contribute to the society in which we all have to live. There is also a genuine need for a safety net system for those unable to support themselves - but unable is a world away from unwilling and I can see no reason for those who are in work to pay to support those who simply cannot be arsed.
  17. The site gardener at my workplace was telling me that he only works a few hours a week, even though he could have double the hours, because he has four children and can't afford to lose his benefits by working a bit more. Why do these people have so many kids but then choose not to take responsibility for them? Why is our benefits culture set up in such a way that it pays fit, healthy, capable people to do feck all.
  18. Agree entirely. I was commenting on this to my OH only yesterday. Several sources have published on the falling UK housing market in the past couple of months - after years of bullish speculation, while a quick search highlights lots more. Is this the sentiment tipping point perhaps? http://mypropertypowerteam.com/remortgage-misery-as-falling-property-prices-slash-equity/ http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2012/aug/14/property-sales-rics-survey-house-prices http://business.ukplurk.com/2012/08/uk-house-prices-decline-in-july.html
  19. Tech generally is making some people thicker - who needs experts when you have expert systems? I'm always appalled when I go to the GP and they use an expert sys to diagnose that which GPs used to have to know through learning and experience. Having said that, it's all about finding the knowledge rather than retaining it these days; makes it harder to cultivate independent, computationally thinking kids though.
  20. It seems to be happening all around us - France and Ireland anyway - but not yet here... is it really different this time, or in this island? I long for a reality check in our market.
  21. Likewise - lasted a week or two before bailing out. And it is the most irritating site to visit - you can't get beyond the front page, let alone view the content, without data-harvesting popups trying to grab your details.
  22. She would need a herd of horses to justify £1k per month - I'm assuming journalistic license in the figures she's quoting, unless she's running a horse sanctuary on the side. I know it's expensive to keep your beasties fed and shod, but that's a ludicrous overstatement unless there are unexplained circs.
  23. This is one of my personal favourites - 233.3 weeks on the market with multiple changes to details, but NO change in price : http://www.rightmove.co.uk/commercial-property-for-sale/property-6127620.html
  24. Dammit - why can these prices not be allowed to naturally fall? There's seemingly always some kind of left-field intervention to keep the artifice going.
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