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  1. I’m getting to the stage of wanting the whole Weimar Republic Brexit farce simply called off and stuff 2nd Refs and Norway - let alone staying tolerant of spoilt Leaver infantilism.
  2. Not really. May is doing everything she can to keep the threat of dragging the country out with no deal, on the table. That gun she threatened to blow her brains out all over the EU, we’re being reminded is pointed at all our temples now. JC is telling her to grow up or go swivel, Parliament is retaliating by attempting to smash what power she has left
  3. Yes - but everybody is. It’s a power game. Interesting that both May and Corbyn have positioned themselves as (admittedly different flavours of) obstinate Leaver.
  4. Amputate the ERG instead and the country can start trying to get back on track.
  5. Have to admit I’m slightly sympathetic to this - even Kenneth Clarke was advising taking the deal at one point. On the other hand they are the ‘opposition’, and their policy is to seek closer ties with Europe - taken at face value they’ve covered their posterior in trying to reflect the country as a whole. I think it’s all about seeing off the ERG now - or not ! and if May can keep on protecting and/or caving to their interests.
  6. British (and American!) security forces are peddling a lefty ‘media narrative’ to pick on poor old Putins regime ?
  7. Raab seemed simply happy to have May running the clock down to no deal. Fox hadn’t lined up his trade deals and wanted no compromise. Marr tried to split Soubry and Benn (Benn doesn’t want a people’s vote), but basically they seemed in agreement on what should happen next. Anyway tt looks like a battle between those trying to force Britain into no deal and those trying to stop them.
  8. What’s the point ? Vote Tory - get the ERG.
  9. Or just cancel it until there is a viable plan.
  10. Great find. Kind of gratifying and fascinating to finally start seeing it spelt out in gory detail - well apart from the fact it’s my country this disaster is being planned to be inflicted on ! I wonder if it would be the same if Trump weren’t in office ?
  11. I think it was poor by his standards - I still remember the Farage interview. He was almost distracting from the JRM cr4p.
  12. Well it wasn’t exactly hard - so much is inherently screwed up with Brexit that after all the winging about John Humphrey’s bías on the Today programme Blair rolled up this week and nailed it with ease. This ‘remainers thwarting Brexit’ meme I think has been proved to be really just another cowardly diversion in a long line. I don’t know what a Brexit for 34m voters would have been like but a Brexit for 17m voters is turning into a Brexit for no one.
  13. Not as good as it could have been - both JRM and James OBrien would have made your blood boil lol.

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