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  1. That would be a pleasant change. Did anyone see "Confessions of an estate agent" last night. Complete Ratbags the lot of them
  2. I'm taking a new flexible approach and not making too many judgements. It has been pointed out in the past, that I am talking out of my ar*se. Well now the "avatar" has a big fence up it, so maybe I will listen and take a more balanced approach to the market.
  3. I think they are just roughing out on 15x salary for a year, then selling, making a bit cash. "Property Ladder" and "Relocation Relocation Relocation " has got the country hungary for property. Any fool coming along thinks they can buy somewhere for £300,000 and sell it for £350,000 in a years time. The ironic thing is they can and the message is spreading.
  4. A "Crash pad" is estate agent slang or "A place to take your bit on the side, while not have to pay for a hotel room".
  5. Forgive my ignorance, but isnt that a contridiction. If people are as you nicely put "Property Porn" and lying about their incomes to a bank that does give a toss, then does it matter that wages cannot go up indefintly. people wil just say I earn whatever it takes to get on the ladder.
  6. If you are, then we both are. Baffled would be an understatment on my part at least.
  7. I understand that bit, so why are prices escalating so much.
  8. Yesterday I would have agreed, but interest rates as relistbears suggest arent working. Prices are still going up and up.
  9. I am changing my mind about the house price crash. The housing market just isnt making any sense. House prices should be losing value in estate agent windows, but there not there increasing fast and steady. I have tracked for the posts 2-3 months new instructions in my area and they are selling in weeks for top prices. I think we are so intrenched in the new miracle economy that maybe the politians know what they are doing and we should have faith in them. I was a bear and I have read a lot of post today from the past and they just dont make any sense at all. Many bears (especialy me) have been saying "Dont buy", its a bad time. With house prices going up the way they are, i am think of becoming a propert developer. buy a house, give it a lick of paint and sell it again for thousands more. So with this in mind a changing my mind from being a bear to sitting on the fence. I just dont think this house price crash is going to happen and its just wishful thinking.
  10. Paying more tax, while the rich pay as little as possible. Suit yourself.
  11. I am also your target market. It just sounds to me, that when you pass the finish line in race, someone comes up to you and says why dont you run it again. My wife and I have a house thats ours. No mortgage. Financial security which is a rare thing these days. Shes a teacher and I run my own business. No offence, but if I would never get a mortgage again. From the first payment nearly 8 years ago until it was paid off in October, I hated having a mortgage. Abbey National as it was then, were not best pleased when we made out final payment and took hold the deeds so to speak. They lost their hold on us, now we make money from savings, real interest being paid and not paying.
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