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  1. geez your line of question and debating ability is earth-s-h-a-t-t-e-r-i-n-g I'm quaking in my own newly-produced-steaming faeces.
  2. Duh okay lets talk about subjective reality. This should be a site for information and logic and reason not ad hominem. Tosser - get your kicks elsewhere.
  3. Us trolls need to stick together - bull or bear. * i am bear btw* The censor and control in this site amazes me. goeballs would be so impressed. [Moderator: You post under multiple identities which is against our forum rules and you have the nerve to complain when you are caught out. The Nazi comments are out of order] You only get the privilege to post if you either tow the party line or are fill the token 'black man' role and allow yourself to be an easy whipping boy for the bears (europa, d23 et al) This site is so bias and nazi-fied. Shame the dumb wits who spend all their life on he
  4. Havent you realised yet Cells that the banks won't be lending money to buy inflated-price houses until they can put a value on level 3 assets. They are all shitting themselves that they are broke or someone else is - and preserving their capital. Wake up.
  5. What lets-get-it-right fails to understand that its no only a credit burst - and a housing burst its also a NuParadigm burst.
  6. I'm not so sure. The sentiment has upped forks and moved on... http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showth...d=1#post7077427
  7. Maybe the insolvency service can help? http://www.insolvency.gov.uk/contactus/general.htm
  8. PG your cutting wit always fails to suprise me. Haven't you heard IRs are being cut? Thought you would have heard that on the rent-boy circuit 'round Westminster.
  9. It doesnt matter what they do re inflation vs credit crunch - the markets are frozen are the rate cut will have no effect. But it will give confidence to the sheeple who know little about it so its a definite cut. 0.25% - 100% Correct, Guaranteed.
  10. Nulabour are scum put that in your pipe and smoke it please. thanks.
  11. Or people do as the scandanavians and get pissed before going out. Hasnt it been made legal recently to operate your own Still?
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