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  1. Tell me about desperation. I grew up on a council estate and living next to pond life put a poker up my backside from an early age to go to college and get a good career, to buy a nice home, a modest home, away from the pondlife of society. I am not a snob, I just wanted better for myself, nothing wrong in that. I have been hanging on for a correction or crash for 5 long years, advice from my partners' dad to not buy in 2002 has stung me ever since. I have now had a child and am living in a flat. I want him to have a garden to play in, a normal lifestyle for a child. The houses around here re
  2. He's fecked off now, don't feed the troll!
  3. Surely this is a p1ss take? This is not what we are about. We don't advocate the abuse of our welfare system, I think you have been mistaken.
  4. Yes, just go and help sink our ship that little bit more. No wonder our country is spoiled with so many willing to cream it.
  5. I could drive one upside down but not on purpose!
  6. Here is something else to throw into the mix. I am classed as a professional, a graphic designer, by my managers. Not that I give a toss. Anyway, I was out on a booze up and a friend from work mentioned the fact he was middle class, I had to pull him up on it. Since he does exactly the same job as me and I consider myself working class, why is he middle class? Where do you see the line? I see Doctors, Lawyers Vets etc as middle class, not someone on below 30k. Most people I know consider themselves middle class, as if working class has been relegated to the claimants. To me the benefit claima
  7. Go in and give em a cheeky offer, in exchange for signing a 12 month tenancy, it's always worked for me. Theres so many of them, you have nothing to lose!
  8. Jesus that scared me! The nutter! watch this if you dare! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCRl9cP4J28&NR=1 If anyone knows him personally, please report him to the authorities. Bruno, you don't have to live with this dehabilitating mental condition!
  9. This headline has appeared in virtually all the papers. I just hope it's the last pat on the back these rampers get. :angry:
  10. Are they planning to bomb a few developements to guarantee this?
  11. You don't get full pay - you get 6 weeks at 90% pay and then £108 per week for up to an additional 33 weeks. You can go back to work after the 6 week period, it is up to you how long you want off, up to one year in total. After the 39th week off from work, you get no pay. You can give up work and sign on the dole and recieve money irrespective of spouses earnings for another 6 months. So thats that. Just incase anyone wanted to know!
  12. they do go into hostels now, because that way they get the priority needed to get a council house asap!
  13. Scientists are close to making the female mosquito resistant to Malaria, as it is the female who infects, not the male. This will cause a massive surge in the numbers of Africans. Don't get me rwong, this is a good thing, that millions of lives are saved from such an easily treatable disease, but the sh1t will hit the fan with regards to population control. Apparently in the 70's there was an initiative to get Aficans to use contaceptive in exchange fo using it they got a free radio. They kept the radios and threw away the condoms... Typos due to dyslexic fingers!
  14. Lets make it clear, the average Brit is kicking out 1.7 children, that is one reason why we have shipped in a load of baby making factories, er immigrants. Once the immigrants have had a kid in the UK, there is nothing to be done, they have more right to UK public services than we do. All the council housing is going to them, as council homes are only available if you are registered homeless, as an immigrant is by nature of things. That is taxes that your grandparents toiled for, to build the council houses of the 50's-60's. Council housing slowed in the 70's to nothing today. I have spoke to
  15. I agree with Andy, if the nice things make you worry, then you are not enjoying them. I stopped buying expensive clothes to go out in once I realised they were getting burnt by peoples wandering fags. I never buy fancy mobile phones or anything portable of any real value. Never had the privelige of a 6 bed house, though. Still there's time, might get one with an electric fence round it in Moss side in a few years time!
  16. I've reported the postings to the Mod, if the Mod has any sense he will send the IP address to the police. For what its worth, but apathy is a serious disease in this country. :angry:
  17. Well said. Is nothing out of bounds here? Not everyone is caught up in the market, give em a break!
  18. My parents have had their home flooded, not a laughing matter and house prices is the last thing on their mind. More like where are they going to live? Schadenfreude.
  19. We could very well get 60% crash in certain areas and certain properties. See here and I hate to do this to the poor buggars, but see here these will bomb, Highfields because it's a place that still gets petrol bombs through the letter box instead of birthday cards and Toll bar cos Donny Council sacrificed the area by letting the Don break its banks there, instead of the next to the new interchange and college that have just been built. Nice homes in nice areas will get a shaving off in my opinion, average homes in average areas will get 25-30% off and flats of any denomination outside of
  20. I have a kid, earn 24k, I get 20 quid a week. Big shakes. That website is sh1t. Not accurate. Fact. GET OVER IT! Ha ha ha.
  21. Here here, after all, we need people who can spell to sign off your mortgage agreement, Raging Bull...
  22. meanwhile, I am digging your avatar apom, more bounce.
  23. We are vultures waiting to hoover up bargains Ha ha ha! http://vrcoll.fa.pitt.edu/uag/Past-Exhibit...%20CCCCXXVI.jpg
  24. Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, Go FP, ha ha ha!
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