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  1. Nice places around the Royal docks are being rented for 4 to 5 times their normal weekly rent. If you do it yourself you will save the 26% comission Foxtons are adding plus their £1000 fee for cleaning before/after and Gas certificate. All depends who you are renting to and where the property is. Some have done very well and will be taking a nice holiday to escape the madness
  2. Unless you have bought a house in Hartlepool or any other similar area then there is not much to worry about
  3. Lets hope so. My gamble is on track to pay of nicely. Could do with the Yen weaking but hey Interest rates low for the next year will be great.
  4. I bought in Zone 3 last year. Good decent House close to the DLR and as present its looking to be a good buy. Only time will tell I guess
  5. Newham 0% and Tower Hamlets +0.2%. I'll take that in the current climate
  6. ok I'll come back to you when my house has dropped 25% and say you were right
  7. Sometimes you only need the basic facts, a bit of logic, bit of luck and good timing. Having a degree in how the market should behave is not always the bible to follow
  8. I understand it enough to buy a house for 25% less than it sold for in 2007
  9. And at present not many have to sell. Around my way good properties come onto the market a few times a year. Most are rented and doing quite well with the rental income they make
  10. I purchased a place in BV last year and am very happy with the purchase. With all the development that is taking shape over the next 5-10 years I have made a very good choice. With no rate rises on the horizon until late summer/autumn its turning out to be a nice gamble. Better than renting thats for sure other Newham areas I think still have a long way to go. No crash in the Royal Docks
  11. I'd love to see the Pound at 100 Yen...does anyone think I have a chance!? If that happens I will never get back there. Good answers folks and thanks for clearing it up
  12. Im really confused. Gone from 133 to 126 since the crisis started. I know its something about selling offshore assets?
  13. Ok my take on it is he he correct for this year. Between Jan 2012 - Aug 2012 we will see 3 more rise to make it 2%. I can then see this staying flat for around 9 months before dipping. Anything above this I think we will see real issues which will affect far more than house prices
  14. No way 99%. Every borough has its own individual areas which will always do better
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