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  1. ...and the fact that children being brought up in this kind of environment are far less likely to grow up to be productive, contributing members of society: much more likely to be a net deficit just like their parent. Soylent Green anyone?
  2. Good job Darkman - have viewed and rated... good to get the message out, and you leave room for a sequel.
  3. I'm astounded - I find it hard to believe that people are so stupid that they cannot understand the political machinations behind this last budget, nor can they remember the last decade+ of Labour's fiscal mismanagement. I'm left wondering whether this poll reflects the flaccid Conservative representation rather than an understanding of Labour's. What do you think?
  4. I won't be paying. I dip into a range of newspapers online - my range will simply become a little rationalized. This is a dangerous precedent to set and flies in the face of the founding concepts of 'the Internet': as such I won't support it.
  5. Only slightly more than a single banker's bonus then (see Lloyds Bank thread). Actually this whole situation couldn't have come at a better time in terms of the election, particularly in light of recent news of Unite's links to the Communist party, its funding of the Labour party and its expectation of manipulation of Labour. The interesting question is, does Brown want to see Unite fail? Is he willing to lose the funding to block their sway, or does he need the union backing too much?
  6. Precisely - the Big Brother aspect of all this is very disturbing, particularly when you consider the government's poor track record in data security. The data protection issues are enormous too - especially once they start outsourcing beyong the EU. However I suspect that a major point in favour of this plan for the government is its ID card by another means aspect - trading privacy for services.
  7. He obviously didn't come to HPC then, did he.
  8. You do know that is exactly what she did before her marriage, don't you? That's why she's so good at the Twittering, Mumsnet, press calls etc: it's her profession.
  9. This is a message that needs to go large in time for the election. All the fluff and hot air that the Labour party are spewing just now must not be allowed to conceal their true record.
  10. It's not a problem - he can just printy printy his 75billion in no time at all. (BTW would the bank accept my printy printy notes to pay off my debts? No - thought not! )
  11. And about bloody time too... perhaps we'll regain the national legal powers that have been so shabbily surrendered by Labour.
  12. No - the 'best solution' is to allow these properties to find their true market value and let 700 buyers onto the market in that area.
  13. Interestingly though a woman spokesperson from the foundation being interviewed on the BBC just now has stated that the "UK housing market is ludicrously overpriced" and is drawing the conclusion that people are having to work far more than is desirable simply to have a home.
  14. Do you know every time I hear them make a new pledge now I just think 'why didn't they do that 12 years ago?'. It is so cynical of them to present supposed solutions now, directly before the election, and expect anyone to believe them when they broke so many of their pledges last time around. How stupid to they think people are?
  15. OMG! That's just dreadful... no clue about interface design and did you see the code??!! Beyond bad. This can't be what they paid for. Or was the price a typo?
  16. Do we gather from this that James is a BBC employee? Or perhaps has some other VI?
  17. But will the election actually happen - or will it be indefinitely postponed due to a 'terrorist threat'? They've hiked the alert level already in preparation.
  18. Since October in fact... You may not get the response you desire because many would regard this as 'stating the bleeding obvious' and many have been saying this on here since Brown became PM. It's not news. Actually some (myself included) have suggested that he is so desperate to cling to power that he will use an imminent (and possibly fabricated) terrorist threat to delay an election.
  19. That should be Gordon Brown's epitaph: " Single-handedly took Britain's economy from No4 to No11 in 12 years." And yet he thinks he saved the world!
  20. I'm appalled - so those who handled their finances carefully, didn't lie to get a mortgage and bought within their means (or not at all) are being penalized for avaricious losers like this. As somebody else said, these people should have the deeds taken from them and never be able to buy again; treat them as one might treat a Director who has mismanaged his firm (bankers excluded of course).
  21. You would likely be correct in your analysis if these heretic cowards actually followed through, however they won't: they will chicken out as they did from their planned 'March for Sharia Law' in London before Christmas. Gutless trouble-makers.
  22. Who voted for Labour - come on now, own up?
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