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  1. Yes that’s true - but it’s not quite black and white as there will be still be US interest in screwing us over a trade deal while we are weak. Also funnily enough with Biden in the WH it’s worth the EU playing nicely. Biden seems keen to repair the damage done by Trump to the West, so if we’re going to insist on being part of the problem, again there’s mileage for the EU in being seen to be one of the ‘good guys’.
  2. Tbh I'd imagine they've already 'war-gamed' it and are now just responding 'by numbers' - including scenarios where we break the agreement. The thing is I'm not sure a sticks vs carrots considerations matter much now - they are dealing with a box of frogs, not a consistent partner. They can by all means get a little leverage in the 'court of international opinion' by being the 'nice guys' but It makes more sense simply protecting their interests and stringing it all out until hopefully the UK recovers.
  3. Yes of course. The thinking was/is that if the EU is left holding the NI baby it won't dare drop it and will give us the deal we want anyway. But it also looked like the headbangers wanted 'no deal' and presumably they still do. BJ is signalling to everybody he can't be trusted and is partly reliant on a sizeable minority that has been groomed to need to stick it to the EU. So when push comes to shove the headbangers get their 'no deal'. I would imagine EU is happy to string it all out until we have a sane government, but then conversely the headbangers would be keen to make use of the opportunity of a malleable leader before he exits stage left.
  4. So they were aiming for no deal and they are now trying to get back to no deal ?
  5. Thats it then - he is not trying to get them vaccinated he is absolutely trying to get them infected lol
  6. What is the cost to society of people who are in a sociopathic condition ?
  7. Actually there is an interesting parallel there in that a significant uk political constituency is being groomed to nurse a constant sense of injured nationalism. Attacking Ukraine was a means for Putin to boost popularity at home, similarly we are happy to make a mess of NI so long as the fall out keeps the Conservative's grip on their base.
  8. He's now playing the Judean Peoples Front yelling 'splitters!' at anybody whose mind does not comply with Brexiter rubbish. Poor soul In the mean time we're going round the world with a begging bowl for trade deals to dig us out of a hole, riling up NI again and demanding the EU to sort it out for us and the governing party is trying to hold it all together through dog-whistling nasties and flag waving. On the bright side, as I keep on pointing out, there is suddenly this incredible opportunity a few miles away...
  9. Is being 'beholden' to it genuinely what you are twisted about ? That would be remarkably immature.
  10. The EU is an amazing opportunity for all of us just sitting there a few miles across the channel. As bitter and twisted as you sound about Brexit, surely you can still see that ?
  11. I used to know somebody who had a similar outlook when younger. He went crazy for body building for a while and.I suspect some of the more aggressive thinking may have been steroid induced. The irony is in falling victim to a rather degenerate 'survival of the fittest' meme.
  12. Thats a bit disturbing and a bit camp at the same time. I'm no psychologist but do you have issues around body image ?
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