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  1. Looks like Cazenove piled in some shorts to save my bacon. I'll have a look at the prospectus pm Shugs, care to illuminate my timing errors. PS. The wife and kids look relieved
  2. Not on BDEV it wasn't. I'm on a bad streak - if only the Government would underwite my irresponsible gambling with my money. Damn, there's the flaw - it was my money. Buggar. Anyone care to guess the result of BDEV's rights issue - they fell sharply on opening, as per my cunning plan, but rallied and I had to increase my stop loss. Any further gains will wipe my position out tomorrow and my wife and kids will have to be sold for medical experiments.
  3. Been thinking for a good few weeks that we MAY be at a pivotal point. Where unrealistic gains on afore mentioned stocks maybe due for a retracement. Anyone holding on short positions on these. I'm particularly interested in BDEV, especially due to their intentioned cash call.
  4. Basic GTL / Fischer Tropsche is old technology dating back 70+ years. I believe Shell's massive investment (in Qatar) has a profit benchmark of $50/barrel. They've blown billions on this project. Back in the early 90's BP scrubbed their research has it was deemed uneconimical at $22/barrel! Back in the game now, as are all the majors. Don't forget about Bio-diesel either. FYI. GTL is the conversion of any carbon based gas into organic liquid - diesel/petrol.
  5. I am not a 'Gold bug' BUT how about spending your 16k in 3 or 4 segments on Sovereigns and Kruggs. It is then untraceable and you will have a tangible savings pot which you could dip into (at current price £600 per coin). I would be very careful with what you declare in any event.
  6. A few 'mentalists' on here bought into NR when they were nose diving, banking on: 1. a rebound 2. Government comp and they've sh!t out
  7. Cheers Gents, I've absorbed alot of the forum over the day, thanks for your replies. I' m 'cashing out' to a greater extent, from the FTSE - although I've got to say I've made some decent gains - I reckon an average of about 50% in about 3/4 months!!!! Prevalent opinion seems to be the FTSE easing into abit of plateau with some bad news in the autumn - that said Barcs and HSBC didn't do bad, bleedin' leaches! Seriously considering buying a few 5k purchases of physical gold. But I've an inherent caution to overcome - never held gold as an investment. Have to go to London over the next fortnight so I may pop to Bairds and buy a couple of Krugerrands to ease my mental block. I notice the gold bugs and VI’s (like some guy from credit Suisse) suggests gold up to $2000/oz soon – I just don’t know
  8. Evening Gents, I'm considering buying gold in the near future, never done this before. What form do you suggest for sheer liquidity, ease of buying/selling. After skimming the forum it seems Kruggerands are the favourite - do you agree? What weight? I have absorbed the £5k transaction limit. Just how easy are they to resell? If for instance I personally bought at Bairds (London) - do they actually buy back at the quoted spot price 1 year later ? Apologies for my ignorance in such matters. Any advice appreciated.
  9. Sorry, so you're saying land values 'trough' before house prices? Edit: Just discovered an old quote from 'tippingpoint'; Wrong, unfortunately. I am a land buyer for a house builder, and land vals with planning permission are still increasing, mainly because there are competitors who have to maintain production. Land doesn't drop until about 12-18 months after the same fall in houses.
  10. Any land price Guru's out there? I believe it is generally accepted that land prices 'lag' house prices by ~12months, is this true? Thinking of attempting to buy a plot that has previously been sold ~2006, but no progress has been made on it. I think due to planning problems - obviously I intend to some homework/research on it. But I'm really interested in the HPI/Land price connection. Anyone shed any light on this? Thanks chaps.
  11. Sorry mate, can't find a delete button either. BUGGAR!
  12. I'm in it for the long run on Barclays, what's everyone's thoughts on the builders?
  13. I concur, FP is consistently ahead of the curve. Agree with his fundamentals, but he acts/calls too early IMHO Sir.
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