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  1. I wonder if any of the 12 who voted Yes to having regrets would explain why? I'm interested to know what has changed for them.
  2. Thank God. And good to see the German ministers' shock! They've had an easy ride for too long.
  3. Don't worry - asked and answered with a visit to the area.
  4. Just having a little bumble through the lanes around Haverfordwest today and I was taken aback by the number of properties on the market. It's not an area I usually look at - generally I'm driving through en route to the West, but I wonder if anyone here has any local knowledge of the village Hook, or other communities in the area? It seems a bit of a dormitory - linear settlement without a nucleus... is that unfair or accurate? Do people live here or holiday? Thanks - as ever I'm grateful for your insights.
  5. What is your retirement plan? I'm interested to know where long-term renters plan to live. Those with a paid-off mortgage do seem much better off come retirement. And, cards on the table, we STR'd in 2003 (if only we'd known!).
  6. The house This little ill-formed monster sits near Milford Haven has been lingering since last April. The price has zipped up and down, up and down, but clearly they've had no takers yet. The bizarre asymetric structure won't be to everybody's taste, and when you look at the history you can see it was bought in 2004 for £83k but they marketed it at £180k! Sheer greed, or rank stupidity? Do you think they've mewed the extra £100k, or do they think they deserve it?
  7. Damn, Macbeth... I can never scrub that image from my eyes!
  8. You forgot the 'gain 3 stone\ lose 2 stone \ sell a fitness CD \ rinse and repeat' meme.
  9. +1 Time to bring serious consequences for feckless people who shamelessly exploit bankruptcy. It's just too easy to do this repeatedly and it is the rest of us who end up paying for it.
  10. This thread is both illuminating and depressing. Why do we have a need to prescribe a single solution to other peoples' lives? Surely none of us really believe that one size fits all? And why is there this need to judge other peoples' choices if they don't directly impinge on your own? Struck to by the emotive language in the article: 'deserting' the workplace? Why not just 'leaving'? 'Plunged'? Why not just 'fallen'? Plenty of people in both camps making all kinds of choices for reasons not reflected in the article or the discussion. Odd to be prescribing solutions on the basis of so little information.
  11. It completely undermines their position to keep using emotive language - for example when the presenter was talking of contributors 'screaming'. It is unprofessional, embarrassing and does a great disservice to those women who quietly and professionally get on with their roles. It is wrong to suggest that there is no inequality, however as mentioned above there is a conflation of ideas about equality and equality of opportunity. I understood Cooper to be addressing the wrong argument (and completely missing Farage's point) due to her own bias and single-agenda focus. This sort of flapping nonsense gives the rest of us a bad name.
  12. My eldest was 5 when we STR'd: he has just turned 17. Take care to choose wisely... I'm not sure that we did.
  13. Really interesting and worth a bump... thanks for posting it.
  14. Great first post, Dweller... welcome to the board. You sound as though you know more than you appreciate. And I agree, he could just be stating the bleeding obvious, but if a credibly somebody does that loudly enough and often enough for it to slip into MSM then that is all to the good as a counter to the group think we usually read of and in managing sentiment.
  15. I already have a job. Am I allowed to complain? Rose is insulated from the direct effects of overload on infrastructure, schools, hospitals, benefits system, housing, transport etc by his well-padded cushion of affluence. For those who are not, the overwhelming of our services and systems, and the additional pressure on taxes paid, is insupportable. As ever, the clueless observers dictate what those in the real world must endure.
  16. So, handing out a free 24k only to those who own property? To qualify for this handout, to kick start the economy, you have to be substantially in debt already? What about giving 24k to those who have proven they can manage their finances, or a smaller sum to every citizen... surely they can all spend it, reinjecting it back into the economy? Absolutely iniquitous.
  17. The fact that this coalition is dire doesn't make the previous government acceptable. I cannot believe people are making excuses for them - I don't give a damn whether Brown was foolish or evil: somebody foolish enough to make the errors he did should never have been in the job yet his party put him there... they are all culpable. Somehow suggesting his intentions were not entirely evil does not excuse his actions or reverse their results. I agree this crew are also dreadful - but that doesn't excuse the last crew nor make it a good idea to vote them back in. Surely that just epitomizes Einstein's definition of madness? We desperately need a viable third way since the existing and previous incumbents are clearly integrity free troughers, solely in it for personal gain and aggrandizement.
  18. If you really believe they are less terrible than the current lot you are either an amnesiac or very young. Otherwise you would remember the expenses debacle, the selling off of bullion by Brown, the immigration farce, and countless other example of gross incompetence, negligence and naked self-interest over a span of a couple of decades. It is this short memory in so many of voting age that makes me fear for the future - the very thought of having those self-serving liars in power again leaves me cold... the damage they wrought in pursuing a PC agenda is something we can never recover from; we can only try to make up a Plan B to move on from the desperate mess they left behind. I agree the current lot are an appalling shower, but never forget what Blair, Brown and Balls 'achieved'. They epitomize the failure of our political system.
  19. You are a gentleman Frank, as I always thought. BTW how's the truck?
  20. There's a reason why show homes are furnished. I agree, and empty house that has clearly been lived in (as opposed to obviously newly done) is a little disquietening (did I just make that word up?). Having said that, overwhelming clutter is much worse.
  21. I do like that very much... clean, clear and simple. Well done! I spotted a house I was looking at earlier in the summer - wondered what it had actually gone for and now I know. I've added the link to my housey favourites. Good job. Thank you.
  22. What are the consequences of letting it run out? Can anyone begin to itemize them? Be interested in seeing a cost benefit analysis - after all, >2Bn is a substantial amount and I'd hate to think we weren't getting our money's-worth. Equally I'd hate to think we would just jump into throwing more money into the EU moneypit without thinking through the alternatives and the consequences of every path.
  23. Thanks very much Frank. I'll keep looking out for it.
  24. We used to use Property Snake a lot but I tried it this evening and it looks like it's down. Did I miss its demise? I know it had probs when Right Move et al changed various algorithms.
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