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  1. I have been on Waverley DC, Surrey, waiting list for Sheltered Accommodation since 2010. I am 67 years old. I have just had a letter to say that they have changed the criteria and, because I own half of a Shared Ownership/HA house, I can no longer be considered for council accommodation when I sell up and need somewhere with a Warden.
  2. I can't understand why they would have put oil-fired heating in if they are on mains gas. Have you checked that there is mains gas to the property?
  3. Here in the West Country they lost interest about a year ago!
  4. I had to pay £1.469 in our village today. Don't drive much, thank goodness. Next nearest petrol is over 10 miles away. £1.40? Please tell me where!
  5. This is the funniest, and most brilliant thing I've seen in a long time. She should get an Oscar!
  6. My house is end of terrace, enormous garden (room for extension), garage, car port, greenhouse, veg plots. 2 independent RICS valuations at £146,000. An Estate Agent who came round said he would put it on for £155,000. Neighbour has just put theirs on the market. Identical house, tiny garden, garage, mid-terrace. £167,000. I know it's only an 'asking' price - but the difference shows that the market is all over the place, doesn't it??!
  7. I had to pay out for a HIPS 4 weeks ago. According to the Solicitors bill: £200 for the EPC, and £50 for the searches etc. Won't bring the bill down much will it? And you will still have a little man poking around your energy saving lightbulbs (or in my case, no esl's!!). My EPC was appalling because we have no gas where I live, and my system is a space heating cast iron stove with back boiler to run the hot water and radiators. They suggested I change to an oil condensing boiler (min £1200), find room in the kitchen for same, and change the whole system. Currently it costs me £720 pa max for all hot water and heating. But it's not 'environmentally friendly' you see!!!
  8. They're trying to do this to us as well. I am renting a house, and my brother lives with me. He will not be on the Tenancy Agreement. However, they insist that all adults over 18 be checked, hence a doubling of their fee.
  9. Just been checking 'affordable housing' under the Catalyst Home Buy service for Surrey: 2 bed flat - required income £40,693 2 bed flat - required income £34,125 1 bed flat - required income £40,466 They've gotta be having a laugh, surely????
  10. This is the first time I've ever rented privately - must admit it never occurred to me to lie! Hmmmmm..........moving over to the 'dark side' is beginning to sound like a good idea!!!!
  11. I have been trawling through various websites looking for a 2 bedroom property to rent. But I have come to the conclusion one has to be PERFECT in every way (no smokers, no pets, no DSS, no children!!!!). What chance do I have? I am an 'outside' smoker with a small dog!!!! No chance it seems !
  12. I am selling my shared ownership. Nowhere in my lease does it say that if prices go down I still have to stump up the original 50% I bought it for - both shared owner and HA take a hit if prices go down! On the other hand, since I've been here 15 years and prices have gone up, we both share the selling price at 50%. Having said that, I have maintained the house, put in double glazing, renewed all soffits, bargeboard and drainpipes - and now they tell me that they WILL take 50% of the improvements I have made! Glad I didn't put on a conservatory! The only time they DON'T take a cut of your improvements is when you are 'staircasing' (buying more shares in the property). As I cannot afford to buy another property (I am retired), even shared ownership, I have no choice but to take my money and pay out an exhorbitant rent in Surrey (currently in Devon). In 4 years my money will be gone and I will be yet another 'scrounger' having to rely on Housing Benefit! My advice to anyone thinking of buying Shared Ownership is DON'T !!!!
  13. Small village - haven't been any since 2006 in this road! The £170,000 was the price given to my neighbour by an Estate Agent (whose house is comparable to mine).
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