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  1. I don't understand why a lender would offer something like this exclusively through a broker, presumably paying a significant commission too? The 5 year fix at the same rate is available on Virgin's website - why not the 6 too? What's the business rationale? http://uk.virginmoney.com/mortgages/find/Find-A-Mortgage/5yr_everyday_fixed_68qm
  2. I thought this bit wasn't true, and that all credit card companies must allocate payments to the highest interest bearing balance first?
  3. Am not sure what is going on here? Is the tax due? Or is the bill coming in to force tax to be charged in the buyer's state? If it is needed, then how can the likes of Amazon etc already be collecting these sales taxes? And isn't this just the same as the VAT scene in the EU? If you are selling your goods in another EU country then, subject to a smallish threshold (and much less that $1m) you need to start charging local rates of VAT to your consumers? And finally if the threshold is $1m, then doesn't this protect the smaller businesses that some of the earlier posts portray as the victims
  4. I might have had a slightly beneficial position as I work in VAT consultancy and just a few weeks before another airport had lost a tribunal case where they argued that the fact that they had no legal basis on which to charge the amount, but tried to anyway, made the payment outside the scope of VAT, i.e. NOT a payment for any services supplied, therefore a donation. They lost - the tribunal finding in HMRC's favour that yes there was no obligation to pay, but those who did pay paid a VATable amount. Ultimately your pass entitles you to get on the plane (subject to security etc) and they can
  5. This isn't as bad as Blackpool airport which has an"Airport Development Fee" of £10 per adult passenger, for the privelege of getting access to the plane that you have paid to board. I refused to pay it and had a calm but frustrating discussion with a manager there who ultimately let me past. - eventually it was confirmed it was not compulsory but that they expected every person to pay it anyway.
  6. To charge VAT on things which are currently exempt (in the true sense of the word, not zero rated (such as food, books etc)) would require the UK to leave the EU. VAT is a European tax, and specifically the exemptions are European wide and contained in VAT directives. If the UK changed these, businesses would have recourse to the ECJ to enforce their community rights. Equally those suggesting a rate below 15% have the same problem - 15% is the lowest standard rate allowed under EU legislation. Now you might consider leaving the EU to be a good thing, but let's face it it's not happening a
  7. How about this one: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/new-homes/property-21530171.html Can't sell it for 6 months, so whack £25k on the price, then almost instantly offer a £20k discount (to a fixed price of course) but only until the end of June 2009, September, November, December, March, June 2010.
  8. I have (good) experience of a shared ownership scheme but can relate entirely to the banks issues here. Even when I joined a scheme way back in 2005 and HPI was still on the up, many banks wouldn't get involved. I think now with them being more risk averse (not exactly tricky!) the idea of granting a mortgage on a property with a floating charge on it is likely to terrify them, and for good reasons.
  9. It's hardly irrelevant is it? For everybody on SVRs and trackers, for savers whose institutions are only too quick to implement interest rate cuts on savings (yet bizarrely for my own bank, a triple whammy this week of increasing cash withdrawl charges, increasing interest rates and reducing % cashback on its credit card) etc I am sure it's very relevant. Plus once it gets to 0% there is nowhere else to go... and that just leaves QE as the only tool they have left.
  10. I've actually wondered this about London too. I walk from Lower Thames Street to Liverpool Street every day and pass 3 huge construction sites, one by Fenchurch Street where they've just knocked down a big building, one called Heron Tower which seems to have money to burn judging by the 7 or 8 people who just seem to be employed to stand outside the boundary in bright jackets and one just by Leadenhall, a tower again whose name I can't remember. No company names attached to them (occupying companies I mean). Where is the demand coming from?
  11. Away from the bank bashing for a moment, you ought to warn her. There was a story a few months back of a council searching through public litter bins, and finding domestic rubbish in there (I think a letter or something) and then prosecuting the person that did it....
  12. This is exactly the problem with the rules around London terminuses (terminii??) National Express charge £30 a day to get from Southend to Liverpool Street. A couple of hundred metres away from Southend Victoria is Southend Central which is run by C2C and which charges I think £18 for roughly the same journey into Fenchurch Street. However the routes diverge and so as a customer there are not many places where you have a choice between stations on the c2c line and stations on the NE line. However if they operated on the same line, i.e. genuine competition, I bet most people would wait for
  13. Haha I certainly don't trust Brown not to go to extraordinary lengths at all. I was just interested in what happened in the past. And, whether this was a confiscation or an "enforced borrowing" kind of thing.
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