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  1. Exactly, look how much coverage on the front page Elton John gets for waffling on about Posh being a fridge or something… Just riddiculous, leave it alone John. Somebody did say on this site that when the turn comes it will be + one minute and - the next. Gives us something to talk about on here. What are we going to be posting this time next year? What will we have to add except a poll of how many people we know that are up sh1t creek with their hands for paddles?
  2. davidjgay: What kind of civil unrest are they forewarning of? Is this incase of unrest with the muslim community in the event of a terrorist strike or simply an 80's style dissatisfaction of the government ? Or something else ?
  3. I don't have much faith in Labour to pull us out of any impending mire. They have managed to massage a healthy looking economy and I'm scared that is the only trick up thier sleeves. They (NuLabour) haven't been around in a recession yet so I don't think they will know whats hit them. Especially since their favourite tool is talking up how great the country is. Lets see them do that when the economy has ground to a halt.
  4. Brandy is good, but accompany that with a hot madras and the bug will be sweated out. If not at least it was fun…
  5. And theres always the 2 meals for £6 at the pub! Any excuse…
  6. If I move again into rented, there will always be a place nearby so the lumping isn't really a problem and it will be good to have my own stuff for when I do eventually buy. I had a place before the one I am renting now that only came with a cooker, bit gutted I got rid of the washer… but I managed to sell it for £100 so I only lost £100 for 2 and a half years service, not bad. The cooking thing will be a nightmare but you can do a lot on a george forman grill!
  7. I am going to buy the washer and fridge freezer myself and we have a microwave…I'll just get leaner on all those frozen meals! The flat isn't cold even in the dead of winter so no need for radiators and the laundrette is next door if I can't stand to have the dryer on. I've thought it all through and if I move again, I will make sure it is a place that doesn't throw all these things in with the rent as these places tend to be a lot cheaper anyway.
  8. No, it's not a house share. Its a 1 bed attic conversion, has its own seperate kitchen and bathroom but theres no white goods or gas supply! The decor needs a going over and I'm putting in new carpets, after that it should be sorted! Its not a patch on what I rent at the minute but the new place is a five minute walk to work so there are other bonuses as well as the money side. Hopefully the cheap rent and council tax will mean I can save as if I was living back home with the parents!
  9. All my friends think I'm bonkers or am covering up some serious financial failings that I dont want to talk about - neither of these are true! But it will be an experience!
  10. Incidently, I am moving to a serious non des-res abode for rents of £280 PCM as I am banking on some big reductions in the next two years. This will help me save more so if things are not looking good price wise I will be gutted! This has to be the cheapest rent in Leeds!
  11. So what falls do you guys think for the north leeds areas? I am looking to buy in Headingley (the quieter parts, not the student area). Back to backs for £160k, what? I wouldn't buy one of those reduced down half price! So let me have your ideas cos I have only been living in this area for 18months. The guy who lives next door to me bought his stone terrace for £55K seven years ago and the next door to him sold in the summer for £240K, same spec, just a tart up job. Poor b@ggers who picked that one up. Let me know what you think!
  12. When I tell my friends that I am saving for a house deposit they all look at me blank as if I've never heard of 100% mortgages (some friends have even managed to get this over 35 yrs!). I reckon when it goes over 20% falls the banks will only consider 10% deposits and more. Unless Barratt start kicking in the £99 move in and … oh sorry I think they already have!
  13. I remember advice on the best property to buy in a magazine before the boom really started and it stated the obvious. Flats are a no-no anywhere (maybe London but still not immune). These have been sold as a lifestyle option to the new generation of wannabe yuppies. You can't really raise kids in a place like this, so they are really only transitional properties and the high turnover of buyers probably means a trashed piece of property. As well as a buyer unable to sit out any fluctuations in the house price market. The other piece of advice was to buy the worst house in the best area as ev
  14. I think that when someone decides to climb onto the property ladder, it usually comes at a time when a person has got to a stage when they are mentally prepared to take on a debt that is going to see them through the best part of their working lives. A decision that shouldn't be taken whimsically. Most people in their 20's concentrate on 'having a good time' before commiting themselves to anything, hence the average age to buy, get married, have kids etc is about 30ish (whatever, cant remember the stats exactly but you get my point). Life is not supposed to be about doing the right thing at
  15. You could be right. But to explain the AIDS epedemic let me enlighten you. There was a bouncer in his 40's putting it about like there was no tomorrow. Can't remember his full name but his nickname was 'Donkey' Robson. Let your imagination run riot. He had AIDS and decided to take others down with him. I think he's dead now. There is a lot of sh@gging in the streets though and a healthy commerce in prostitution. Oh and if you venture into any of the 100's pubs/bars they have thrown up in the last five years, get p1ssed first otherwise it can be an overwhelming experience. Especially when th
  16. Doncaster is *truly* awful (i.e. worse than Middlesborough) for the following reasons: At the ice rink (at the Dome, where you can also see racist comedians and school pupils being sick in the car park) you have to skate uphill. All there is to do is eat pie and peas in the street. The indie disco is called SLAM (an acronym for Students Love Alternative Music). When I was 12 someone got stabbed in broad daylight in the Frenchgate centre and my mum wouldn't let me go there anymore.
  17. Totally wrong BBB, times are rosy for wages/employment etc and its the wages up north that still pull the nat. ave. wage down. Its not the same environment at all! I am a Graphic Designer and just by moving to the nearest city I get an extra 5-10K p/a. If I was to move down south (London et al) I would earn more again. Let me tell you, to buy a family home up North, as myself, the breadwinner I would be looking at buying around 160k but I can only get £80k without telling fibs. Even with £20k deposit which is more than 10% on proerties 160k, no one would give me a mortgage to cover that a
  18. I suppose we are all in this to get the best out of the current situation otherwise we'd all be burying our heads in the sand and getting on with life (!) but put it this way, you are in a better situation that myself. At least you would only pay 28k to get back to what you had. I would have to stump up £150k for a council house I could have got for free if I hadn't bothered with an education. Its going to take a lot longer than a few months and nothing in life comes easy (unless it's illegal!)
  19. I think you are brave for acting on your beliefs and if I was in your position I'd like to think that I'd done the same thing. I am no expert. I do know that noone can see into the future so what is going to happen to the market is anyone's guess. The price you say has gone up since January? It has peaked by now surely and as I've read, asking prices are dropping all over the country. So in the next month or two yours might be back to where it was in Jan. I think if you are going to sell to rent, you have to look at the wider picture and not on a month to month basis. It might pan out a litt
  20. Properties seem to be flying through David Moors EA, but how I don't know. Theres a house SSTC on their site but at £160k in need of complete restoration, the rest is garbage released from renting hell. Trelawn Terrace two bedder £159k anyone? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/rm/action/publi...anches/svr/1035
  21. I'm watching the LS6 area too as this is where I want to buy once the prices come to reasonable figure. Everything I've seen at the minute for sale are ex BTL 2 bed terraces for over 150K or ex council properties for the same price. Surely these will be reduced by 30% in next two years? Or do you think that this area will always keep a high price because of the golden spoon parents buying up for kids? I heard that BTLes are going to have a harder time extending portfolios in this area as the council has intervened and has now been given the right to turn down applications to rent propertie
  22. 1) Market view (Bull or Bear) - Bear 2) Market postion (Prospective FTB, Owner Occupier, STR, BTL, etc) - Prospective FTB 3) Area of Country (South East, London, Wales, etc) West Yorks 4) Occupation and Employer (leave employer blank if confidencial) - Graphic Designer 5) Highest Level of Education (GCSE, Degree, PhD, etc) - HND 6) Age (or age group) - 28
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