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  1. Sterling, what have you got on your head, and where has your nice young sergeant gone?
  2. Why is this news now? This was happening 20 years ago with agricultural communities in many parts of the country being invaded by commuters and 2nd home buyers, and the locals being unable to buy in the villages where they grew up. It happened in the village where I lived as a child. It's certainly not a new move - why have the BBC only just cottoned on to it?
  3. Speaking as a woman, who gives a f*** what Yvette Cooper says? Along with the rest of the New Labour harridans, she is the kind of woman who gives the rest of us a bad name, and certainly is no spokesperson for anyone.
  4. Don't want to be flippant but what some friends and family wanted (ever increasing HPI with mewing, flipping and associated accumulation of 'stuff') caused untold misery to many who were never able to join that particular party; and those who were left out (or simply prudent) on the way up are again having to sub the ones who partied their socks off for the last 10 years and again not yet much closer to being able to join in.
  5. Lol that ad made me smile... it says "Key features: •Garden •Parking" Hell, it must be worth 750k if it's got a garden and parking, eh?
  6. Half a mill for 3 beds in Cwmbran... they're having a laugh, surely.
  7. Haarts are a complete joke aren't they? I used to get so irritated with their pseudo-poetic ads in The Beacon that wax lyrical about their sales people while neglecting to give you a precise location or number of rooms. Truly dire advertising, but they think they're good I now make a point of ignoring their pages to avoid the irritation.
  8. Are you two having another spat? Have you considered mediation, or couples' counselling?
  9. It was only a matter of time. Sad that they are all so predictable. I suggest though it is important that we remember what they did and said at the time: don't buy into the revisionist version. We were there and we saw history in the making, not history in the making-up!
  10. Actually this was being debated on television the other evening (sorry, can't recall which prog). The conclusion arrived at by Europhiles and Eurolawyers present was that the current 'global economic crisis' counts as 'exceptional circs' and that GB should expect to be liable and called upon to cough up. I say let's leave the EU now - the balance sheet simply doesn't tot up and we have given far too much power to those who do not have our best interests at heart. And BTW, Thanks for the vote, Gordon!
  11. Good site, thanks for posting. I find the numbers of 'unknown', and the billions of sterling they represent, particularly interesting.
  12. I was most unimpressed to see in the DM yesterday (perused a copy in a coffee shop) a range of top tips for evading CGT, including specific advice to second home owners on flipping. They really do completely miss the point.
  13. Whilst one can understand the point they are making, since the majority do not buy a house in gold the point is largely irrelevant. House prices in real terms for the buyer in the street have emphatically not fallen 70%, not would vendors, surveyors or mortgage lenders agree that they had. Misleading, melodramatic and not really terribly helpful of moneyweek.
  14. Good letter - succinctly put. Thanks for taking the time.
  15. Excellent news - long may it last... allow the locals to buy a home in their locale. Now we just need the trend to spread - lots of other areas would benefit from this, the village where I grew up being one.
  16. Excellent, nicely worded response from the Mods on your thread... no hint at all that they actually disagree with your post. Did they feel that they 'had to' take it down, rather than 'want to'? Thanks for the link anyway Grimey - sad to see how many in the UK are walking blindly and willingly down a very hostile path. Naive in the extreme. I'm sure you'll be unlocked again soon - lots of chaps around here get temporary bans for a little while, but they get restored - just look at mmm...beer. In fairness the Mods here do a sound job whilst making the best of a thankless task.
  17. ...which will be about 2.30 next Tuesday at the rate it's currently spewing into the ocean!
  18. Many are not observers and do not form opinion on the basis of what they observe. Instead they inherit an opinion they look for data to support it. Hence the many whose family have always voted Labour and who believe Labour will act in their interests while the Tories will bury them: any evidence they receive is viewed through this lens - that which marries their fundamental world view is retained while that which doesn't is discarded. For those who think in this way it takes a huge shock to disrupt their belief system... witness Mrs Bigot who had so many questions about the government yet was still going to vote for them until personally confronted with a truth.
  19. Indeed, however I ask because it was stated by some in the party that they would do so if they gained power. I wonder if this still stands. It would allow them to divert all blame for the foreseeable future onto Labour.
  20. Has there been any more word on them calling in the IMF? Surely it would make sense on one level to draw a line in the sand (and openly apportion blame!) before embarking on the significant cuts; although I realize it may cause alarm in some quarters.
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