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  1. weird, cos you can bet on pretty much everything else! Maybe they really do have crystal balls!
  2. Hi, can you place a bet saying the housing market will be > 10% down this time next year? Do you think Ladbrookes would be interested or ? Any better ways to bet on the housing market, apart from with your feet?
  3. Yes agree vicmac, why are we so complacent as a nation? And anyone who takes an interest in politics is seen as a bore. It spits in the face of what our fore fathers fought for, to sign over so much - or - any power. There should be protests against GB, but I reckon that everyone who gives a monkeys is too busy out working to keep a roof over their heads.
  4. Cheers Downtraded, no I don't think you are mad but I have to say I agree with the new frugal lifestyle, I think it makes you feel better as a person, not consuming junk all the time. I try to live my life cheaply and I am looking at more recession proof jobs. Thanks everyone!
  5. Cheers GOM, yes kind of because there were redundancies last year, also I work in an area which is the new outsourcing dream, marketing and design, so unfortunately, savings can be made as in Asia a worker will be paid $3000pa whereas we get paid £25-30k pa. Thats a big saving!
  6. or something like that. So who on this site has been made redundant in the past year? I'll start because I did - yesterday! Whoohoo!
  7. Agree Goldfinger, this has all been about the supply and demand of money, the housing bubble is a by product of the credit bubble.
  8. I am not looking forward to any downturn but I want it to happen as soon as possible, to lessen the downturn and also, so it is out the way! It's inevitable so the sooner, the better. Let's get it over with.
  9. But socialism never works does it? It always grinds a country to the ground. I believe Cuba are having a good go but it aint a walk in the park for everyone. Put in a nutshell, would you like to work in a high pressured environment and get paid the same/have the same standard of living as a lollipop woman? No? There has to be a carrot dangled to get the masses reaching higher, or we would all be queuing for that lollipop lay position, not spending years at uni trying to better yourself, then go years of hard graft to get the same standard of living.
  10. I work in the reprographics field, it's getting scarily close to redundancies again IMO. A lot of sweating the staff and squeezing out as much productivity wihout a hint of any future pay rises, we have all forgotten what they are like. It sucks already.
  11. Yes I remember that, someone called Johnette, quite old, bought £1.3m worth of property and is now bankrupt. Ouch!
  12. Not only have they fallen prey to the Vulture of the property world but Headingley is seeing competition from new spanking developements which include swimming pools and free internet and free summer rent. Usually cheaper too. Oops! Looks like they really was sold the dream that became the nightmare. This is what you get with inexperienced investors jumping on the bandwagon!
  13. Anyone know what Pudsey is like as a place to bring up kids? Been living in Headingly for four years but now have a little un to think about and traffic is mental. Too many boy racers. PS whats wrong with Menston? I was going to look into that area? Bad idea?
  14. Its a joke, it's called satire. They are just poking fun at the bank, I am northern and I can take a joke! One of the good attributes of us northerners!
  15. Yep you are right Dogbox, but if they do not crash, high inflation will erode them instead. I cannot se that the HPI vehicle will price out every generation everywhere, for forever more. It just has never happened that way before.
  16. I voted for the last option 'When rents are more than a mortgage' but to b fair, thinking about it, I cannot afford anything realistically anyway. Banks will not be doing the 6 x salary for some time to come, like maybe in 15 years time when this period is confined to 'not quite long enough ago to be a real history test paper, more an era everyone aptly forgets' the sub prime will rear its head again. So it has to be a case of 'I'm in it for the long haul cos that's the way the cards are stacked.' I am not sure if I care anymore, I come on here more to arm myself with news in the blog, so I
  17. Where does the sh1t pipe run? Does everything go through the one pole? Do you get a free jet boat with every purchase, or a jet pack fo those on land?
  18. the repayments will keep on increasing at 4.8% whether you are making payments or not. You can only defer payment, the interest will still increase. After 20 years on my contract, taken out in late 90's, the loan gets wiped out! Edit: In short, yes! I have just re-read your post!
  19. I'm sure that mine gets written off after 20 years. Plus I don't have to pay anything if I earn below 85% average wage, being about 22k pa. As I am now part time, I only have 10 more years and my 2k gets cleared. Halleluyah! [sarky mode].
  20. Yeah you tell him. I agree completely. Yeah, you said it! You show him. Get him off here. NOT! Do I win annoying poster of the day award?
  21. It reads embarrassingly accurate and is sobering when written from an outside prspective. Very scary point about us being the most indebted out of all G7 countries
  22. I bread that you butter hurry up if you want a BLT in Bradford. You just don't know what side of yer breads buttered you lot
  23. When I was at Uni, I had two jobs, worked an average of 25 hours a week. Couldn't even get any money from the bank or a grant, no money (or accomodation) from parents, dodged bills and wore clothes that fitted me when I was pre pubescent. Knicked beer on nights out, ate bugg2r all, etc etc Do I win?! Edit: To be fair, I didn't have to pay for my course. I don't think that those who study the 'hard' subjects, as opposed to the rubbish that you can now get degrees in, should pay.
  24. Congratulations! Mine is 9 months now, they grow at the speed of light! Enjoy every day, each one represents new (small) challenges, but good ones!
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