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  1. So millions of Americans still believe Trump when he says the election was stolen, still support him despite his assault on the heart of democracy. In prior times, mainstream media, from national to local newspapers would report the events from across the political spectrum and basically Trump would be toast. Through the technology of SM, vast numbers of Trump supporters are living in a cultish self-reinforcing unreality bubble.
  2. Information technology. Its simultaneously the beginning of "Age of Surveillance Capitalism" and of the merging of Social Media and the 'mainstream' - the Chinese wall betwee them has disappeared. The effects might seem drastic, but like agriculture, guns or steel its the invention and those that have exploited it thats driven the effects Some artefacts of this new world: corporate and foreign interests have access to the inside of your head. Trump and the current schism in the Republican Party exemplifying the death of your old world and all the unsolved problems of the new.
  3. Awww... Bless But look at you ! You're proving far more resilient than even you believed... You could even try contributing something to the debate.
  4. There’s always been vociferous close minded and bigoted people of all persuasions and always will. But what we have here is domestic terrorism and tens of millions of Americans have been exposed to be living in a groomed unreality - effectively a mass cult, casting a shadow backwards over the last four years and the entire Republican Party. I therefore have some sympathy for the ‘normal’ Right - including vociferous bigoted right ! - in that it’s been caught in the cross-fire, in this ‘shadow’. But really, in this situation it’s useless, dangerous even aping Trumps apologists
  5. Wow there are literal snowflakes falling from the sky today that will last longer.
  6. Perhaps we're making a mistake here - we shouldn't pin everything on the vaccine simply because everything else we've done has been useless. We should simultaneously be looking to sort out the track and trace system - yes to forward and backward and taking account of the k variable, or any other best practice that has worked around the world. Supposing a mutation suddenly crops up which is resistant to the vaccines thus far ?
  7. For crying out loud of all the obsessive chauvinist claptrap spouted by Leaver Daleks what on earth do French tolls have to do with anything ? 🤣
  8. A sort of 3D chess seems to be emerging where you try to read each dimension in their actions: Short term Democrats and Republicans alike are genuinely shocked at the stuff thats been coming out so its simply get the orange ape out, put the army on alert, the nukes on ice, protect the democratic infrastructure and so on Medium term its stop him specifically from taking public office again Long term its him or anybody like him screwing up democracy/government again. Edit: well thats the somewhat elusive non-partisan version, you then need to add in 'Republicans in cri
  9. Its fuzzy feelings too though - I'm looking at the US over the last week and thinking in a fuzzy feeling way "f*ck that sh*t"
  10. Well I accept it and would simply now like to move on and look toward improving our position by joining the EU
  11. It’s appears worse than that... The tactic for diverting onto others is so baked in that it’s induced an extreme cognitive dissonance where while they’re fanatic enough to justify carrying out terrorist acts they then say somebody else did them ! The question is how much of a difference is there between Trumps jihadis and the broader cult ? Or is it the case of there being professional Trolls trying to maintain support from the mainstream driven to idiotic lies ?
  12. True - we were quite decadent in comparison, we were using toenail clippings as soup spoons.
  13. Its not that sort of emotion thats disturbing. After four years of going round the houses with this, up and down, left right, x-rayed, ultrasound mri its the emotion that still insists on trying to distort facts and logic. We left a year ago so now its kind of becoming fascinating again as to why.
  14. Reaction starting to heat up: Mitch McConnell backing impeachment, Army sending letters out to soldiers round the world condemning sedition.
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