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  1. My God. Our family income is in the top 1%. I have a £200k deposit and I can buy a 4 bedroom house in places that I wouldn't have considered when I was a student. Unless of course a borrow an absolutely mad amount of money. Could those facts be linked?
  2. It is indeed highly odd. Our family income is within the top 1% yet locally I can only afford houses as high as the 60th centile. And that's with a fat deposit. Could it just possibly be further evidence that they just might be a bit to expensive?
  3. Absolutely does my head in. If we only allowed in those who've 20 years of real work and experience in there'd be 12 of them on the payroll at the moment. Much better on many counts.
  4. Log on to IGindex Look at FTSE price. Type in amount e.g. £1 per point click on sell. Then if 5 days later the price has fallen by 200 points, click on buy and collect £200. If however its gone up by 200 points the wave goodbye to £200 It can be for any duration you fancy. I use IG for 3-4 week positions using the sort of technical analysis so widely rubbished on this site and have turned my £5k account into a £7k account over 18 months or so. Not that much but I'm a higher rate tax payer so its almost like doubling prior to tax. I'm correct 70% of the time. So a good understanding of stop losses and the fact that a £1 position may be the equivalent of £15,000 worth of whatever it is, is vital. Watch out, they say that 90% of people lose. I must just be lucky. (so far). As with all investments, you've never gained until you cash it all in and walk away into the sunset.
  5. Lordship in the honours list Despite being the architect of ruining medical training and many unproven hugely expensive schemes like revalidation. Cost per qualy, don't make me laugh.
  6. Actually the starting salary for a doctor is £20k Usually you have 5 years of debt and the mean is about 30k I've taken 10 postgraduate exams each with a 30% pass rate and each of which took about 3 months of revising every evening. It took about 15 years to become a consultant, the first 8 year at 100 hours per week and the next 7 working at least 70 hours per week. 4% of staff in the NHS are consultants and the mean salary is £100k. 4% of staff at Price Waterhouse are partners and the mean salary is £713k. The only thing people measure by these days is money. Maybe Donkey would have rathered I had a proper job like an accountant? As for administrators and senior managers or senior anything in the NHS being paid £1 million. If it is true it shouldn't be.
  7. Totally agree. I was in a hospital yesterday and a whole ward had been turned into a waiting list office. Bonkers, I do that with my secretary as part of my job.
  8. I wasn't really talking about the salary. That is simply supply and demand. It was more the slander of the whole of the medical profession. As for GP's. I couldn't possibly comment!
  9. What do you do Donkey2409? I am a doctor and although I can't account for every doctor the vast majority of those I work with do very much care, spend many unpaid hours working and many more at home worrying about what is happening to those under their care and the fate of the NHS. I do private practice but only outside the 48 hours per week that the NHS pays me for. I do one private list in the NHS hospital which has been added onto my additional sessions and in that the patients that come for the surgery pay for my and my secretaries salary. The NHS work is therefore provided free. During that time I see about 40 outpatients and my team and I operate on about 40 people. You clearly have met some bad doctors but most are far from your description. Best wishes
  10. Can I suggest you read; The Baby Boom: Predictability in House Prices and Interest Rates Robert F. Martin* November 2005 He's an economist at the Federal REserve. His case is based on interest rates and demographics. Written in 2005 it was utterly prescient. It suggests that house prices in the UK will continue falling until 2035 for this very reason. The fit of his graphs are absolutely spot on. Let me know what you think!
  11. Just a fag packet calculation but assuming £40Bn cut 70% of public sector spending is salary Median public sector wage is £28k per year http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=285 That gives; £28bn salary's cut at £28k each = 1 million jobs lost That should make a difference to the economy!
  12. Worse than ischaemic bowel and an ischiorectal abscess and concurrent UTI all rolled into one. Mask and tinct benzoin needed. I would suggest that you'd want a fully grown adult male jack russel that knew a thing or two about ratting. You need to make friends with a local farmer! Meanwhile the man from the council may well be able to help regarding the entry point as they've usually seen it all before and have an affinity with rats for some reason!
  13. When we had rats in the loft of our barn conversion the council baited that too and came to clean out the dead bodies (only missed one - the worst thing I've ever smelt and as a surgeon I've smelt a few bad things in my time). I'd try to get the council to sort killing them and the landlord to block up the hole that they will have made to get in (or the next thing you'll have is a fire as they eat cables - one of the commonest causes of house fires. Its all about safety and the landlord is liable and will want to protect his property. Now in a farmhouse and the rats don't seem to be a problem although the air rifle and some bacon will sort them out if they try it on! You might wish to invest or even better borrow a jack russel, pop it in the loft for 5 minutes and then buy it a pint. Good luck
  14. Thanks very much beerhunter. It is a superb tool. I know a little php and mysql but my real specialty is urology++ Good luck with everything, if non developer mortals can be a help with a little cash don't hesitate to put out a call again. Best wishes.
  15. A mate of mine knows Mr DFS's daughter. The daughter has the 'largest private indoor swimming pool in Europe', mansion, walled garden and 24 hour security. The furniture is sh1t, but it seems to have generated some wealth. As a public sector bottom feeder not sure I can write them off as a joke. I've a feeling they've paid a bit of corporation tax. Having said that I prefer the more moderate income and lack of need for security guards.
  16. You really are an enlightened charmer aren't you Dave? Shouldn't you be out flipping burgers? There, how does that feel? I can't believe you'd say that to their faces if you were sat opposite in the pub. Can't you discuss with manners?
  17. Merv's quote with the August figure of 1.6% was that inflation was likely to be volatile over the next 6 months. In other words, inflation will be 3% at some point, don't worry we knew it would, but we clearly don't need to increase rates. Then it'll be sorry we seems to have created excess inflation due to the trashed pound etc.
  18. I heard that his wealth comes from his father's buy to let portfolio!
  19. Hope no-one minds a cross post too much. I too hope BeerHunter is fine. Can anyone help him with the development. He's posted the following appeal Propertybee is such an important tool. http://www.property-bee.com/forum/viewtopi...p?f=2&t=685
  20. take a look at the Price Coopers Waterhouse story at www.thebleedingtime.blogspot.com In essence a consultant is in the top 4% of the NHS. A Partner at PwC is in the top 4% of PwC. Doctors salary £100k, PwC Partner in 2006 £720k. Educationally they are similar. I'd happily swap salary and pay a further 20% toward my pension. Pensions are deferred salary and if my deferred salary is stolen I'll be leaving immediately, hiding my cash in gold offshore and claiming housing benefit, whilst I happily plant my acres with veg. You can find some other sucker to work weekends and nights. If the government doesn't put aside some spare cash from the £100k per year I pay in taxes then I fail to see why I should suffer. Maybe they should spend it more wisely, but I signed up more than a quarter of a century ago and to change the rules now because the giant squid has sucked the patient dry is somewhat cheeky.
  21. I take it Phil you're not a doctor? This is a common misapprehension. The 1948 contract gave doctors a right to practice private medicine, or in fact maintained their ability to practice private medicine. I work more than 48 hours a week for the NHS, but also do a further 8 hours a week privately. My 8 hours private practice are however on a Monday, during the day. You might think therefore that I was bunking off. But then you would have not considered the fact that most of my NHS days are 8 till 8 and in addition to doing that every day I also work on calls during the night and at weekends. That's how it adds up to 48 hours. As for the NHS training me, it did not. I left university with debts of £20k in 1990. As a clinical student and junior doctor I have been trained by other doctors whilst they and I were working - providing care, its an apprenticeship. How do you think doctors were trained prior to the NHS? During the time that I was a junior doctor for many of my shifts I was literally the lowest paid person in the hospital. I owe the NHS nothing. If it closed down tomorrow I'd train junior doctors in my private practice. As for the private sector being a parasite I have an international private practice and I bring some of that work into my NHS hospital with the permission of my employer. That private practice is one afternoon per week. From that single afternoon of work that I fill with people from around the world who are paying directly from their own pocket my hospital makes more money than my and my secretaries salary. We are both free to the NHS. Despite this the nurses on the ward cannot get their thoughts away from this 'private practice is a parasite' nonsense.
  22. I do. 8% of pay. Worked many Christmas days on 1/3 of normal time. Paid about £100,000 last year in direct taxation and Lord knows how much in vat, fuel duty etc. I think I pay my way thanks.
  23. Compared to fiat currency it is. But take a look at the price compared to RPI since its previous peak. Depending on your measure for prices it could easily be $2000 per ounce to reach the same peak as its last spike. On other measures considerably more.
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