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  1. That's been true for the past 5 years. The sofas are just a cover - I reckon they make their money from finance agreemements now.
  2. What about some of those that almost failed last year but seem to be papering over the cracks and hanging on eg Ethel Austen and even (sad to say) Viyella?
  3. This could be right but only if it's people from outside the local community buying in - second homes along the coast. Wales is much like Devon in terms of locals being priced out.
  4. What kind of warped logic dictates that nurses, teachers, firemen etc should work for 'personal satisfaction' while others get to work for money? Simply bizarre. How sad too for the bankers that they work so hard (20x7 ) and yet get no personal satisfaction from their job; poor lovies have to make do with hard cash instead.
  5. How do we get him out though, other than waiting for the General Election? I've been asking this question for a long time - legally\politically it's almost impossible to remove this incompetent, unelected charlatan. It horrifies me to see how much further destruction he has wrought since we initially thought he might call a GE.
  6. Isn't he the guy who did that dreadful darts program?
  7. £1,250,000 (DOWN 51% from £2,575,000) A real drop. Looks good too.
  8. £1,250,000 (DOWN 51% from £2,575,000) A real drop. Looks good too.
  9. Since their stock in trade appears to be setting up blockades and setting things on fire in the street, I suggest there is some scope...
  10. I wouldn't risk saying that out loud though anywhere near the Albert Hall on the Last Night of the Proms...
  11. Apologies if this has already been posted - I may have missed it. Interesting read with predictions ranging from +10% to -6%.
  12. Duplicate post due to bandwidth mullarky. Mods please delete. Thanks
  13. Deja vu. Apparently this is going to help reinflate the BTL market. Your thoughts anyone? BTW this one's for SarahBell - just testing...
  14. This is where we need a government with the spine to just say "No". OPEC was happy enough to hold the world to ransom at every available opportunity. It's time to say No. Yes, I know, GB won't do it - he'll sell off every asset we have and consign us all to penury first.
  15. But they can't - they are utterly incapable of solving anything... they can and will only make things worse. Can't somebody take GB out before he goes to Copenhagen and commits us all to spending the rest of our lives in abject poverty? Where is he getting the funds from to send overseas - printing them probably! He just doesn't know how to stop.
  16. And yet the poisonous Yvette Cooper was saying on Sky News only today that the recovery is just around the corner, due to Labour's masterful fiscal management, of course. Lets ask her about that in a year shall we.
  17. If GB is optimistic, we're all screwed! Quick, get your passports.
  18. Sorry if this has been answered - I've not kept up with the last 40 or so pages - but how many properties do they own and therefore what effect would it have on the local market if they were returned to market: surely it would crash that particular locality since the couple own so many in a relatively small area.
  19. I suspect that those retailers who are begging for some cash-laden Christmas shoppers may not agree! BTW Isn't this an interesting process to observe - how easy it is to cause a stampede, or even a run on the banks. The internet is a wonderful thing...
  20. I find this hard to believe - single point of failure with no failover on a system like this...! Surely not.
  21. Interesting that of the eight photographs only two are internal... that speaks volumes: how many "good views" do you really need to persuade a buyer?
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