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  1. Please, please pretty please stop demanding he resign. See he's going anyway !
  2. No you've completely misunderstood - thats the meant to be the blackmail for persuading dimwits that he must be kept on.
  3. So, just watched it lol Theres that many lines he's drawn under it it looks like sticks under a Guy Fawkes bonfire
  4. From a certain angle it is a bit comical. They thought they might get Covid and figured if they were going to be quarantined it would be nice to do it in a country estate. On his wife's birthday they went on a pleasant little jaunt to a beauty spot to see the bluebells. Fast forward a few weeks and the national emergency guidelines are set on fire, key government figures stroll out to the crease to bat with a banana, the unelected bureaucrat is given a press conference to flaunt governments lawyers best bullsh1t and the PM waffles his way down the credibility/popularity slide. For what exactly ?
  5. I don't think you've been following this story. People are upset with what he did, including former supporters of BJ. Doesn't really have much to do with his 'politics' whatever they are. (I do understand a portion of gormless Leave fanatics are resentful and ). In terms of why BJ is hanging on to him, loyalty and what you have to offer are of course great and what gets you a ticket on the PM ride. But in this kind of extreme situation its not nearly enough - Huston we have a problem. Beyond the 'guidelines' and the 'law' this is a political fiasco. I do not mean a question of Left vs Right: simplistically put the governments authority has been entirely trashed in a time of national crisis. Its been made way, way worse than it need be because the PM is pretending it isn't a fiasco and of course nobody up and down the land believes him. And made way, way worse than that because the two of them, independent from cabinet and common sense then bizarrely decided to give DC a press conference in the rose garden where DC not only was unrepentant but damned himself through his own words.
  6. Theres next to zero debate as to whether he broke the law. On the other hand its almost universally acknowledged he broke the guidelines, or as frequently caveated the 'spirit of'. Nobody really cares about a £60 fine. Also you need to remember 65m people have simultaneously had to interpret and live these draconian guidelines under literal life and death circumstances - its not some obscure complicated legal case. If it were a legal case, it would be a pretty strange one where the accused was weirdly privileged a platform to address the nation but then proceeded to damn himself with his own account and cry about false stories. Well, tbf under the circumstances it was probably the best he could come up with but there wasn't even anything for the fanatics to cling on to. Well yes what's extraordinary about this, is the horrific hit to the authority of BJ and the entire government in a time of crisis that BJ is prepared to take. Clearly there is 'something badly wrong' at the heart of all this - the "man on the Clapham Omnibus" spontaneous reaction of many is that DC must have Kompromat on BJ lol ! Welcome to politics, some you win, some you go down burning in flames. Especially when you pour petrol on yourself, p1ss on the audience, flick a burning match at them and have a cigar.
  7. If you were able to use your own common sense would you not also conclude Cummings had to go ?
  8. You're right Maitless was brilliant last night. Condensed the thoughts of 65m people minus 'kippers/BNP/EDL etc into 1 minute. And who has managed to trash their own authority ?
  9. Can't remember anything like this. Poll Tax ? Iraq War ? Its not just anger thats being vented, this story has become a lightning rod for anguish and grief. What is also unprecedented about this moment is the way we are all sharing it: ironically because of the lockdown our lives have been forced closer together.
  10. Well last polling at -1% ‘approval’ (does that mean 49% in your scale?). Quite possible the resentment they’ve inspired will colour people’s view of everything. Not a good time for the gov to be seen as only being motivated to save its own careers.
  11. Yes I thought the circular logic was funny - clearly lawyers were trying a bit too hard. Bottom line though is that this is pretty much the first time there’s been a national consensus, let alone passionate consensus on anything since before the referendum. The LBC presenter was indirectly as damming.
  12. Its a completely fecking bizarre joke. Letter has gone out telling MPs that calling for Cummings to go will become a matter of no confidence in PM and no Brexit.
  13. Forty would start affecting their majority. My guess is that its a lot more but understandably its tricky they do not want the government to simply collapse - just underline that this is serious, their voters are getting increasingly outraged and threaten BJ with a kick in the proverbials if he does not change tack.
  14. In the meantime.... https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/opendemocracyuk/we-need-urgent-answers-about-massive-nhs-covid-data-deal/
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