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  1. Good on you sleepy! You seem to have the balls..and a plan..........and youll probably do it and not look back Are you observing Pete(s)?
  2. Pete My original point picked up on the fact that you stated that it was proving so so hard for you to leave your parents nest..thats all my suspicions are based on the fact that you could leave if you really wanted....simple as that...you sound a bright capable guy...so why not just make the adequate provisions to up and leave? Even idiots can manage to do that! My conclusion is ( and i can understand why you stay with parents in some ways - you are regressing to your child like state and feel comfortable) that you simply realise that on the face of it you are on a bloody good thing Shor
  3. pioneer I have tried..and succeeded in qualifying for other professions......trouble is you usually end up as a glorified wage slave and quite often in a wealth trap in a job you hate but are trapped in you sound bitter as if you are one of the people who have bought into the crap they teach you at school bout get good grades, then good job, then debt......then trapped........does this touch a nerve or something? starting your own business, can in theory be easier than the above, however, where people like you fall down is simply that you do not have the balls to make the leap of faith and
  4. pioneer his shortcomings arent merely financially based, they are based on the limitations of his mind and drive My point is simply that pete is deluding himself when he says he really wants out of mum and dads little nest he is really content and set in his ways..if he really wanted out..he would find a way the convenient word on the street regarding it hard to be able to get ones own place falls conveniently for him (and others) I dont take issue with this human trait, what does irk and make me laugh is that people always have 2 reasons for failure when they are scratching for excuses
  5. pathetic replies from some of you trying to defend pete, when i suspect that you actually see him as the architect of his own predicament. What i great idea i thought it was, when someone suggested it for a single free educated guy like pete to go off abraod and broaden his horizons How did he reply...basically cant be arsed! Strong pound?? 'tougher than you might think to settle abroad...etc etc.....' Mealy mouthed clap trap. hardly the type of fighting talk that will see guys like pete filling his black bin liner with his stuff from his (mums and dads) bedroom, and striking out in the
  6. Van Is this your best response? You know thats not going to happen long term though dont you? He will make a move probably too late and will become like many, a habitual long time renter who moans about his lot. Meanwhile us greedy sod BTL ers will have a constant stream of ready made fodder to feed our bank accounts with cash every month. locally where I operate my letting agents are reporting so many 'Petes' who leave it too late to get on the ladder and develop tenant tendancies early on in life The desire to go out and get pissed most nights and having to buy the latest gear and mobi
  7. Pete Basically you have to grow up! your case is very weak actually..how annoying is it really for YOU to be still living at home? Be honest and admit that you still like your mum to make your boiled eggs and soldiers for you, and iron your shoelaces, run your bath etc etc! Its obvious that you, deep down, want to stay tied to your parents apron strings and still basically be a child when it suits you IF you really hated being at home so much then you would do something, anything, to change things Ask yourself will you be living with mummy and daddy when you are 50 for instance? if the
  8. I will do..and good luck to you I can do it because of high e4quity...and will be laughing more than I am now in 10 years Its why i can afford to sit on my ass all day and not be a wage slave Im seriously glad youre happy and benefitting by the way!
  9. Great thread guys...keep up the endorsment of the renting culture. Youre helping us LLs to build our businesses with talk like this ..so thats brilliant. It appears that many strs are so contanr that they will probably stay in rented for a long long time. This is great if they are happy, and the LLs will be happy as the tenant population will have expanded. this is great business for all! Keep this thread going guys please.
  10. Interesting TV review amd opinion thread here. Are you guys finally flagging and accepting your futility? Certainly appears to be more people watching tv at present off here judging by the drop in posts made. The only slowdown I can see at present is in the activity levels on here. Why not start a poll for the HPC national tv awards? It could be televised live - who would be the best contributor to host it and why? It couldnt be zz as he appears to bloody live on here, and 2 hours away fron his little baby would probably break his heart. How about another poll say for peoples favourite
  11. RJF LOL I bet someone has told you that youve been mentioned on here, so you had to come on and display your wit and observation A bit more constructive than your last post on this thread..albeit totally inaccurate. Who is this sandra? you on the wacky backy?
  12. main thing is she has had the nerve to buy her own property does i treally matter if prices slipped? ( no real evidence of it happening though at moment) if shes staying there say 10 yrs, then it will be worth more then than today. she will also have moved on from the state of flux that strs and ftbs who hold back are constantly in. dont try and over analise everything. Time is a great opportunity to correct any 'mistake' she may have made at least she has taken the plunge and willnot have the constant burden of worry of strs and ftbs who are hanging back and wondering should they move now
  13. interesting to note the number of graduates who have replied and the number in IT also lots of people with no obvious exposure to business and money matters generally - hence the proliferation of closed mind thinking and theory spouting I'd be bloody embarrassed with some of the profiles on here, and certainly wouldnt publish them for public scrutiny! This also doesnt take into account that people have prob elevated their status too have only just seen this thread....but it answers a lot of my suspicions and initial thoughts about the suckers on here.
  14. inspired response dicky so you have nothing contrary to fire back with eh?LOL not looking too good for you guys today eh? when is this big realignment coming then?..helllooo? anyone elsr got anything more too add?
  15. what a bunch of whingey losers! just because something is published that hurts you - you have to attack the guy who wrote it. You prob also saw the table predictions in the property section of the sunday express too? That kind of spoils your fun too doesnt it? rod jane and freddys post kind of sums up the childish mentality of this place...aww bless! zz...is coming on here a full time job for you? You certainly are obsessed..very strange
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