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  1. little game for the weekend - just to lighten the mood on here, because, hey, we're all brothers and sisters of the world...arent we? We all need shelter, be it provided by ourselves, or provided by some others doing good deeds in the name of the Lord in order to shelter their fellow man (or woman) - who has not been blessed by the Lord with the responsible leanings towards self sufficiency, nor the knowledge of wealth creation lets have a little word play game, eh? Who can re arrange the following words to make a well know relevant saying applicable to the majority of the good folks on here
  2. chuck 9000 people out of 60 million....its actually nothing at all Cant you do better than this to find something to get off on? Seriously...dont be a knob and cite higher rate as the reason firstly rates havent been higher for long..and they are still v low secondly, to be a victim of bancruptcy via high rates would be a much more protracted scenario than 9 months (the period in which higher rates have kicked in over) legal wheels turn slowly..so this cannot be the reason..bankruptcy wld take much longer than this You let stats get in the way of reality if figures are 28% up at 9000,
  3. YOU TW*T LOL........the jokes lost on you too..zz knows who I am ..and my gender tell me..youre definitely making it easy on purpose now to wind you guys up...tell me you are! derr..you see..to throw you off the trail...i changed the gender from my previous guise....derrr.....trouble is...run out of genders now....unlike you chaz.
  4. omg.this is like shooting fish in a barel! I come clean and some dopey gits still respond as if i am lil ole sandra b in the brown stuff some posts have disappeared..LOL..embarassed or what? well spotted surveyor!...an observant mind..hats off to you! How can i make this game hard for myself?....................................
  5. LOL......You bunch of f**kwits! i cant resist it..sorry..you ARE so bloody gullable Gonna get you all again..and again..................I'll be back!
  6. i can only think that you have something deep seated that bothers you about people like me i admit to trying to get ahead in this tough world financially and yes it has backfired have had lots of positive sincere feedback up til now i respect your thoughts even though not your delivery i am guilty of greed it is a human trait money has been the root of evil for me yes..sorry for that
  7. thanks for all the responses, i never expected so many bits of advice and positive thoughts It is a little hurtful when some suggest that the post is not sincere. Believe me it took much confidence to finally post my real thoughts on here. I must say that as i would have probably lived in the house i sold for a long time had we kept it, then even if there was a HPC, it would only be temporary and in a few years time my house would be worth maybe 400,000 with fees etc now i am down at least 35000 and have to committ to a 6 month ast i dont really feel happy with. the stigma of renting does n
  8. Thanks for that i hols no malice to people like you..you are a businessman and wish i had more acumen like that at times. lou thanks but your rallying cry is a little hollow im sorry to say. When i step back now and see the reality, this site sometimes appears to be like a crazed cult who have to maintain their stance for pride reasons. pride has cost me money and am now trying to be a little more business like myself. it does however help to air my felings to you good people who are kind enought ot ry and help me.
  9. i know of the sale price as it was my long time friends house she had it advertised at 315000 but had a higher bid so this is a fact - unfortunately.
  10. BBB I have to agree with you to be truthful It is obvious that yopu see things differently to me and others here, and it hurts to admit it but at present you seem to be ahead of things. my boss actually buys houses and rents them out and he takes a contrary view to me. guess what? he is bloomin wealthy and i wish i had actually bought a second house now instead of selling my only one to compound things my AST expires soon and the LL is wanting a new 6 month one and will not settle for a periodic one and this will committ me until mid summer seems i cannot win at all here.
  11. I'm just outside Leeds..towards harrogate Sold for 290,00 Next door (if anything inferior to ours) just sold for 318,000 It sold within 2 months (viewing up to completion) property is more in demand than ever here it seems. i can assure you surveyor that this is indeed for real! Only wish you could experience it yourself and then see. It was not simply valued but SOLD at 28000 more! topher Bear thanks for the empathy, but these are the things i have been reading here for weeks, and have te realise now that I have made a mistake - a big bad one.
  12. have been reading on here as a guest for a while now, but decided to say my piece as it is starting to trouble me somewhat. As i sold my house in the hope of prices falling in early jan, all that has happened since is that the prices have risen. consequently my former home is now valued at 28,000 more than i sold it for. It is obvious that i have been left behind in the market. if i add in my fees to sell and fees to buy (If I do get back on board), then i am around 35,000 down. i feel so foolish, and must admit that although this board has consoled me for some time, i feel i must face up t
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