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  1. That kind of derision suggests credibility has hit rock bottom - should be extremely worrying for them, particularly since their USP has been this kind of moral\ethical stance on many issues.
  2. RB what a disappointingly insubstantial piece of fluff posted on the end of such a dramatic, yet entirely misrepresentative, heading. Next time, please head it appropriately with "RB's Wish List" or sim. Edited for tone: internet is a funny thing for misinterpretation - my intention here was gentle ribbing, nothing unkind.
  3. Ed Balls seems to have played quite a significant role in the scuttling of the LabLib talks, according to several involved. Apparently it was his uncompromising approach that led Cable to state that Labour were not engaged with the coalition process. He was also apparently instrumental in getting Brown to stand down. I wonder whether his ambition has caused him to play the long game, looking to skip the next parliament where all the flak will be taken, and set his sight on the PM role in a later parliament - although tbh the idea of him, with his crass, egocentric approach, in that position is quite disturbing.
  4. I experienced the 1980s; I marched against poll tax and nuclear weapons, I voted against the Tories and I celebrated when Labour got in. Labour have done far worse though than the Tories ever did - they were handed a healthy balance and destroyed it - then they started on the very fabric of our society undermining, it now transpires intentionally, much that is fundamental to our heritage and lives: they widened the gap between rich and poor, created a paranoid, surveillance society encroaching on the liberties of us all, and their addiction to power saw them import a block of voters and switch boundaries to ensure they would govern for good... however they seriously miscalculated. Their lies and deception, political correctness motivating discrimination against British people, micromanagement and overweening ambition came back to bite them. We were all betrayed by Labour and I sincerely hope they will be gone for good.
  5. What - welcome them to the UK, give them free healthcare, education and benefits, bring their wives and kids in too with expansive free housing? I thought that was a more recent innovation This thread should be pinned for posterity!
  6. I realise it's the 'right' thing to do, but I do find the tributes politicians make to one another on leaving quite sick-making. Cameron's display of tribute to Brown this evening on arriving at No10 was good manners, but I couldn't help but think of this clip - go to 4:35... ...and a little something on two major policy issues:
  7. +1 Are you back? Did you have a good holiday? Apparently Brown is going to concentrate on 'charity work' and 'literature'. Sounds like a Miss World contestant!
  8. Agreed - not that I liked Thatcher, but GeoffK's approach is typical of 3-monkeys-type Labour supports: you're not the only one old enough to remember. I voted for Labour 13 years ago and have soundly regretted it ever since: they let us all down and failed to demonstrate any kind of integrity or honesty throughout. They will be remembered for disgraceful self-interest and betrayal. And rightly so.
  9. I hope Cameron gets the IMF audit done asap. That'll be a wake up call.
  10. News breaking on Sky - GB to go to palace to resign tonight. Also talk of LibCon pact being 3 year deal since they reckon it will take 3 budgets to get economy back on track after Labour's colossal failure.
  11. Michael Gove has apparently said he is willing to give the Education portfolio to his Lib Dem opposite... I understand Cable is unlikely to get Chancellor but may be Treasury Secretary or take Mandelson's Business role.
  12. Sky just reporting Vince Cable says close to deal with Cons and is on way to talk with Nick Clegg. Meanwhile Mandelson has rocked up at No10 where, apparently, the PM's jag is waiting out back and a Labour announcement will be made to the assembly at around 6pm. Can hear demonstrators chanting outside the No10 gates - does anyone know what they are specifically demonstrating and shouting about??!
  13. Thank God! At last. The Evening Standard is also reporting that Brown has finally quit. Awaiting confirmation.
  14. Now i'm confused - I heard the same report on News 24 but RB's thread (with linky) says he said 'Yes' to a bailout! Which is it?
  15. But...but... it was all over News24 that darling said No to Brussels and we weren't giving money to Europe!! Which is it - yes or no?! (I thought he'd done the right thing and acted for the UK not the Labour party for once)
  16. Love that song... how can it be 20 years... what are they doing now... prolly old MWKs too
  17. Hey Mark - how's the economic situation in Canada. I have family out there and my OH and I have been considering applying to make the move: it all seems so screwed here and the quality of life out there is relatively fab.
  18. Reminiscent of Ghandi's march to the sea... certainly has its appeals right now - I'm stressed to snapping point and could do with a little chill time.
  19. Thanks for this... do you have a linky, or can you be a little more specific pls?
  20. And indeed the converse is true - Labour's John Mann has called for Brown to resign on the basis that 'thousands' didn't want to vote Labour because of their party leader.
  21. Just read this in the Yorkshire Post... how can they possible check that 600,000 postal votes are genuine?! Surely this is completely undermining our electoral system.
  22. Was that a regular typo, or was it a freudian on based on your uncertainty of the 'objectivity' of our police force? BTW - really glad to hear somebody is mentioning this out loud now - I was very concerned that it was only being spoken of here: what has to be done to officially raise the issue for investigation? With so many marginals, the thought of the vote being swayed by fraudulent postal votes is deeply worrying, particularly since the vast majority of postal vote fraud appears to be Asian with all the religious subtext that involves.
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