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  1. Liking the second letter, I hadn't thought of it like that, but the writer is spot on!
  2. That can't be real, surely? thats a typo, say it's true! Versace bleugh, the Donnatella look has never been cool. That flat is a perfect example that money doesn't buy taste!
  3. Ha ha! Unusual to have a high scale as this here, there must be some conspiracy theory here!
  4. In the olden days, all worked down t'pit anyway, on bare knees crawling along the coal face. Or sweeping chimmneys from a young age, all worked. During the war, the women worked in the factories and offices etc. I say it's them bl00dy baby boomers who had it good, they were a lucky generation, the rest of us are going back to the dickensian lifestyle but with shiny plastic knobs on!
  5. And stress is a major factor in reducing your ability to concieve - for a man and for a woman. It was only when I thought - fu4k it that I got preggers!
  6. http://www.winthishome.org.uk/ Guesss where the shadow of the telegraph pole outside the property lays on the photo, win the house, worth £650,000. £60 a go, 25,000 entries available. It was featured on BBC Breakfast this morning, would you fall for this in a desperate chance to get on the ladder? Nice home but limited industry in the area, still, if you won, you could do "The Good Life" and grow your own food. I think this started last year, I'm thinking they still haven't sold the 25,000 tickets to get the cash they want. Seems they cannot get the £650,000 price by selling it or by using
  7. Thats the upshot of it all isn't it? I read somewhere that brains generally come from the mothers side, if the clever ones are abstaining from the maternal way, we are in a shortage of brains in this country, but if Labour are still in, we will just import the brains from elsewhere and not worry about it I suppose.
  8. I know many women who I work wih who feel that their chance of having a family is getting further out of their reach, they say they can't afford to have any with their mortgage/debts. This is one reason why I haven't bought as I didn't want to have these pressures whilst bringing kids into the world. Once they are school age, I will feel more confident about a mortgage, this will be in at least 2012, hopefully the pit of the next housing slump *fingers crossed*
  9. Is something supposed to happen? I clicked on it and it came up with a blank untitled screen. I use Safari, maybe thats it?
  10. I don't live there cos I wouldn't live in a sink estate and I couldn't even if I wanted to. At 6 months pregnnt they said that I could have a one bed flat. Looking on the web at available properties, they are dire in the extreme, and they are all set to Priority First. I am general priority, which means I can only have one if the tramp in the town centre turns it down! Ha ha. Thats how bad it is. But, I am renting a nice flat, in a nice area, nice people with respectable jobs and education for only £150 extra per month. I am glad I got a trade, as most women that I grew up with, secretarial wo
  11. Do you think that an increase in social housing would ease the pressure of those locked out of the market and encourage those who bought council housing to sell up and go back into council housing, could free up more homes? Not sure if it's really a tory policy, the council home, as it was Thatchers legacy, the right to buy, as we know... I would take a council home now, I am that desperate, but there are not any left, unless you want to live in a place where life expectancy is as low as Basra. I would like to write a blog, but thought to ask for your input, you might have some points I hav
  12. Worth a go but I will expect the usual fluff. Voted for what it's worth
  13. UKIP will do for me, I thought they had gone under due to some money mismanagement! And bring back Kilroy! We need someone with a bit of presence to lead the country rather than Bordon Brown and Queen of the Fopps, Cameron.
  14. Thats mine ordered, a better investment than the housing market. I went for personalisation, I don't want anyone laying claims to my classy looking case.
  15. Ha ha, cheers! Although I think it's also in use by Brainclamp if he is still on here. We once had a fight of ownership but decided in the end on a shared ownership scheme! Ha ha. Poor joke.
  16. Just realised this ha been covered in another thread, but still, I had to sound off. We need another serious party!
  17. I have always voted Tory, but not this time. They have shown their election party broadcast on TV tonight. An old lady asked what Cameron would do to prevent BTL hoovering up and then inflating rental prices. He said that he would help those wanting to buy with a rent - a - mortgage. This works by buying chunks of the property over time, increasing the % as wages went up. No understanding of the present situation, head completely eclipsed by his @rse. Labour won't get my vote. I'll have to turn in to a LibDem <Shudder/> http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=webcameronuk
  18. Good stuff FP - you came across as the more knowledgeable one, the VI ramper sounded like a rambling fool in comparison! 'Interest rates are ... lowish' ha ha, and not lowish for much longer! He might be staying awake at night wishing he hadn't bought all them properties, not wondering why he hasn't bought more.
  19. Ha ha, I posted this over a year ago, only just read it. It's amazing how long I've been here, so many believers have fallen by the wayside!
  20. Thats usually my trick! But it's hard to turn down the promise of a £25 cashmere jumper! Never again, not Primark.
  21. It is pretty shocking, and depressing. I try to neve go down there but it's seen as a must do by shoppers, so you end up getting dragged down there by uncool mates ( )
  22. Only chavs breed chavs! If you are that cold thinking about kids, picture this, the buggar might take you in when your pension amounts to nothing and the interest only mortgage needs the capital repayment... or maybe not
  23. Already done the kid thing, no house, so I can't comment What I can say is it's better to have kids then buy, rather than not have any kids simply because of house prices. You can always buy at a later stage when the market is more favourable, but you cannot have kids at any age (exceptions noted, but that's another topic!)
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