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  1. Its trickier than that. You have to ask yourself what kind of person hasn't noticed any problems with BJ's regime ?
  2. Please please please please please pretty please send this Tory MP over in a rubber dinghy:
  3. Money, Koch brothers. Somewhere where the left libertarian and right libertarian meet round the other side.
  4. In a symbolic way yes - because it was a simple material image that demonstrated an instance of bullsh1t we could all see. What it symbolised was the way Brexit was operating a bullsh1t factory including 'dark ads' that undermined the very notion of public, 'accountable' debate - eg: or
  5. Corbyn was a viable government lol ? Er no he was the excuse for many people to vote for the other shower. TM actually got Brexit done - Johnson and the ERG blocked it. When you think about it its shades of the 2012 Olympics and that Heseltine quote about BJ waiting to see which way the crown is going and then running to the front and yelling follow me
  6. Basically you've fallen for the 'get Brexit done' guff. Genuinely - I can't see any success whatsoever associated with Johnsons government. Logic tells me I should attribute vaccine procurement to them but truth be told as everything else is on fire - including every single blessed benefit of the doubt I've ever given them - something perverse in my head just won't accept it lol. An example of the perversity of it all: While Johnson and his fans rejoice in exploiting or misattribute the NHS vaccine roll-out, for me its actually a two finger salute at all the stupidity and corruption
  7. 'Austerity', admittedly yesterdays slogan, was the follow on from 'its the mess we inherited', meaning trying to go back to the meme from the Thatcher era that Labour do not know how to run an economy whereas the Tories do. Hence imho 'karaoke' prudence. On rolling back spending, I guess thats a whole other thread and its a fair and difficult point. My problem with it, reductio absurdum, is that it can be seen as the corollary of 'spending' on social housing vs spending on housing benefit. 'Spending' in reality turns out to be 'investing' in a cheaper future, and 'rolling back spending' f
  8. Technically yes, personally though I see the GFC as a kind of Year zero after which there is no excuse for not being able to see hpi and easy credit as a problem. It would be ‘unfair’ as that only means a couple of years of Labour after 2008. But the specific beef I’ve got with the Tories is that even after recognising the problem they went and poured petrol on the fire - htb and letting the banks off the hook. Additionally imho ‘austerity’ was ideological rather than a genuine attempt to fix the economy - karaoke prudence for votes and an excuse for costly and damaging state shrinki
  9. Wow you're really really worked up about vaccine nationalism aren't you lol
  10. I think you have to get jabbed (can't remember if you did in the end) so either you do not trust BJ and will refuse to get jabbed or you do not trust BJ and will get jabbed to get the hell out of dodge. Tails you lose heads BJ wins - you've got till June the 9th to philosophise your way out of that one
  11. Surely you're suddenly not bothered about this as I heard on the radio today France is opening the borders to UK citizens soon - so you will be dancing off into the Muscadet and Moules sunset shortly
  12. This is an averagely smart way of being really dumb
  13. Great - so we're undergoing a national work demotion lol ? Tbf this may eventually become a side-show as the two of the horsemen of the job apocalypse - AI and Silicon Valley - are just getting warmed up...
  14. lmao If you're still seething Nick Abbot has been funny on the current state of affairs this weekend: https://player.fm/series/nick-abbot-the-whole-show/put-that-child-in-jail
  15. Come on guys. Even if Leavers willy-waving is a bit childish, a bit gross, still getting het up about it is also childish. Soon most of these populations will be vaccinated, summers on its way, this phase of the pandemic is over. Next phase: variants vs vaccines.
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