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  1. Oh dear... So then, was there a 'secret meeting with the Met too ?
  2. OK well if its of no benefit to us fair enough we've done feck all on it.
  3. Yes but two things you haven't considered are: 1. General inflation double that of wage growth - therefore what wage growth ? 2. we haven't implemented border checks yet - apparently because that would worsen inflation and constitute self-harm
  4. Yes half a decade later why hasn’t the UK pursued this easy solution ?
  5. It’s totally plausible - that is the deeply shocking thing about it.
  6. Not just his own individual breaking of the rules - he briefed the nation by day, ran a party venue by night lol
  7. The high street as we knew it perhaps isn’t viable - but would be short-sighted to turn it all residential. I think these kind of areas - ‘hub’ areas - should stay flexible.
  8. Exactly. Also it sounds like a load of junior staff got shafted for attending the parties the senior staff organised - there’s a bit of puzzlement from legal observers over what has happened here. However, like I said above, I think people can’t see the wood for the FPN’s. There’s disappointment/relief he personally didn’t get any more ? So what ?! - he’s the actual PM and while preaching virtue on telly every day he was hosting 120+ FPNs lol !
  9. So I'm hearing (radio) he may have got off on either a technicality or a high bar for the penalties. The technicality to do with the wording of the law which sounds like if a raging party goes off in your home you'd get off but everybody else would get fined for attending. What I'm not quite understanding however is that somehow everybody seems to be getting worked up about the FPN in the first place, as if he only had to resign if he got 5 FPNs lol ? He was entrusted with running the country - he couldn't even run his own home with the simple instructions he gave out every day to the nation 😂
  10. I very much doubt you'd want these debacles to be equivalent, but, thinking about it, perhaps there is a pattern here...
  11. Looks like the Mail is partly right in that something has gone wrong with the investigation … https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/may/19/civil-servants-and-no-10-advisers-furious-over-single-fine-for-boris-johnson
  12. Over 120 fines 😂 Its got to have been a Russian/Chinese attempt to incapacitate the government - surely BJs regime can't be that stupid on its own ?
  13. Thats quite intriguing you would think this. I get you're trying to advance some ludicrous defence of Brexit but his pathological lack of principle seems self-evident to me including in matters nothing to do with Brexit.
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