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  1. This is just intense. the beginning of the true unravelling of the EU? Makes me think what to do with my savings. I couldn't stomach having 10% taken from me for no reason. It has taken me years of saving to get to this point. Makes you think just buy any old house now just to save it! I would be so pissed off in Cyprus now. I can't see how the people can't riot.
  2. Incorrect. Every officer of rank of pc will be under new scale from 2015. Since all officers have had a freeze for 3 years nows I imagine it will carry on for sometime more until the pension changes Come in, although the pension payments have already been increased. However I agree the federation are probably back on the golf course now.
  3. The pay scale is up to £31,000 The £36,000 figure they give is misleading as this is only possible with some sort of exam/test done annually to claim it. In reality very few will obtain it (as it will be some incredibly difficult "test" along with a ludicrous form to fill no doubt) but it is used to claim the pay scale remains the same. It isn't. There is currently no skill based pay. That got canned. It is still done by experience but they have just lowered the pay scale and shortened it. This new pay structure only effects rank of PC. They had planned skill based pay for psu, firearms, snt, CID officers but this again required applications to get it etc and the rough proposals was for another extra 1k or so a year. I saw with the new scales and pension contribution increase to almost 15% of salary a new recruit would take home about £1100 a month.
  4. All second jobs for police are vetted and go through initial line manager, who has to approve, then to the professional standards dept who will assess and say if it is allowed or not. Every business interest gas to be declared in case there is conflict or other issues. You can't just do an eBay shop for example. All needs to be approved.
  5. Yes I chuckled to myself when he mentioned that but then I didn't want to discuss the situation as i'd rather try and keep the agents on side for when we do sell. Luckily we don't need to sell this house to get the next as i have been saving for approximately 10 years so have a decent chunk for the next house. Plan is buy next house with no chain, then sell on the current one no chain. yes re: 1%. i did think the nigh on 2% they where asking was quite high and felt 1% would still be a lot of money but much more reasonable.
  6. Was quite interesting. Said they had a quiet summer but has gone very busy last month. Said the jubilee, olympics etc caused the bad months. Even said the hacking enquiry has had an effect on buyers and sellers? Don't know how that figures but that is what he said. Told me three things sell a house. Price, Location and the agent. then at the end said the fees would be £2990 + vat (house worth under 175k.) So pretty much 2%. Is 2% a reasonable price? I thought 1% would be far more realistic?
  7. I don't really get your comment. I don't even own a house.
  8. Agreed, fit for a teacher, nurse, fireman, dare I say it, even a banker? Don't know why my work has to come into it but never mind. For everyone else, decided not to bid. More houses will be along some point.
  9. There is no hum from them at all. went and stood right next to it and could hear nothing.
  10. You make the exact point I am actually thinking. No wonder it has come down in price having only been on the market for 1 month. Thing is the house is perfect. the fly in the ointment is that pole. Mrs is gutted I won't bid on it, but hey, that is life. Another house will come along. I looked at other forums and people were having quotes of anywhere between 10k and 25k to get a pole moved by the electricity company. Let alone trying to get that sorted with an electricity company. Just makes it a bit of a non starter sadly.
  11. Went to look at a 3 bed detached house last night. Needs some modernisation and was put up for £285 but has now come down to £250. Really nice sized house and thought it would be exactly what I wanted. However... Big issue is this: view from back of the house At first I didn't think too much to the electricity pole as I liked the house a lot. But the more I look into it the more it puts me off. Reported issues over health and from doing a bit of simple google work seems people won't even live within 100 metres of a pole. What are the forums thoughts? I don't think I am going to bid on the house now purely because of this issue plus it seems the cost of trying to get them moved would be very significant.
  12. Maybe I wasn't that clear. I mean significant less intrusion by the government, and going back to the principles of sir Robert peel.
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