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  1. Your sig interests me DB - have we nearly accomplished point 8 today? TD
  2. I received this today from the PM's office in response to a signature on a petition on the No10 site... Frankly, I'm appalled. Is there really no-one in?
  3. O M G - what kind of mother has these aspirations for her daughter? Why not just buy her a red lightbulb! (Not exactly Oxbridge, is it?!).
  4. Are these the same 'experts' who told us property prices could only go up? Hmmm, thought so. Won't be listening to them this time either then.
  5. It really is a very sad story - however you can't get past the fact that so many are still so foolish and haven't made the connection between what an asking price and what buyers are willing to pay. Several posters on that thread mention, quite indignantly, houses being sold for thousands less than the asking price, as though they would otherwise have magically attained that price; and yet we can all see lots of houses that have been stagnating on the market for months simply because the asking price is so removed from the current market value. Can you imagine this in a greengrocers - hmmm those bananas cost £16, no I think I'll look elsewhere. It's bizarre.
  6. And yet diesel is still £1.03 per litre at my local garage - and I can't cheaply buoycott it since my next is 20 miles away. They are quick enough to put prices up, but no real sign of them dropping in line with barrel price.
  7. This is the fundamental flaw in your argument... they were individually responsible for signing on the dotted line and there is a question of integrity here. I know whether I earn £10, £30, £50 or £100k; I knew it when salaried and I knew it when self employed. I knew enough to NOT sign a legal form stating that I earned more that I did. If people are responsible enough to have a mortgage, they must be responsible enough to take the consequences of lying on their mortgage forms. Fraud is fraud and stupidity is no excuse. Also, you are being a little naive in believing it was done through stupidity: I suggest most of these people did it in the clear knowledge of their untruth but in the hope they could get away with it because 'everyone else' was doing it too.
  8. There have been so many heart-rending stories on here over the past 5 years of people who can't afford to house their families, people who can't afford to have children, people who can't afford to give their children the kind of home, education, hobbies, and 'things' that their peers have. These were the people who chose not to lie on their mortgage forms, or chose not to self-cert, or chose not to MEW. These people were ridiculed as losers by their peers who bought bigger houses, cars and had better holidays. Now, many of those who derided are losing what they had over-stretched to buy and it is going to be hugely traumatic, for them and their children. Unfortunately it is largely self-inflicted and they didn't extend the pity you ask for when they were on the up. For those who are not of this group I do feel sad, and for those whose parents made greedy selfish decisions I also feel sad, but for the rest this is just. Unfortunately it is also reality - they inflated this bubble and the bubble must burst whilst the market returns to trend - so whatever we feel is actually irrelevant because we cannot manipulate the markets: they must fall as they rose - catastrophically, and we will all pay.
  9. I think I have the biggest bottom - no contest!
  10. Try these links for help on seasonal eating... http://www.rivercottage.net/SeasonalRecipes/ http://vegbox-recipes.co.uk/ http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/in_season/ I love to cook seasonally - the food tastes better when it's fresh and hasn't travelled thousands of miles, it's cheaper and it resurrects the joy of childhood of looking forward to foods at particular times: strawberries in June and pomegranets at Christmas!
  11. Interested to note RBS let that Russion off a couple of billion... can I presume this is usual client policy and they will do likewise for my credit card?! No? Then who the f&ck is paying for that 2.5 bn then?
  12. and, of course, most hardware upgrades are a consequence of software upgrades... since software development is one of the first things to go on hold in a downturn, there is no further need for hardware upgrade. I do wonder what stance Microsoft will take; they have traditionally enforced upgrades on the commercial sector by withdrawing support for older systems - I suspect they won't get away with too much of that for a while.
  13. If only it were just the under 35s - as far as I can see the 35-50s are pretty well shafted and now the older boomers are getting their savings capital stuffed too! We're all being f*cked by Brown.
  14. Another one bites the dust... And another. Suddenly we don't all need new leather sofas... quelle suprise.
  15. Good point, but doesn't it affect retailers \ car outlets here? (Don't know cos I'm not really into cars). Edit to add: Looks like Ugg are in administration now too - Australian supplier, but it has resulted in closure of 9 London shops with resultant job losses.
  16. Adding Ssangyong who have just filed for bankruptcy. Again though, we should remember the difference between going into administration and being bankrupt... some of those on the list are in administration, so there is a team trying to find a buyer etc before they are shut down.
  17. Do confirm those that are not in administration - certainly those that I personally added are confirmed, however I am more than happy to edit any that are not. (Also, note the difference between going into admin and going bust!).
  18. By way of brief summary, I think this is the full list of those noted so far. 1. Adams 2. Celebrations Group (Card Warehouse etc) 3. Dolcis 4. Ferraris (Welsh bakers) 5. Focus 6. LEC 7. M.F.I 8. Max Spielmann and Klick photo-processing 9. MFI 10. Morgan 11. Motorworld (who are they?!) 12. Office world 13. Officers Club 14. Olan Mills Photography 15. Passion for Perfume 16. Premium Bars and Restaurants (PBR) 17. Rosebys 18. Royal Doulton Ltd 19. Servis Uk 20. Sovereign 21. Starbucks 22. Statum Limited 23. Stead + simpson 24. Stuart & Sons Limited 25. The Pier 26. USC 27. Waterford Wedgwood UK Plc 28. Wedgwood Limited 29. Whittard 30. Wicks 31. Woollies 32. Woolworths 33. Zavvi 34. Miss Sixty Unconfirmed PC world Base Edited to confirm Miss Sixty - thanks. Dropping like flies... Do let me know if you have more to add or edit.
  19. Actually, it seems it was the lack of money that triggererd his unhappiness...
  20. Interesting thread: I was thinking the very same thing just the other day... trying to remember what else was going on in 89-93 alongside the economy and housing market. I do remember being afraid of being nuked in the very early 80s and that was more scary than not owning a house! But I was trying to determine whether it was a factual all time low point just now or a sentimental one... don't know the answer but I do sympathize CL.
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