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  1. I have been on Waverley DC, Surrey, waiting list for Sheltered Accommodation since 2010. I am 67 years old. I have just had a letter to say that they have changed the criteria and, because I own half of a Shared Ownership/HA house, I can no longer be considered for council accommodation when I sell up and need somewhere with a Warden.
  2. I can't understand why they would have put oil-fired heating in if they are on mains gas. Have you checked that there is mains gas to the property?
  3. Here in the West Country they lost interest about a year ago!
  4. I had to pay £1.469 in our village today. Don't drive much, thank goodness. Next nearest petrol is over 10 miles away. £1.40? Please tell me where!
  5. This is the funniest, and most brilliant thing I've seen in a long time. She should get an Oscar!
  6. My house is end of terrace, enormous garden (room for extension), garage, car port, greenhouse, veg plots. 2 independent RICS valuations at £146,000. An Estate Agent who came round said he would put it on for £155,000. Neighbour has just put theirs on the market. Identical house, tiny garden, garage, mid-terrace. £167,000. I know it's only an 'asking' price - but the difference shows that the market is all over the place, doesn't it??!
  7. I had to pay out for a HIPS 4 weeks ago. According to the Solicitors bill: £200 for the EPC, and £50 for the searches etc. Won't bring the bill down much will it? And you will still have a little man poking around your energy saving lightbulbs (or in my case, no esl's!!). My EPC was appalling because we have no gas where I live, and my system is a space heating cast iron stove with back boiler to run the hot water and radiators. They suggested I change to an oil condensing boiler (min £1200), find room in the kitchen for same, and change the whole system. Currently it costs me £720 pa max for all hot water and heating. But it's not 'environmentally friendly' you see!!!
  8. They're trying to do this to us as well. I am renting a house, and my brother lives with me. He will not be on the Tenancy Agreement. However, they insist that all adults over 18 be checked, hence a doubling of their fee.
  9. Just been checking 'affordable housing' under the Catalyst Home Buy service for Surrey: 2 bed flat - required income £40,693 2 bed flat - required income £34,125 1 bed flat - required income £40,466 They've gotta be having a laugh, surely????
  10. This is the first time I've ever rented privately - must admit it never occurred to me to lie! Hmmmmm..........moving over to the 'dark side' is beginning to sound like a good idea!!!!
  11. I have been trawling through various websites looking for a 2 bedroom property to rent. But I have come to the conclusion one has to be PERFECT in every way (no smokers, no pets, no DSS, no children!!!!). What chance do I have? I am an 'outside' smoker with a small dog!!!! No chance it seems !
  12. I am selling my shared ownership. Nowhere in my lease does it say that if prices go down I still have to stump up the original 50% I bought it for - both shared owner and HA take a hit if prices go down! On the other hand, since I've been here 15 years and prices have gone up, we both share the selling price at 50%. Having said that, I have maintained the house, put in double glazing, renewed all soffits, bargeboard and drainpipes - and now they tell me that they WILL take 50% of the improvements I have made! Glad I didn't put on a conservatory! The only time they DON'T take a cut of your improvements is when you are 'staircasing' (buying more shares in the property). As I cannot afford to buy another property (I am retired), even shared ownership, I have no choice but to take my money and pay out an exhorbitant rent in Surrey (currently in Devon). In 4 years my money will be gone and I will be yet another 'scrounger' having to rely on Housing Benefit! My advice to anyone thinking of buying Shared Ownership is DON'T !!!!
  13. Small village - haven't been any since 2006 in this road! The £170,000 was the price given to my neighbour by an Estate Agent (whose house is comparable to mine).
  14. It was a valuation survey only. Cost of survey was £117.50.
  15. Just had a RICS survey done on my house with intention to sell (but not buying another). 3 years ago it was £170,000 - now £147,000. This is in North Devon.
  16. Sorry - don't like it at all. Very mickey mouse, not nice at all. Bye.
  17. My son has saved about £7,000 he wants to 'invest' rather than it sitting in a useless bank account. He already has his quota of ISAs. Sensible suggestions wanted, please!!
  18. I'll reply to my own post, then..........and wish myself festive greetings!!
  19. Just wishing all members a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year. Here's to 2009 !!! Cheers!
  20. I CHOOSE to smoke. I also CHOOSE not to drink or frequent public houses, and I CHOOSE not to eat meat. However, I do not demand that drink or meat be 'hidden' from my sight - I CHOOSE to ignore the displays. My son, aged 24, has been using our corner shop (with tobacco displays) for many years - he does not smoke, nor has been enticed to do so by same displays.
  21. Link here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/200...estate-property
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