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  1. In every indicator now it is screaming 'recession ahead'. Labour, ahem BoE, will keep the wolves from the home owners door for as long as they can, stoking the debts even further, but just because it hasn't happened, doesn't mean that it won't. A friend of mine said that the non homeowners needn't worry, at least they can buy nice things! As if it doesn't matter, so long as you can keep buying tatt, the country will be happy. Made me laough out loud! I pointed out that is a relatively new thing, rthis going out and spending money. It wasn't like this prior tom 2001 when they lowered interest
  2. Complete false economy, Primark. I bought a cashmere jumper for £25, thinking it would be a good buy as it was 100% cashmere. How can I go wrong, I thought? By buying it from Primark, it bobbles like crazy and looked 'Primark quality' from the second wearing. I have bought expensive clothes in the past that I have been able to wear for years, making them cheap in the long run. However, even the more higher end of the high street is starting to flog poor quality goods just to keep that % of profit for themselves. If you go into Harvey Nichols etc, the higher end designer prices hav gone thro
  3. 27k a year, 180k house. I don't think she has interest only, do you think she is pulling my leg? Looks likely when you look at the finances. Mind you I think she has a bit of equity from her last purchase, so maybe she has 140-150k mortgage, as she said the last house went up by 30k. Worked out if it is a 140k mortgage, at 7% for 30 years, http://money.guardian.co.uk/calculator/for...,603156,00.html 931.42 a month repayment 100 council tax 100 water/electric/gas 100 car (at least) ~After tax earnings aprox 1650 http://www.digita.com/taxcentral/home/empl...tor/default.asp so about 4
  4. Financial Planner.....he's buying Skanked, oh yes the barrage of property porn still continues! But my fave is now 'Beat the bailif' where those who have got impending invites from the burly boys write in and the good ole BBC show them what they are in for if they don't cough up! http://www.bbc.co.uk/consumer/tv_and_radio...iff/index.shtml looks like its already got itself into trouble: http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/news/2006/10/10/36850.shtml Can you believe it is our money paying for this Shiite?
  5. ANd the banks get the properties on their books! Does anyone know how you can gear that heavily, which banks lend like that? Is that Sub prime? My friend has just secured a 7% 30 year mortgage, at 7 times her salary, so I suppose they are out there. Thing is a lot of banks are all in bed with each other. I would like to avoid putting my savings with any of these banks, thats my thinking.
  6. He bought student property in Southampton. He owns 104 properties, all bought in past 7 years, my god he will get crucified, how the hell does someone get all that gearing from just one property? At least he admited he doesn't own them, the bank does, his name is on the deeds and thats it. £19 million invested in property, is he just making money for the banks or what?
  7. Ha ha! Stepping back in time 40 years - yep you are right on that point! There are a lot of barnsley folk at my work place, they are very friendly but scare the bejesus out of the southern folk! I hail from Donny myself. You could look at Sprotborough Village - the village not the rest of it - Bessaccar or Tickhill. The rest is very working class but think they are 'well good' now cos they have made 'a mint' from their homes. They have all mewed to the hilt i bet as well. Town is worse than a wild west saloon bar on a friday and saturday, typical mindless violence is how Donny gets its kicks
  8. The only diffference between kids now and kids a decade ago or more is that they are not scared of adults, they know not many will retaliate for fear of prosecution. They kids are no worse. When I was at school, a kid put all the bunsen burner taps on unlit and stood there with his lighter, gesturing, as if he was going to burn the place down. The teacher had a nervous breakdown. Not the first teacher to have a breakdown that year either. The lad in question was from a nice family too, so nothing can be said about one parent families there, or about social deprivation. I could write a book abo
  9. Well, can everyone do me a favour and promise to not vote these fokkers (NuLab) in again! I can't think of anything made better in this country since these came in to power, the way I see it is that the ladder has been pulled up in a number of ways: • Small businesses - crucified under Labour - want evidence, go to your high street or local shops, franchises at the best, more than likely chain stores owned by the chain stores. • Education, not only the comprehensive schools getting worse, GCSE's mean nothing now cos they are ten a penny, they never updated the tests so it is taught parrot f
  10. Re: Student houses, many are standing empty in Leeds as there are plenty of new purpose built halls for the students for a reasonable £46 pppw and do not charge rent in the summer. Compare this to £60 pppw for a rotting gaff then you can see that it doesn't take a phd graduate to work out which is the best deal. Let the irresponsible BTLers rot with their properties!
  11. That is so funny! I can imagine it now, I will pass on that tip.
  12. Are you a man of the cloth, Durch? I keep trying to convince my man that he needs to become a vicar or something, all I need now is to make him a believer. Oh, the lengths people go to for a bit of accomo! PS all the best, I'm sure its a winner ;-)
  13. If he has gone off travelling he has probably got himself a life! Thats the best way to ween yourself off HPC, it worked for me for a while but now I am relapsing! Edit: them darn fingers keep omiting vowels!
  14. He 'Lived on HPC' but where is he now? Do you think he bought? Or did he have a mental overload? I see him sitting in a corner of a padded cell, repeating over and over, HPI, VI, BMV, MPC, APR, STR, ZZG. Soon we will have to start organising reunions. Maybe we can get our own HPC Reunited website up and running in a few years
  15. Can I have one too pretty please??? Because I am the comeback Muggy bear and I have been a fan for so long now and and I can't think of any more reasons but to look into your heart and know its right.
  16. Get consolidating them loans quick, guys. We might not see a time like this for a long while...! PS about time, I for one will be glad to see the back of all these bank ads on TV if nothing else. My personal hate is the APS which blatently sucks in all the low end earners and social benefit claimants into their web of debt. Step forward if you want to the right to buy a tin of beans for your next meal and pay it off over 25 years. Jingle jingle!
  17. Good on them, thats a good way to deal with it! The owner of the goat ought to just put a sign up saying $50 a shag!
  18. Can everyone get off the spelling bee brigade tip. It's very annoying and too smug for words, content is of much more importance. Isn't it really?
  19. Girly night out, chats about the people you are pally with at work. First girl up for discussion, lives with my friend who I was out with, gets paid after tax £1150 (worked out on calculator - oh so sad am I) She pays £300 to friend for house share, has £240 per month left over to spend on food, car and anything else. Went on holiday spending £2000 on her own because everyone else is going away and 'she deserves it'. She goes out with a guy at our workplace who hs bought a sports car on tick. Pays £500 a month on HPI, £100 insurance and has not much left over but thankfully lives in his mum
  20. Thanks for your response, I agree but I would like to see a moderator come to save me and make this a poll, Pretty please? Guess they are all out on the lash, it being a Saturday night and all.
  21. Where do you see us going forward to the next decade? Sh1t on toast, I added a poll, but it didn't ork. Answers on a postcard please? Options were: 1. Growth 3% + 2. Stagnant or better 3. Stagnant or worse 4. Slight recession 5. Recession or worse 6. Depression! If someone could fix my entry I would be most grateful, there is no otion to edit the poll info, which seems to have disappeared! Moderator edit: Sorry, I've tried, but can't add a poll to an existing topic .
  22. Maybe by raising the prices they think they can scare a boat load of mugs into believing that the housing market is still going p and create some frenzy again. But it won't work I tell you!!!!
  23. My thoughts exactly, how thay got my email I have no idea as I keep it private as best I can. Googlemail email address is a bit too unprofessional to boot.
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