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  1. Party Party Party Party Party Party Party Party Party Party Party Party Party Party !!! Ha ha, I thought FP was behind it! Good work fella!
  2. Ha ha, yep, I'll go straight to hell. I am returning to work soon, I am dreading the 'you are going to buy something now surely?' I have been badgered to hell about the housing situation at work for ages, they almost want my affirmation of the market by me throwing in the towel and buying something.
  3. Yes you can listen again on the player here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/shows/vine/ there is even a link to HPC!
  4. Check me out...November 04! And I was a member on the old forum, where you didn't have to register! Such a long time go now <dusts off and stares mistily into the distance>... Well, I was obsessed, then I got a life, then I had a baby, then got interested again with growing indicators to the Great Crash 2!!!! Lets GO!!!
  5. Yes, I posted about this yesterday, so I'm tuned in. Great exposure with Radio 2 AND Newsnight on tonight! What is happening to the BBC? Are they finally growing some balls?
  6. He will be discussing this tomorrow on his show, any of you behind this? Will we hear FP on the show?
  7. Hell fire! Is this data correct? If so, Doncaster, WOWZER! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/in_d...s/html/ce.stm?t Holy camolee! Average Cost: £125,518 Detached: £203,373 Semi-detached: £113,866 Terraced: £87,286 Flat: £112,227 Change in last quarter: -0.7% Change in last year: -32.1% Sales: 1360 Thats cheered me up!
  8. Done. For what its worth. Agree you have to make your voice heard but they brush everything we say under the carpet cos it just doesn't matter to them. They have control, we are minions. PS I agree dinsdale, I used to vote tory, I am now scratching my head for someone worth voting for. The parties must love this because if you can't think who to vote for and then don't vote, it looks like the public are suffering from apathy or alls well in the world.
  9. Pod, I think that when FP wrote: NI now will go caput (from 51%!!!) he meant that the increases of 51% would stop and maybe reverse, that first statement didn't mean that they would go down by that much. I think you both just didn't get each other, and the confusion has escalated. Eeek! Where's the interfering emoticon!?
  10. Can I vote for 1, 3, 5 and 6? If not then 1. Although, here is the disclaimer, I could afford a one bedroom slum, so I'm not being as accurate as it appears. I do not want a crash as in 'everyone loses their homes and we end up post 1929' but I know we need good and bad times as it's a fact of life. The bad times will come round but they have been artificially staved off by incorrect fiscal policies engineered by this government (we know it wasn't completely the MPCs policy to keeep them that low for so long). It's like the proverb in the Old Testament about the 7 years of fat cows and 7 y
  11. Yes, I know how they are treated, does this mean that it is okay to regress this country back to the standards of poorer countries like those in Asia, why? Progress is about moving forward not backwards, thats why this article and many like them are depressing. Yes, there are many poverty ridden places on this planet, what can I do about it? Lobby your own goverment about it. Don't make me feel bad for commenting on Englands own domestic issues.
  12. Its sickening and depressing. I really can't see a bright future for this country. It's gone to the dogs.
  13. Go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB, go RB
  14. I grew up on a council estate, there were teachers, mechanics, lorry drivers, policemen, taxi drivers, retired, painter and decorators and similar skilled labourers etc. Then they started drip feeding in the pond life. But I have great memories of growing up there, it was nice, believe it or not, until the later years when some first class scum heads moved in next door, one of which was on the H plan. Nice. One of the reasons I'd be buggared paying £150k for one now.
  15. I think you are right. Lots of people I know are voting that way. I have told them that they are mindless retards but its the message that people want to send to this govt. that is the deal here. If BNP get any extra seats, it will be a shame, but this is the lengths that people go to to be heard: No more racial inequality, to the indigenous of the British Isles.
  16. I agree with Mia, totally hypocritical on here, if women went about saying they would only marry foreigners, you'd probably start calling us Dierdre Rasheed or something On one side you lot are 10% BNP, the other side a foreign wife dating agency's wet dream Good final thought, Mia. There's good and bad in all walks of lfe. Nobody has the monopoly of being a twit! Edit: or a twit! Hang on it won't let me put tw@t, why? What the hell is going on? Doesn't the filter setter know that tw@t is just a pregnant goldfish?
  17. Seroiusly, where are you finding all these horrible ladies? Looks like bad luck to me. Plus, have you considered why foreign ladies are nicer? Maybe they are after a certified reason to stay in the country and a cast iron way out of the low wage living that usually greets the foreign worker (cleaners, waiters, shop assistants, nannies, cabbage pickers etc etc etc)
  18. And men depreciate, like their motors that they buy to encourage younger women to sleep with them. And they do clicky finger gun signs to barmaids and other hapless females. Weak fu3ks!
  19. Ha ha, the American cartoon character? What is it about English men? They are all so stoopid . No wonder England is going down the pan!
  20. You could always go for Pam... Palm and magazine, that's all you'll get with that attitude! Ha ha, come on, I'm bored. There's no celeb gossip today! Hooo!
  21. Ha ha and what about english men, huh? Let the battle commence! En guarde!
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