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  1. Looking at the floor plan in the details, it seems that you cannot get to bedroom 1 without going through the door in bedroom 2. Fine if there's no shenanigans, but it would be awkward anyway.
  2. One of the problems with living in a vehicle is that if it is stolen you lose your possessions and the roof over your head. Happened to me once in Australia years ago.
  3. Havoc

    67 Days

    Don't pay any more rent until this matter is resolved
  4. They don't know how good they have it. My first job in IT was £7.20 an hour in 1996, (and I saved £100 a week).
  5. Reminds me of when I house shared in London with a hooker in 1996. No, I didn't complain about the noise.
  6. Damn. I'm going there on holiday next month. I'll get a lower exchange rate now.
  7. Lower the stamp duty for Welsh buyers and burn down the houses purchased by foreigners. That should keep the Welsh in the market.
  8. I think if you own property in London (paid for, no mortgage) then you could get by on 30-40k. If you have to pay rent or a mortgage in London then 100k is the minimum salary.
  9. Yes. I have been waiting for a fall in prices since 2001, ten years later I'm still waiting. There was a time around the summer of 2007 when it looked like prices were going to correct to normal levels but that was only temporary and since then the market has zoomed away again in many parts of the country. I've lost interest, its too late now and I'm too old and bitter!
  10. House prices in Australia will crash now because all the Brits are leaving because they say it's too boring to live there. BORING!
  11. Wow, the last time I remember seeing such a slide was when Jerome Kerviel's positions got liquidated in January 2008.
  12. Boomer bashing article Nothing new, we knew all this stuff already.
  13. Link Here: Buying houses on low-paid work?
  14. I dont know the exact geothermal conversions, but go down deep enough and you would be able to boil water. Steam could then be returned back up (under pressure) used to spin a turbine, cooled then sent back down again as water for another loop. We have a free heat source below our feet which is largely being ignored. Also many substances have a boiling point lower than water. Splitting atoms to create heat is completely overkill for such a simple process. Also why has nobody tried to capture the waves? Britain is surrounded by sea. Turn the waves into motion.
  15. There is a free heat source in the middle of the earth... Pipe water down a hole deep enough and have it return back up again as steam which can then be used for power generation.
  16. Is that a proper wall in picture 5? Didn't think so.
  17. Job, Internal transfer... Still counts though because had I stayed I would have bought in a years time maybe.
  18. You can include me in that. Five years in Wales, and I am off back to London in a month or two. I never bought here, but that's one more (potential) buyer now gone.
  19. They will be given hefty pensions for life, so I would'nt worry about them so much. I do agree however that this could be a threat to national security.
  20. It's because the Pound has fallen against the Aero.
  21. In the last 7 days for a 15 mile radius of Sandwich: 518 properties
  22. Students should be forced to pay National Insurance to make up the shortfall.
  23. A friend of mine spent £15K living and traveling in Asia for 6 years, around £7 per day. I think he roughed it quite a bit though.
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