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  1. Lovely... I've not seen one of these for a little while; now I've something to look forward to over the weekend. BTW on what evidence do you base your prophecy?
  2. What kind of warped logic causes a man to offer vast financial support to robbing bankers and terrorists, while leaving OAPs and children without enough food and heat? Clearly I'm in the wrong job anyway - need to switch into derivatives or kneecapping to make any money these days.
  3. +1. And the new skin lacks usability - the post density on the page means you have to flip through three pages to see the number of posts you used to see on one. I'd been away for a few weeks, came back and thought I'd got the wrong site. Unfortunately some techies do just wait for the complaints to die down - vis the Yahoo overhaul a year ago and EBay. However surely there is someone on board who could knock up a style sheet to replicate the old CSS?
  4. If it were me I'd go back to Uruguay - particularly Montevideo. They call it the Switzerland of South America - clean, very low crime, education is good, politically calm and stable and a fab quality of life... interesting culture, swimming pools in gardens are de rigeur, beautiful beaches, wonderful inland plains and a fab climate. I was in SA for a while with work and I felt perfectly safe out alone in Montevideo in the evenings - the crime rate is very low. By contrast I wouldn't want to live in Buenos Aires at all - far too unstable, dirty and volatile: might have been a bit of a buzz when I was travelling in my teens, but as an adult and particularly if you have kids I wouldn't consider it. Brazil has lovely pockets if you are rich - but the poverty (and therefore crime and violence) is shocking if you open your eyes to it and the police system is just scary if you ever have to deal with it. Again, I know someone further up the thread has commented on the joys of Colombia but my firm still refuses kidnap insurance on staff travelling there because it marks them out as a kidnap target... don't risk it if you have kids.
  5. Eric - I enjoy your posts immensely and your content is always good: prescient too. But do you realise that your many and varied fonts do make for difficult reading?
  6. In fairness they do post warnings all over their site about buying your tickets in the UK before you go on holiday... nothing covert going on here - just require you to read the mile-high warning notice at online point of sale.
  7. Where do interest rates feature in this picture? Can the gov manipulate them to remain so low for that term? I only mention this because it goes to the 'affordability' argument although, as we saw during the boom, many are too dim to take account of rising interest rates when arranging their mortgages.
  8. Indeed - the NHS have just announced that they are several billion down for next year so I can't imagine the repercussions of this recession have fully played out yet, or that everyone will suddenly find security in jobs and houses.
  9. Freudian?... I think it may have been a little more calculated than that - Mandy is as keen to see GB shafted as the rest of his party, he's just a little more discrete in his execution.
  10. Speak for yourself, Sunshine. Such a facile generalization is barely worth replying to.
  11. As will I - however how sad that in a supposed democracy the people have to resort to this kind of tactic to rid themselves of a corrupt leadership party. How far we have fallen - I mourn integrity.
  12. Do we assume most of these enquiries are for remortgaging? The reason I ask is because I have several friends with properties on the market currently: they have seen virtually no interest in a year. I also have one friend who has just sold their house - they had to drop their asking price by 40% to do so. Just wondering...
  13. 55,790 One difficulty today is that huge number of people under the age of 28 are so disengaged from the process of government that an intertia toward anything related to government has set it: to many it appears utterly pointless to vote or involve themselves in any way. The interventionist strategies of the current gov have left people feeling that they have no control and there is no point in expressing a view. Disabled through control strategies.
  14. 55,069 - broken the 55k mark. It's still going... got more votes than GB ever did for the PM post!
  15. 6.20pm - Thursday 7 May the count is up to 53,999... ...one more for 54000 - go on, you know you want to!
  16. I was about to say that they're not so ravenous as to pay decent interest rates for the privelege... maybe the tide is turning though.
  17. I believe you're in the SW... I'm in SE Wales and have also just seen 45% off - seller only bought it 2 years ago.
  18. Also made it onto the Daily Mail web site (don't ask what I was doing there ) and there are now 34,500 signatories... good that it's making headlines - hopefully more will sign, so making a bit more impact than many of the YouGov petitions.
  19. And there was me thinking this was going to be another one of those OT sex-change threads Can you be more specific in your thread titles please?
  20. Absolutely right... I am astounded by how normal it has become for people to rack up enormous CC debts then just lose them all with an 'arrangement'. I've heard several people talking in blaze terms of how they don't care because 'nobody pays their CC bills these days, do they." Apparently getting let off is the new normal.
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